Friday, April 22, 2016

Feeling Pressured By Graduation? Here Are Some Calm Reminders to Help You Through It.

Feeling Pressured By Graduation? Here Are Some Calm Reminders to Help You Through It.
As graduation approaches, it’s hard not to feel suffocated by the whole process. Everyone has their expectations of you, you have your individuality, hopes and dreams and yet - you’re plagued by the many unknown in what comes next. Well, we’ve been there before and are here to go down the road with you. Take a moment to enjoy a deep breath and know that it’s going to be ok. We shared this piece last year and felt it was so good that it should be shared again. 

A little graduation encouragement from us at Ontario Bakery to you:

Regardless of whether or not you’re continuing your education, you never truly stop learning. Since you're going to keep learning, why not travel to new places and become a student of the world? You'll meet so many new and interesting people. While you're at it, bring books outside of your comfort zone and read as many of them as you possibly can.   

Once you've spent some time 'apprenticing at life', take the lessons you've learned to the growth of your purpose. Notice I said purpose rather than job. One of the great illusions in our world today is the idea that there’s some perfect job out there, waiting for you. The truth is, there isn't a perfect job for you to find. Any job you find, is a series of tasks meant to fulfill someone else's dream.

The work world is changing rapidly. Companies are getting smaller, not larger. Entrepreneurial endeavors are becoming the norm.  If you are able to embrace this reality, you won’t have to settle for a position that doesn’t fulfill your potential. You can create position and the perfect job for yourself based on your skills, talents and passion.

So to recap:  

  • Don’t worry so much about doing... Be more concerned about who you are becoming. Continue growing and learning.  Trust that what you’re meant to do will become clearer over time.
  • Get practice by helping build someone else's dream: This will save you years of pain and accelerate your growth in ways you can’t imagine. And it will humble you.
  • You can create the perfect job. The best way to do what you love is to build the perfect job for yourself. Start a small business, if even as a hobby, so you’re never completely on someone else to earn a living.
Spend a good amount of time learning more about who you are and what you want to do with your life will become more clear over time. Continue to be patient and reflect on who you are and the person you are becoming. These practices will offer your soul the quiet time it needs to gain clarity in a world where distraction is normal an personal reflection is rare.

Your graduation is a time to be excited and prepare for what's next. But remember that what's next is simply another step on an unpredictable journey. You have so much to be proud of and so much more to look forward to and we want to celebrate with you!

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ideas to Help You Do Better Than Flowers and Brunch for Mother’s Day.

Ideas to Help You Do Better Than Flowers and Brunch for Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day is a very special day, so why do we only get as creative as brunch? I know there’s a lot more that can be done and want to share some great ideas that you and mom are sure to enjoy.
Let’s get started.
Idea #1. Getaway for the weekend. If you and mom are close pals that love to hang out and relax together, you can probably handle a fun weekend getaway. Try a relaxing spa package, a museum-centric urban destination or something a little more outdoorsy like whitewater rafting or mountain biking.
Idea #2. Go thrifting. It’s a great way to enjoy retail therapy without the harsh stint on your budget? Have fun putting together outfits, accessories, trinkets and look through the books. Take it further and even include some vintage shops!
Idea #3. Go to a yoga class or weekend together. Whether you’ve got a Lululemon-sporting mom, or she’s never even said “namaste.” Either way, a yoga class can be a great way to bond and relax together.
Idea #4. Go hiking or camping. Pack up some gear and tent it for a night, or just find a picturesque place to hike and picnic together.
Idea #5. Go wine tasting. This is one of my favorite ones. Grab some delicious desserts, salami, fruit and cheese and add a wine tasting afternoon to your picnic. Spread out a blanket and indulge. You’ll feel great!

Make the best of this Mother’s Day and go beyond the brunch and flowers this year. See which idea works best for you and have fun!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some Graduation Advice for the Empty Nest Parents Out There

Graduation. It’s that time of the year where our children get older and some move on to bigger education in far away lands. This is great, right? We’re proud of them and excited. But the truth is, it’s a big shift for the parents. Many mothers especially, regardless of how close of a relationship they had, can become very depressed as they lose what they’ve focused on for a solid 18 years.  As your student moves on to university life, you might find these techniques useful to help you get through the exciting, but still difficult change as well.
Stay in communication
It is important for parents to stay in touch with students, but it isn’t necessary to talk several times a day, or even every day.  Consider a weekly or bi-weekly phone call or Skype session to check in and catch up.  Then use other forms of communication like texting or email to fill in the gaps.  That will enable you to tell your student something on your mind, but she can respond in her own time. Feel free to send your student a private Facebook message, but avoid filling his Facebook wall or liking all of his posts. That will just become annoying.
Invest in your friends and community.
Since you are probably finding yourself with more time than you used to, invest in relationships that can provide you with community, connection, and encouragement.  If married, take this time to get to know your spouse without having to plan around a child’s schedule.  Go out with friends and have fun!  Ask a co-worker to go to a movie or ask a neighbor to go on a walk.  Even if you don’t feel like being with people, you will find if you make up your mind to do it, you will be glad you did.  While you still might miss your student, you won’t be as lonely.
Get to know what makes you excited!
Think about what you used to do before a child consumed your time.  Perhaps writing, crafts, exercising, or going to school got put on the back burner.  Now is the time to find something you are interested in and jump in with both feet.  Do you just miss having someone to help?  Find a cause you are passionate about and volunteer your time at a local organization.
Adjusting to an empty nest takes time, but try to be an example to your student that life changes can be exciting, adventurous times.  You will always be a parent, even as your relationship changes and grows with your adult child.
And remember. This is an exciting time for your child. Be attentive and share your bigger emotions with a close friend or spouse. This will free your child to enjoy this exciting new phase without feeling guilty or concern.
Ontario Bakery wants to celebrate with you. Don’t forget to call us, when you’re ready to order your custom baked cakes and other party desserts!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

10 Important Things to Remember Before Graduating High School

10 Important Things to Remember Before Graduating High School
It’s April. Crunch time. Finals are coming up. The sun is out and you are so ready to be out. Don’t worry. It’s coming. And the truth is, it’s easy to get distracted by the people, the things to do, the things you need to know… But this is a very important time in your life that only happens once. It’s like crossing a bridge out of your childhood and into the beginning of your adulthood.

Ari King, of Baylor University, was thinking about this very subject and decided she wanted to share thoughts and advice to those entering a time she remembers so well:

1. Please listen to your parents when they tell you that you future starts when you’re in high school. It really does. Your study habits, your work ethic, everything starts now. It sets the tone for your college career, and then your real career. Don’t start off on a bad note.
2. That being said, remember to take care of yourself too. As important as building a great foundation is, remembering to have fun is important too. Work hard, play hard.
3. Goodbyes are hard, but they’re not permanent. Start working now on the relationships you want to keep throughout college. Tell them they’re important now, before you’re miles away and missing them.
4.Change is hard. By your senior year, you’re applying for colleges, ordering your cap and gown, and getting ready for the rest of your life. It’s okay to be overwhelmed. It’s alright to be unsure of your future. It’s okay to be overwhelmed.
5. It’s okay to be overwhelmed and worried about your future, but don’t forget that you have a future, and it’s YOUR future. Don’t let your parents or your current boyfriend/girlfriend change your mind on what you want to do with your life. It could be a huge mistake.
6. Mistakes will be made, though. You might really mess up while you’re in high school. Your grades might be too low to get into a good school, or you may have missed an application deadline. Just know that you always have options. Mistakes aren’t the end of the world.
7. It’s okay if you don’t want to go to college, and just work straight out of school. In today’s society, that’s almost unheard of, but if it’s what you want to do, do it and be good at it.
8. Long distance relationships are hard, especially right out of high school. You’re going to want to try to make it work as hard as you can, and it might work. But please, don’t force it if it’s not working. Love the other person enough to let go. Love yourself enough to let go.
9. Stay close with your teachers. They could become huge assets or mentors to you while you’re in college. Yeah you have your parents, but it helps to have someone like a teacher on your side. Plus, they write really good letters of recommendation.
10. Breathe. Graduation will come. There will be a last football game, and a last dance rehearsal, and a last everything. You can cry. Spend graduation night looking at the stars with your best friends wondering where time went by. Look forward to the future, but don’t look back. When you graduate, don’t stay stuck in high school. Change is hard, but this change will be one of the biggest in your life. Breathe. And live. (source)
Don’t overthink this time. But do enjoy it. Your crossing over will come. And when it does, we at Ontario Bakery will be waiting on the other side with the most amazing cake you’ve ever tasted; customized to celebrate you. Congratulations, you’re almost there.

Monday, March 28, 2016

You're Almost Done Planning Your Wedding. Are You Forgetting Something?

You're Almost Done Planning Your Wedding. Are You Forgetting Something?
It’s wedding season. The bride looks great. You’ve reserved the best location. Your custom cake is something to swoon over. Is there anything else you’re forgetting? Yes. Like most people, you’re probably forgetting the men in the wedding party. The groom and his merry men are not just accents to the show. They are hard working and fun loving guys that deserved to be loved on and appreciated too!

So we decided to share a list of ideas with you, for things to get for the groom and his groomsmen. And groom, if you’re doing the shopping for your men yourself, double points! Enjoy the tips!

You're Almost Done Planning Your Wedding. Are You Forgetting Something?For the Groom:
Think ‘evening’: Try a velvet smoking jacket or a hand-carved pipe. Go for something luxurious but still humble. These make great groomsmen gifts as well, but be careful! If you buy something too outrageous, your groomsmen may never use it, or may feel awkward receiving it.  
Make sure it's got nothing to do with the bride. Nothing with the bride's face or signature. Remember, this is the end of being a bachelor.  That's not a bad thing at all, but the gift should signify the keeping of his identity and manhood; despite traditional jokes of ball and chain imagery.  
Monograms. A well-placed set of initials can spice up even the most ordinary wallet, cigar case, or cuff link.
Buy the manly things -- it's simple. Think of a man's wish list and then dive in fully! A silver or leather flask is one of the all-time greatest groomsman gifts: classic, yet occasionally practical, with an unabashed male-bonding quality that's hard to beat for it's price.
Remember that your gift needn't be something you can hold. If you've got a groomsman whose idea of fun involves training for that next triathlon, perhaps a mini membership to a gym or a few hours with a personal trainer would suit him. And, of course, a ticket to a sporting event is usually a hit.
Avoid gifts that are too flamboyant, ridiculously cheap, or ....alive -- but this doesn't mean you have to choose something boring. If you're absolutely positive your college roommate really wants a "My Buddy Got Married and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt" rag, by all means buy it. ... but it's not likely.

Remember, you don't have to break the bank to show your gratitude. If your best man has been with you since your frat house days, then a dinner for two at an old hangout followed by a single malt scotch is an excellent gesture before the wedding day. Once again, the more personalized the effort, the more meaningful the message.

We hope your day is beautiful and memorable; from rings to cake. And that's where we come in! Contact Ontario Bakery for all your custom wedding cake needs in the Southern California area!

Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Throw a Magical Themed Birthday Party for Kids Ages 8-12

How to Throw a Magical Themed Birthday Party for Kids Ages 8-12 Kids are loving the idea of magic more than ever. From Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, magic is a crowd pleasing theme. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive at all either. At  Ontario Bakery, we’ve got some great tips and ideas for you to use and enjoy!
Invites. Start the fun off by mailing or handing out invitations complete with a wax stamp on the outside or even gold glitter on the inside. Or go even further and create little scrolls to be handed out to your guests to be!

Magic Wands.  What magical party would be complete without magic wands?  You can buy them cheap and hand them out as party favors, or have small sticks collected and sanded. Then allow each child to decorate their own wand with feathers, leather and jewels!

Games. For younger children, get creative with different liquid mixing and let them make magic potions. Edible or non-edible, these will be fun for everyone. Hire a magician. Make things disappear and play with optical illusions.

Treats. Set up some fancy drinks based on all the magic ones that foam and bubble! Use noodles and sausages for creepy effect. Use food coloring on a normally plain item, for a magical feel. 

As you can see, the party can easily unfold with a little imagination and creativity!  We want to let you rest easy on the fun part and leave the cake making to us! How about wizard hat cake pops or broomsticks? The options go on and on! Call one of the Ontario Bakery cake stylists today to see which one will be the best for your party!  
Have a magical day!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Plan the Best Spring Birthday Party With These Colorful Ideas!

Plan the Best Spring Birthday Party With These Colorful Ideas!Spring birthdays are wonderful, because not only do you get to move past the chill of winter, but you get to celebrate a birthday with the return of the flowers and sunshine. So why not have your next party carry that colorful theme as well? At Ontario Bakery, we get a lot of calls for celebrations of every kind and Springtime birthdays are one of our favorites!
Here are some tips to help you plan the best Spring birthday party ever!
Colorful Decor
Skip the gloom of clouds and rain and go straight for flowers. Whether you’re partying indoors our outside, create a space that lets your guests think they’ve landed in a garden wonderland!
Secret Garden
Take it further and really go with a Secret Garden theme! You can set up a long table with a soft olive green table cloth and decorate it with daffodils and lilacs. Then treat your guests to tea and cakes and a few classic garden games! For young children, do a variation of an easter egg or treasure hunt for added fun!
Artistic Flare
Fun for all ages, make this year’s party art themed! Grab a few clipboards,  and some table or full sized easels, making sure every guest has a station. Provide water colors, palettes, clean water jars and brushes and watch everyone’s talent bloom!
Sweet Treats
Everything is in bloom from flowers to fruit, so why not make the most of it and get creative, working seasonal produce into your snacks and treats? Have fresh fruit or veggie salads, jello bowls and perhaps a peach cobbler to top things off?

No matter how you do it, your Spring bash is sure to be a success. And if you decide you’d like to have a little more fun, let us bake you a custom made cake with just the right colors, flavors and pizazz for your celebration!