Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 Great Birthday Games Play While You Celebrate Your Child's 11th Birthday!

3 Great Birthday Games Play While You Celebrate Your Child's 11th Birthday!Birthday party games are can still be fun for 11 year olds, because they love getting into the birthday party spirit; provided you choose the right games of course! With this in mind, it’s a good idea to let your child help plan their party games, as they will be the best judge of what will work, and what won’t.
This age group can cope with the idea of winners and losers, so games can start to be a bit more competitive if you choose. However I still recommend a few fun games where everybody wins, or perhaps a slightly biased judge who will help even the scores if necessary.

Who Am I?

Write out the names of famous people, animals, or things on to slips of paper, so there is one for every child. If your party has a particular theme, you may want to use things related to that theme, but any things that are popular with children will work fine.
Tape a slip to the back of each child, without letting them know what it says. They must then go around the room asking others Yes / No questions, to try and work out who or what they are.
You can play this game at a specific time, or make it something that runs for the whole course of the party. Either way, some children will work it out quicker than others, so encourage them to stay a part of the game by answering other people’s questions.

At My Birthday I Want …

This game is a test of memory, and everybody has to work as a team to make it last as long as possible.
Have the children all sit in a circle, and let the birthday child start by saying “At my birthday I want………”, then finish with whatever they choose. It may be that they want ice cream, balloons, pizza, presents….you get the picture. The next child in the circle then says “At my birthday I want……..”, then repeats what the first child said, before adding their own choice. As the game goes around the circle, each child has to remember all the other choices, plus add their own.
You could make this game just for fun, or add team prizes to the centre of the circle each time they complete a round without any mistakes. Remember to make sure the prizes are something they can all share.
Balloon Bulls Eye

There are basic rules for this game, but you could adapt them in several ways depending on how long you want the game to last.
To start with, give every child a balloon to blow up, and ask them to hold the neck shut rather than tie it in a knot. Place a target in the middle of the floor, and on the count of three, everyone releases their balloon. Whichever balloon is closest to the target, wins.
You could play this game over and over, and each time the target becomes a different prize, or you could tally up points for bulls eyes, 1st closest, 2nd closest, and so on. After a few games you could add up the points to find an overall winner.
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Celebrate Labor Day With These Fun and Simple Backyard Party Ideas!

Celebrate Labor Day With These Fun and Simple Backyard Party Ideas!Labor Day is known as the signal for summer ending and the start of exciting new fall activities, how we really enjoy the holiday? Most people are looking for some fun ways to celebrate it as it's the last really summer day of fun before the fall activities kick in. As you should; gather your friends and family and make it memorable! Labor Day activities should focus on simple pleasures. After all, once school and fall sports start up, everyone will be hustling around, rushing from one activity to the next. 
Throwing a simple BBQ is a sure fire way to enjoy the day.  It will usually be hot, so whether kids or adults are around, make sure to have a small pool around.  Your guests will be happy to cool off! Keep the grilling goods simple as well.  Stick to hot dogs, burgers and veggie kebabs for those opting out of the meat option. 

Depending on where you are and who your guests are, you can have kites around, bubbles, hula-hoops and chalk; these little pleasures are big crowd pleasers. You can encourage fun photo ops by coloring life-size props on the driveway or sidewalk. For example, a bunch of balloons, a rainbow, a palm tree, animals, fireworks, etc. – use your imagination! You can then have kids lie down next to the drawings and take a picture. Alternatively, cut out a square frame from a cardboard box and have people hold it as they get their photos taken.  This makes great fun and lasting memories! 
Here's are some bonus activities for the active crowd: KICKBALL.  Anyone can play kickball; young and old alike and all you need is a ball and a few bases for some friendly competition. Hide-and-seek can also be hilariously fun when kids partner with adults and hide in pairs together throughout the yard or park.

Celebrate Labor Day With These Fun and Simple Backyard Party Ideas!For the evening hours, plan a fun bonfire and set out s’mores ingredients so guests can make a sweet, gooey treat. If you don’t have a bonfire pit, a chiminea or fire table will work, too. You can even use a grill to roast marshmallows! Just make sure adults supervise the little ones so everyone has a great time without injury. This is the perfect way to say goodbye to summertime and welcome in the fall season!

We are happy to celebrate with you as well!  If you'd rather keep it even more simple, Ontario Bakery will take your cake, cookie, cupcake or cake pop order and customize it exactly to your need!  Call us any time and have a great Labor Day! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

6 Sweet and Simple Reasons the Cupcake is Here to Stay

6 Sweet and Simple Reasons the Cupcake is Here to Stay !Cupcakes aren't just for kids.  People have been turning to cupcakes to appease their sweets cravings for quite some time now and for good reason too. The cupcake has gone gourmet, it’s become playful, hip, and glamorous all at the same time. Bakeries have opened all over the country with people waiting in lines out the door just for cupcakes! Here's why:

Cupcakes are an appropriate desert for just about every occasion. 

Cupcakes let you have a moment of cake but on a personal level.

They can be served at a backyard bar-b-que or an elegant gala. 

These incredible delights are easy on the wallet for one person or the whole family. 

They can be iced and decorated to suit the likings of your crowd's preferences.

Let's just face it, they are delicious.

Ready for the good news?  You don't have to continue looking at another boring plate of a cookies gone wrong, or indulge in a cake meant for good but filled with the wrong flavor. Cupcakes are a cute and easy way to add flare and sweetness to any occasion and celebration.  They are the best and hottest desert option on the menu. They can be messy but worth every crumb for sure.  Grab a fork and napkin if you want to play it safe!  The truth is, we believe the world would be a happier (and sweeter) place with more cupcakes.  They are easy to make and fun for kids to personalize; even more fun to devour!  

So make a night of it and bake up your own delicious tray. Or give us a call and let us know how we can make a personalized batch just for you! At Ontario Bakery, we make cupcakes the way they were meant to be: fun and creative, simple and delicious or even elaborate and designer for the more sophisticated tastes!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fun Birthday Party Game Ideas for 5 - 7 Year Olds!

Fun Birthday Party Game Ideas for 5 - 7 Year Olds!Birthday parties can be a challenge to plan for children ages 5-7 as they are right between preschool and 'big kid' age.  We decided it would be good to share what the smart people at Kiwi Families had to say about the idea! 

Animal Antics

This is a great game to play if you have an animal themed party, but its lots of fun no matter what theme you have. It works particularly well if you have lots of children to entertain.
Simply whisper the name of an animal into each child’s ear, making sure you give each animal name to at least 2 children. On the count of three, your guests start behaving like their animal (using noises and actions), and try to find a person in the room behaving the same way. You could have a prize for the first pair to find each other, but for this age group it’s probably better to have something small for everyone once they have found their partner.
If you have a small group you can make it harder by blindfolding all the participants, and relying on just the animal sounds. In an extra large group, you could give 3 or 4 children the same animal, so that they have to form a team, rather than just a pair.

Get Out Of My Chair

There are no winners or losers in this game, and there is no end either. Keep an eye on the game, and call it quits once everybody has had a couple of turns in the middle, and before everybody gets bored.
Start by making a circle of chairs, bean bags or pillows, with enough seats for everyone except the birthday child. The birthday child stands in the middle and says “What I would like for my birthday is…..”, and finishes with something that other children in the room have. It may be blue eyes, a green T-shirt, blonde hair, freckles, glasses … you get the picture.
Any children who have what the birthday child requests, must jump out of their chair and swap with someone else who also has the same thing. While all this is happening, the birthday child sits in an empty chair and someone misses out on their seat. That person then becomes the child in the middle, and the game starts again.

Memory Game

By this age children are starting to develop a reasonable concentration span, and most will enjoy the chance to solve a puzzle.
Put approximately 6 – 12 everyday items onto a breakfast tray, (depending on the ages of your guests), and make sure the children all know what they are. If you have a theme for your party, you could make sure all the items fit in with your theme.
Show the breakfast tray to the party guests, and ask them to try to remember everything in their head. Once they have had a few minutes to take a mental picture, take the tray out of the room and remove one or two items. When you bring the tray back into the room, the children can take turns trying to guess what is missing. The child who guesses correctly gets to put the items back on the tray, and remove something different for everyone to figure out.

Fishing for Prizes

The whole point of this game is the prize, so that will make it an instant favourite.
Gather together small, light prizes such as stickers, small notepads, and pencils. Slide a giant paper clip over each prize, and lay them in your ‘fish pond’. A fish pond could be a paddling pool, a big box, or simply a rug on the floor. Give each child a fishing rod with a magnet at the end of the line, and let them go fishing for their prize.
To make it harder you could blindfold your guests, or get them to fish from over a stair landing or balcony so they can’t see what they are fishing for.


Charades for this age group is about acting out an action or a thing, rather than trying to depict an entire movie title word for word. Depending on your guests, this game will be an instant hit or a complete failure, so the key is to keep it simple and get involved yourself.
If you have a theme, then choosing what the guests act out is easy, but if there is no theme to follow think of things that everybody will know and relate to. Instead of having the ‘guessing child’ automatically win by taking the next turn, make sure everybody gets a turn at the front. Write out the ‘acts’ onto slips of paper, and have children draw one out of the hat.
Some great ‘acts’ for this age group are:
  • Licking an ice cream
  • Brushing my hair
  • Kicking a ball
  • Shooting a goal
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Driving a car
  • Riding a skateboard
  • Reading a book
  • Having a drink
If you really want to have prizes for this game, you could make up certificates for different categories such as funniest performance, most reluctant star, and of course – drama queen, or king, as the case may be.

Winding Down

The last half hour of a birthday party can be quite chaotic. Any game that is planned will be interrupted by parents coming to pick up their children. As you try and say hello to the parent and give their child a treat bag, other kids are running around looking for one more game. “Hide the Treat Bag” is a great way to calm the children down and give them something to do while they wait for their ride home.
Hide the Treat Bag
Have everyone sit on the floor. One child is selected to leave the room while another child hides a treat bag — in plain sight for younger children or completely hidden for older children. The child who has left the room is called back and starts to look for the bag. (Has to be hidden in the same room as the children are in or it would take all day.) All of the children participate by saying HOT when the child is near the bag or COLD when the child is moving away from the bag. This keeps everyone interested in participating…even those on sugar highs.
Ensure every child gets a turn at finding a treat bag and hiding a treat bag. When a parent arrives to collect their child, call their child next to leave the room and return to search for their lolly bag. It only takes a few minutes for each child and it’s a great way to end the party. It works really well for children between the ages of 5 and 10.
These games are tried and tested for 5 – 7 yr olds, but we have a whole host of other games onsite also. Most games can be adapted to suit any age group, so make sure you check out ‘Games for Pre-schoolers’ and ‘Games for 8 – 12 year olds’ as well. Our birthday theme articles also have some great games for children of all ages.
We hope you enjoy all of those helpful ideas. Remember that Ontario Bakery has you event covered with custom cakes and other great sweets!  Give us a call today!

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Fun and Simple Ways to Celebrate Your 13 Year Old Little Lady for Her Birthday

13 year old girls are not going to be excited to see balloons, streamers and banners all over the place on their birthdays.  You need party ideas that help them feel more grown up while maintaining their innocence.  These ideas don't come naturally to most people, which is why I've gathered the best of the best ways to celebrate your 13 year old girl's birthday.
First of all, start by sitting with your daughter and and browse Pinterest to get both of your wheels spinning around the possibilities. From invites and locations to activities and gifts, it's a great place to start to get a feel for what she thinks is cool and what she finds to be too childish or cheesy. 
So, on to the good stuff. 
How about starting with a make over pamper party? Ask some older friends to help, fix up a room like a beauty salon.  You could put face masks on them, paint their nails and toe nails and even have stylish drinks with lemonade and grenadine with little umbrellas inside. If you want to go further with this one, book a make up artist to do their make up and then bring them all to the movie and dinner later to show of their fabulous state.
Keep going with that and opt for a spa day!  Include essential oils and add facials to the above and you've got the whole thing DOWN. 
Change it up, what about having a karaoke night?  You can rent out a machine at home
Want to make the best party ever? Here are some Fun and Simple Ways to Celebrate Your 13 Year Old Little Lady for Her Birthday!
or go out for the real experience!  Some places have age restrictions, but you usually have the option of renting out a little room out.  Add grabbing Chinese food to that mix and you've made a classic win. 
Sleepovers are a classic go-to but many people tend to not want them due to the late nite chatting and giggling that keeps parents up as well, with the added question of "Do I stay up with them"?  Regardless of that choice, I do recommend that if you want to go the sleep over route, that you only invite 3 of her best friends.  Then, you're numbers are even, you know their habits (mostly) and will have a generally quieter party. 
This is a 'younger' option but still good for the 'more 12 than 13 crowd' You could organize a pizza party but take it further but checking with your local pizza places to see if they can go and make the pizzas themselves.  Of course, you could always do this at home but there's extra thrill in going to the restaurant. Afterwards, head to the movies or take them shopping!
For a totally different feel, the out doors type may love for you to organize an adventure day.  Here, you can go on a hike, build a raft, co canoeing.  If you have access to a lake or a little island, this is a great idea for everyone involved. 
If you'd like a daytime, relaxed activity, you could start things off with lunch out somewhere nice and then maybe they could get their nails done. If that feels out of budget for you, rope in a friend and do it at your home. Get a couple movies (or music) and some delicious treats and give the living room to them for a few hours. 
13 year old girls are hard to predict sometimes, as they are turning into little women with their own ideas and needs.  That's why that first step is so important!  Don't be discouraged if she responds with a careless dismissal; she may be overwhelmed and will eventually come around.  
At Ontario Bakery, we know birthdays.  It's one of the celebrations we do best. We'd love to make this day even more incredible, so please, visit our California location or give us a call! 

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5 Classic Game Ideas For a Fun 5 Year Old's Birthday Party!

5 Classic Game Ideas For a Fun 5 Year Old's Birthday Party! Planning a birthday party for a 5 year old can be intimidating if you are lost for ideas on what to do.  5 year olds love to play games and if you are properly prepared, your party can be a great hit.  

Here are 5 classic game ideas for a fun 5 year old's birthday party! 

Pin the tail on donkey: Who doesn't remember and love this classic party game; fun indoors and out and can be adapted for any party theme (age 4+). You can buy prepared kits for this game or make your own. All you need is a picture of a tailless animal along with enough tails (ribbons, strings, etc...) for each child, a blindfold and some push-pins to attach the tails. Each child takes it in turns to pin the tail as close to the point where the tail should be, whilst blindfolded. 

Doughnut Game: Here's a messy idea! This game will challenge the children as they try to eat a suspended doughnut without using their hands or licking their lips! You can hang a doughnut for each child by creating washing line out of string. The child who uses their hands or licks their lips is out of the game. This game also works well with apples.

Apple Bobbing: Just in time for an end of summer or beginning of fall birthday! Apples are essential for the ‘bobbing’ game where children take it in turns to try and retrieve a floating apple with their teeth, with their hands tied behind their back. Fill a large tub with cold water and place enough apples for each player. Children can then either bob for the apples together or individually, but the player to get the apple first or quickest is the winner.
Tray Memory Game: This game provides a quieter game for wild crowds and will also get the party guests to think! All you need is a tray filled with weird and wonderful objects you find around your house along with some pen and paper for each child. Once the children are sitting around a table ready with pen and paper, place the tray with objects in the centre of the table and give them 1 minute to try and memorize what’s on the tray. Once the time is up, remove the tray and each child has to write down as many objects as they can remember from the tray. The child who remembers the most number of correct objects is the winner.

Sleeping Lions: After lots of activity and deep thinking this game is great to bring things back down; and will make parents happy to pick up their kids! Choose a large open room like a living room or even a backyard, and get all the children to lie down and pretend to be sleepy lions. If you are doing a particular theme you can get them to pretend to be fairies, pirates, dinosaurs or whatever fits your theme instead. Explain that whoever moves after the game begins will be out. During this time you can walk around the room, talking to them and trying to make them laugh. Each child who is out can help you try and make the others laugh. The last person left sleeping is the winner.

Planning a fabulous birthday party for your incredible 5 year old doesn't have to be such an intimidating task! Use these 5 classic game ideas, and your birthday party is sure to be a hit!  As an added bonus, our family bakers at Ontario Bakery are ready and excited to provide you with a custom cake specially made for your exciting day! Call us today and let us know what you'd like!

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Easy Colorful Tips for Planning Your Fall Wedding

Don't be overwhelmed! Here are some easy colorful tips for planning your fall wedding.If you are like many people, you are excited about planning your fall wedding but need a little inspiration about color, decor and the likes.  Planning a fall wedding is a beautiful thing to do, as you don't have the limitations of summer heat or extreme winter cold.  The color hues provide a fabulous palette to work with for both party and accents.  

Your day deserves to be memorable. So enjoy these colorful tips for planning your fall wedding. 

Location, Location

Of course, you can easily host your event at any standard wedding location. But if you want to add a more picturesque flair  for your fall wedding, you may want to look at older inns, 18th century churches or meeting houses, mills and even barns. You might also look at an apple orchard, a vineyard, or any place that will have a view of fall foliage. If you live in a climate where the leaves don’t change, look for a venue with lots of rich dark wood and warmth such as a gentleman’s club or university club. A fireplace in the reception area would add an extra special touch. These are great places to consider because of their warm colors and rustic feel that embodies the colors and feel of autumn. 

The Look

Remember that the colors of fall are those rich, warm colors.  Sometimes a bright white is overwhelming the autumn palate.  So, cream and off-white dresses with gold beading and accents are wonderful options for an autumn bride. Your bridesmaids will look lovely in jewel tone dresses; while groomsmen would look classy and dapper in brown or dark gray suits. Remember that weather in the fall can be tricky – in many areas of the Country, it will be hard to know long in advance whether your wedding day will be warm or chilly. Be sure to purchase accessories for warmth to be prepared for the possibility of chilly weather.

The Decorations

A color scheme of rich jewel tones or traditional fall hues like red, orange, brown and yellow would help carry the theme through the space. For a modern fall wedding, choose a traditional fall color paired with something unexpected, like chocolate brown with robin's egg-blue accents. Fill the room with the bounty of the season - pumpkins, acorns, and gourds. Make jack-o-lanterns with decorative patterns rather than scary faces, or use paper bag luminaria for a similar effect.

The Flowers

Generally you can find mums, roses, daisies, yarrow, fall leaves, tallow berries and both natural and dried wheat for inexpensive prices during the fall. A spray of wheat or a single mum accented with a pheasant feather makes an elegant boutonni√®re. Consider hollowing out pumpkins for your centerpiece containers; another equally festive, yet less time-consuming option: scatter miniature or ghost pumpkins and tea light candles or lanterns across the tables. 

The Cake

Any wedding cake is fitting for a fall wedding, but you can add to your autumn theme by using more autumn inspired flavors like, spiced, pumpkin, apple, or chocolate. Traditional cake flavors topped with fall fruit would also be a delicious idea. As an addition or alternative, you could create an interactive dessert station, serving a mix of different pies instead of a traditional cake. 

At Ontario Bakery, we are dedicated to making your special day as unique as your love.  Let us know how we can further help to customize your day!