Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Your Engagement Party: Planning It So It Happens the Way You Want It

Your Engagement Party: Planning It So It Happens the Way You Want ItYour engagement party should feel like the celebration it’s meant to be. So don’t make the planning mistakes so many make that add stress and complications to what should be easy and beautiful.  Let us, at Ontario Bakery, help you have a fun and memorable, stress free engagement party!
First, don’t over-do it.
Keep it simple. You don’t need to book a major venue. If you want to go out, go to a restaurant where you can book a back room or private area. Even simpler, have it at a friend’s home and simply have it catered so you can have the best of both worlds.
Have a photographer or simply a photo booth.

Capture all the fun of the party for everyone. Capture the kisses and the general romance in the air. Then have someone create an album to be gifted at the wedding! For even more fun, take photos throughout the wedding planning process and present an album documenting the whole thing! And having the booth let’s people take home the fun!

Share and tell.

Have your guests share their favorite romantic experiences, how they met their partner or about the proposal. Everyone will have a fun time swapping mushy and funny stories around.

Have delicious food!

It’s so important to celebrate with fine food, drink and delights as they mirror the occasion! If you’re not having it catered, ask everyone to bring an ethnic side dish or choose the couple’s favorite ingredients and ask everyone to get creative with them! It’s a lot better than too much salad or chips and salsa!

Ontario bakery want you to have the best celebration possible without the stress. We’d be honored to provide you with a custom cake or other sweets of your choosing, to finish the night well! And remember to come to us first for your custom wedding cake needs when the time comes!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Simple Wedding Cake Planning Tips for Every Bride

Simple Wedding Cake Planning Tips for Every BrideYou’re planning a wedding and don’t have the time for extra stress. You need a process that’s dependable and simple so you can focus your attention on the love you’re about to celebrate! Don’t waste your precious time calling, double checking and reminding the people you’ve hired about all the details that are so important to you. From your dress to the reception hall and cake, keep it as simple as possible. At Ontario Bakery, we’ve learned the good, bad and the ugly of wedding planning, so take it from us!

  • Go with a tried and true suggestion from a family or friend. (Call and interview first though!)
  • The best way to keep it simple is to meet with a cake stylist to make sure everything is as you want it. Not all bakeries have one on staff, so be sure to call ahead of time to make sure they have one.
  • Ask the baker how far in advance they bake the cake and how far in advance they frost it. You want the freshest possible wedding cake, but not a last minute cake either.
  • Ask if you are able taste samples of cakes and icings. You need to decide on the cake flavor, icing in between layers, and outer icing. Trust me, this is so helpful so you aren’t shocked by the flavors and their combinations when it’s too late!
  • Bring pictures that inspire you or even create a Pinterest board to share with your cake stylist.  A picture IS worth a thousand words. So, if you have something in mind already, show the baker a picture. It's easier than trying to explain everything in words.
  • Pick your cake top out ahead of time and bring it with you to the baker. Some cake tops are heavy and may need special consideration or support. The cake topper may look too small or big for the cake you had in mind. The baker can help you with sizing of the top cake.
  • If you have special decorations like pillars, columns, cake tops, flowers, etc., find out if there are extra charges. Most likely there will be extra fees if you have an elaborate setup.
  • Ask about the setup and delivery options and charges. Don't send a friend or relative to pick up your cake please! Let the professional baker deliver it and set it up.
    You deserve to spend your time celebrating and enjoying the process. So keep it simple and let us help you with the crazy details.  Visit us at Ontario Bakery in California. We deliver just what you’re looking for and with all the ease you need!

Monday, July 18, 2016

How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding on a Tight Budget

How to Plan a Beautiful Wedding on a Tight BudgetJust because it’s normal to see luxury weddings all over social media, doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. You can have the wedding of your dreams without going into debt or selling everything. You can have a luxuriously beautiful wedding on a tight budget and we want to tell you how.

Decorate with subtleties
Seat covers can be expensive to rent and a lot of work to make. Instead of using seat covers, get some beautiful wide ribbon to tie on the backs of the chairs to add some elegance and spruce things up. Ribbon is a cheap alternative compared to fancy seat covers. Enlist the help of friends to get the ribbons cut and tied for the big day.

Cover common seats
You can get yards of your favorite fabrics at a craft store and use it for everything from covering tables to draping from the ceiling (i.e. sheer fabrics work well for this and create a romantic atmosphere). Get creative with material to create a soft, intimate atmosphere.

Light it up:
Many people use white Christmas lights all year round on their back porches as a simple and elegant decoration. And these lights can make a beautiful addition to any wedding reception venue! They can be hung from the ceiling, around tables, around the cake, or in potted plants. If you don’t want to use Christmas lights, consider lanterns instead.

Add Life
A nice addition to the entrance of your reception would be a water fountain. It could even be a small one that you have in your home that sits on a table. The sound of a water fountain is so refreshing, and it would be nice for your guests to listen to as they can finally relax at the reception. Other ways to add life would be to add indoor plants. They can be reused later in the newlywed’s home!

Fire light
There’s nothing more romantic than a dim room lit only by the glow of hundreds of candles. And luckily, candles are inexpensive.

Your guests will love to look at your engagement photographs, and your reception is the perfect place to display them. In fact, your reception may be the only place that some of your guests will ever get to see your engagement photos. And while you’re at it, bring some of your favorite pictures of you and your spouse-to-be to show at the reception. You can hang twine along the reception walls and clothes pin black and white photos along the twine!

Ontario bakery wants the best for your celebration. We hope you have enjoyed these suggestions and that you'll come to us first  for your custom wedding cake needs!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Use These Tips to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Preschooler With all the Fun and Far Less Stress

Use These Tips to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Preschooler With all the Fun and Far Less Stress
Young minds deserve to have as much fun as the big kids but sometimes ideas for what to do escape us! And as the planner of the festivities, you don’t need more to figure out! So we’re going to make it simple for you.
  1. Keep it short. One thing adults forget is that young kids get overstimulated really easily. So make the party fun, but then end it while they can still handle it. We’d say keep it to no more than two or three hours.
  2. Keep it delicious. Have a few different snacks; some healthy, some sweet and some protein. Options can include cheese sticks, crackers, carrot sticks, watermelon, apple slices, chicken fingers, chips and bean dip and then of course, the cake. This keeps allergens to a minimum and lets picky kids graze without having to bad of a dip in blood sugar.
  3. Keep it fun (but simple). Below are a list of games and activities. Our suggestion? Choose one or two - tops - because more than that requires unnecessary organization and cleanup for kids that will be hard to organize and keep focused anyway.

Body painting fun: Put out a tarp on the grass and let each child have a poster board laid out to get creative with. Have a plate with paints and encourage them to dip their feet, toes, hands and fingers in the paint and create that way. It’s multi-sensory path to self expression that they’ll love!

Water play: Have a couple mini wading pools with buckets and sponges to squeeze and pour from. This is also a great follow up activity for those who’ve just painted and are ready to rinse off!

Pin the tail on donkey: Who doesn't remember and love this classic party game; fun indoors and out and can be adapted for any party theme (age 4+). You can buy prepared kits for this game or make your own. All you need is a picture of a tailless animal along with enough tails (ribbons, strings, etc...) for each child, a blindfold and some push-pins to attach the tails. Each child takes it in turns to pin the tail as close to the point where the tail should be, whilst blindfolded.

Doughnut Game: Here's a messy idea! This game will challenge the children as they try to eat a suspended doughnut without using their hands or licking their lips! You can hang a doughnut for each child by creating washing line out of string. The child who uses their hands or licks their lips is out of the game. This game also works well with apples.

Tray Memory Game: This game provides a quieter game for wild crowds and will also get the party guests to think! All you need is a tray filled with weird and wonderful objects you find around your house along with some pen and paper for each child. Once the children are sitting around a table ready with pen and paper, place the tray with objects in the centre of the table and give them 1 minute to try and memorize what’s on the tray. Once the time is up, remove the tray and each child has to write down as many objects as they can remember from the tray. The child who remembers the most number of correct objects is the winner.

Sleeping Lions: After lots of activity and deep thinking this game is great to bring things back down; and will make parents happy to pick up their kids! Choose a large open room like a living room or even a backyard, and get all the children to lie down and pretend to be sleepy lions. If you are doing a particular theme you can get them to pretend to be fairies, pirates, dinosaurs or whatever fits your theme instead. Explain that whoever moves after the game begins will be out. During this time you can walk around the room, talking to them and trying to make them laugh. Each child who is out can help you try and make the others laugh. The last person left sleeping is the winner.

Planning a fabulous birthday party for little ones doesn't have to be so stressful! Use these tips and your birthday party is sure to be a hit!  As an added bonus, our family bakers at Ontario Bakery are ready and excited to provide you with a custom cake specially made for your exciting day! Call us today and let us know what you'd like!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Simple Tips to Keeping Cool at a Hot Summer Wedding!

Simple Tips to Keeping Cool at a Hot Summer Wedding!  Summer weddings are the hottest plan on people’s lists at this time of the year. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is the fact that it’s the hottest time of the year. But don’t throw out the beauty of such a delightful celebration. Just listen to these easy tips and have all the fun you want. We at Ontario Bakery know weddings (and hot weddings) like the back of our hands. So from us to you: 
Here are some simple tips to keeping cool at a hot summer wedding!  
Make Your Own Shade: The sun will be blazing and no bride or guests wants to be dripping with sweat or melting their pretty selves aways. So you’ve got to have a backup plan for strong sun and even possible rain. Make sure you have tents and fabric overhangs that will provide both sun and water and heavy wind protection. Your guests will be so thankful and you'll be very glad you did!
Refreshing Snacks: Alcohol tends to be a beverage of choice at most weddings, but for the summer wedding, we hope you will reconsider. You want to make sure that your guests stay hydrated. Alcohol is very dehydrating, so the effect is even greater than normal. You definitely don't want a guest needing medical attention after just trying to have a good time! An easy way to keep things cool is to have refreshments on hand like water, tea and lemonade. You can get creative with refreshment displays by assembling specialty jars and jugs in a set space. For ceremonies out in the sun, your guests need to have water readily available.  You can even customize your drink station further, by creating personalized labels on water bottles. In the intense heat, refreshments will keep you and your guest cool until the sun goes down.
Handheld Fans: Personalized fans are one of the best little gifts you can provide your guests. They serve a much needed purpose and can even be an added piece of decor. They provide a nice breeze for those ceremonies outdoors or dinners under the elements. One of the nice aspects to a personalized fan is that you can customize it for your wedding day. You can print your names and wedding date on the fan. It can then serve as a good memento for guests to take home and remember your wedding. You can hand out personalized fans as guests arrive or have them at their place settings and chairs depending on where you think your guests will need them.
Don’t let the heat ruin your big day. Learn your tips from the ones who know best.  We are a custom bakery based in Ontario California, so we know heat, and have also learned the best ways to survive it. We hope you've enjoyed these tips and will contact us for any wedding cake or other custom baked needs!

Monday, June 20, 2016

School’s Out. Keep Kids Happy & Busy With These FUN Activities!

School’s Out. Keep Kids Happy & Busy With These FUN Activities!
Ontario Bakery Makes Custom Cakes & Treats for Birthday Parties & MORE!
It’s so exciting when school is finally out for the summer! We dream of swimming and camping and fun all the time! But the reality is, adults can’t always make those things happen and kids still need to have fun and keep busy. So rather than lose your mind, try planning for these activities so you have happy creative kids even when you can’t go for a big adventure.  
Here are some ideas we have for your young ones happy and busy this summer:
Have a bubble box. Most dollar stores have large bottles of the bubbles available or you can even make your own. There are some cool resources online that show you how to create shapes out of bubbles using just string! Kids have a blast with this one. It’s great option for the backyard or park, so they can rinse off easily.  Just keep everything in a large tupperware for easy storage, accessibility and mess control!
Plan weekly picnics. Depending on the ages and interests of your children, you can give the picnic a theme (tea party, teddy bear or lego picnic) or keep it simple and add some little treats like fresh baked cake pops or cookies! Kids love it! Bring along things like ring toss, butterfly nets or bubbles for them, and a book or your own work to do alongside them.
Plan a summer reading game. Go to your local library once every week or two and get as many books as you can, in the areas your child is interested in. If your child is interested in a book beyond their level, don’t be afraid to encourage the challenge. Make a poster with a path and milestones on it. Every chapter or page they finish gets them a little treat or prize! The bigger milestones can be rewarded with an ice cream date or day at the pool. Remember that each child learns differently and if they feel discouraged, get into the book with them. Tell them words. Keep it fun! For younger children, enjoy reading times at the library, where they can usually have fun being read to as a group. (Or lead your own!)
Make a summer treasure box. Teach your children to capture memories with this simple and fun idea. Get an old shoe box. Have them decorate it their way. Then keep it available for holding little pieces of memorabilia, photos and treasure findings they gather throughout the summer. Next summer, you can revisit the box and remember your good times!
Animal love. Do you have any neighbors with animals that are good with children? (and are your children good with animals?) Have a day each week where you visit the animals and give them some love. Spend some time researching and asking what the pet enjoys for treats and toys and perhaps spend some time making them for the animals. 
We know that summer is fun, but not easy. We’re here to not only give you a break, but enhance your child’s summer while bringing you together.  At Ontario Bakery, our goal is just that. We are proud to provide the custom baked goods you need for every special day that comes up, from tedding bear picnics to birthdays and big weddings. Call us to place your custom order today!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Great Ideas for the Perfect Tween Girl Birthday Party

Great Ideas for the Perfect Tween Girl Birthday Party
Let Ontario Bakery Make You the Perfect Custom Party Cake!

Preteen girls are right at that age where they want to do things that are more grown up, but still have a childlike flare for having fun. It’s absolutely possible to give them the best of both worlds with these simple and usable ideas! Make this birthday a memory they’ll be proud to remember.

Jewelry Party

This party theme is a huge hit with the pre teen crowd. You can easily find all beads, craft jewelry, old unique jewelry for the pieces, costume jewelry pieces, and craft sets at thrift shops, crafting stores and garage sales. The girls can make necklaces, bracelets, and rings for themselves and for the birthday girl. You can encourage them to design unique friendship bracelets, as they’ll always have them as a keepsake. Plus, they take hours to make so your girls can watch movies while they make their unique designs.

A Night of Beauty
How about throwing a makeup and spa party? Ask some older friends to help, fix up a room like a beauty salon.  You could put face masks on them, paint their nails and toe nails and even have stylish drinks with lemonade and grenadine with little umbrellas inside. If you want to go further with this one, book a makeup artist to do their make up and then bring them all to the movie and dinner later to show off their fabulous state.
Keep going with that and opt for a spa day!  Include essential oils and add facials to the above and you've got the whole thing ready for a memorable night of fun!

Sing Along
It’s so easy to throw a karaoke party.  You can rent out a machine at home or go out for the real experience!  Some places have age restrictions, but you usually have the option of renting out a little room out. If you’d like to keep it more simple, just put on some music videos and divide the party into two teams. Play a song at random and see how many words of the song each player on each team knows! (Someone else can be reading lyrics on a phone to check accuracy.)  Throw in some fun food like chinese noodles or sushi, and you’ll have the perfect party!

The Great Outdoors
The more outdoors type would love an organized an adventure day.  Here, you can go on a hike, build a raft or go canoeing.  If you have access to a lake or a little island, this is a great idea for everyone involved.  If you'd like a daytime, relaxed activity, you could start things off with lunch out somewhere nice and then maybe they could get their nails done. If that feels out of budget for you, rope in a friend and do it at your home. Get a couple movies (or music) and some delicious treats and give the living room to them for a few hours. 

At Ontario Bakery, we know birthdays and it's one of the celebrations we do best. We'd love to make this day even more incredible, so please, visit our California location or give us a call!