Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fourth of July Trivia Quiz - The Answers Will Surprise You


How many of the following 4th of July trivia questions can you get right?

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1.    Two of the first five Presidents of the United States died on the same day. Which presidents and what date?

2.    When did the 4th of July become a national holiday:

a.    1776

b.    1812

c.    1901

d.    1938

3.    Is there something written on the back of the Declaration of Independence?

a.    Yes. A treasure map

b.    No. Don't be silly. That was a movie.

c.    Yes. But it is invisible

d.    Yes. Some kind of seal.

4.    Who was John Hancock?

a.    A big time insurance broker in 1776

b.    The President of the Continental Congress

c.    The first signer of the Declaration

d.    All of the above

e.    None of the above

f.    Only b and c

5.    Who signed the Declaration on July 4, 1776?

a.    Nobody

b.    Only John Hancock

c.    All the members of the Continental Congress

d.    Your guess is as good as the historians

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Here are the answers. Send this URL to friends to see how they do.

Jame Monroe
1.    John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4,1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing. James Monroe also died on the 4th of July, but in 1831.

2. (D) It wasn't until 1938 that the 4th of July became a national holiday.

3. (D) Written upside down at the bottom of the signed document is: "Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July 1776." It's not known who wrote it or when. Since parchment was usually rolled up during the Revolutionary War years, it's thought this memo served as a label.

4. (F) John Hancock was both the President of the Continental Congress and the first to sign on July 4th.

5. (D)  There is a huge historical dispute about who signed and when. Some say Hancock and one other signed on the 4th, with all the others on August 2nd. Some others say 34 of the 57 signed on the 4th. Yet others say only John Hancock signed that historic day.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Best Birthday Party Ideas for 10 - 12 Year Olds!

Best Birthday Party Ideas for 10 - 12 Year Olds!Planning a party for your child is hard enough as it is, but as children get older, it gets even more challenging! We at Ontario Bakery have watched many children grow up and as they do, their parents share their birthday party joys and triumphs with us. We want to save you the trouble of birthday party fails, and throw a celebration that not only your child, but their friends will enjoy too! 

Here our the best birthday party themes and ideas for 10 -12 year olds!

Spa Party Theme 
This one's great for the girls. Ask the girls to bring their bathrobes and slippers to set the scene for this theme -  day/night at the spa.  Set out  different facial masks and peel masks - don't forget the cucumber slices!  Set up different stations for manicures, pedicures, facials and hairstyling.  Let the girls rotate to each station every 10-15 minutes.  Have a different color nail polish for each guest and let them try them all. 

Scavenger Hunt 
Birthday scavenger hunts can be fun  - especially the mall scavenger hunts!   The main idea of the scavenger hunt is to divide into teams then each tween team races to see who can find (or do) the items on a list first. 

Tween Idol Theme 
Set up a karaoke machine with a good CD of popular songs.  Tip: You can find great deals on used CD's and karaoke machines on Ebay and may even be able to set it up through garage band.  Ask which of the guests wants to be a judge and set them up at a judging table.  Then have the performers come out one by one and sing their favorite song (like American Idol).  Vote for the favorites and have another round each time eliminating one of the performers until you have a winner.  

Pool Party 
What's more fun than being set free to splash around in the sun? This one's great for all times of the year - as you can go indoor or outdoor! From slides to lazy rivers, this is an option all enjoy!

Basically, this is a fancy costume party. Make sure everyone comes in a mask and see how fast they can figure out who's who!

Tweens are fun to be around.... when they're having fun too! Make sure their party this year is fun and totally cool! Make the finishing touches complete with custom cakes, cake pops and cupcakes from Ontario Bakery and you'll totally create a success! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hungry? These Patriotic Food Ideas Will Wow Any 4th of July Party

Hungry? These Patriotic Food Ideas Will Wow Any 4th of July Party Who doesn't love to show up at a fourth of July party and see a table spread covered in their favorite patriotic colors? At Ontario Bakery, we're excited to wear our colors and want to share our favorite ways that you can too - in the most fun and delicious ways!

These patriotic food ideas are easy to make and even easier to enjoy! 

Brownie Flag

Hungry? These Patriotic Food Ideas Will Wow Any 4th of July Party This tried and true chocolate lovers delight is sure to be a hit at the party. You can make them from scratch or use a box. No matter what, the fun is in the colors. Get the details for this simple recipe by visiting the food blog, Spicy Southern Kitchen.

Healthy Pops

If you never thought you'd hear the words "healthy" and "popsicles" in one phrase then you haven't experienced the gold! First, grab some popsicle molds. Then, make three different purees and pour them into different jars or cups. Make one for blueberries, one for bananas and one for strawberries. Once they're all separately blended, pour equal parts (in thirds) of each fruit, into the molds. Start with strawberries, then the bananas and then the blueberries! Yum fun!

Bacon - Balsamic Watermelon Salad 

It's way more fun to eat that say. This recipe is the perfect balance of all the taste flavors, satisfying just about every craving! Bonus? Watermelon is ridiculously hydrating for the notably hot holiday! Get the recipe at Simple Roots Wellness.

Greek Yogurt Cups 

Hungry? These Patriotic Food Ideas Will Wow Any 4th of July Party This is an easy one to have ready. You'll need some small cups and a good blender. Put greek yogurt in the blender, with 1 or two bags of frozen blueberries, adding a splash of vanilla. Pour the puree into each of the cups. Then top each serving with a little whipped cream and a few fresh raspberries for the final touch. You can even double it up for a layered creation.  De-licious! 

Want Something Perfect without the Extra Work?

Let Ontario Bakery do the job for you. We specialize in custom baked goods, including cakes, cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and more! Every dessert we've ever made has left the crowd wanting more, and we're sure we will do the same for you! 

This 4th of July is sure to be a good one, but make it great - with more color, more smiles and far less stress! Call us and place your order today!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Have Some Family Style Fun This Fourth of July with These Great Ideas!

Have Some Family Style Fun This Fourth of July with These Great Ideas!
The fourth of July is rapidly approaching! Kids look forward to this day all year, with it's fireworks, ice cream and bbq fun! But since adults want easy fun, we at Ontario Bakery have some great ideas that not only the kids, but the whole family can enjoy!

Old Fashioned
Start with a good game of red rover!  This game is great for kids and a classic one for adults to watch and r ecall the memories of summer holidays gone by. 

Egg Race
Make a relay race out of eggs!  First dye the eggs with red and blue, leaving some white for the whole color look. Get out two spoons, one for each team. Divide the kids into two teams and have them take turn balancing the eggs on the spoons as the cross the grass trying not to drop the eggs.  Little ones love this game.  

Relay Race
Skip the eggs and have an entirely different relay race. Use batons, flags, or even balloons. Anything can be used in a relay race. 

Chalk Art
Have Some Family Style Fun This Fourth of July with These Great Ideas!
Get out the sidewalk chalk and invite the kids to create a mural using red, white and blue chalk.  If they're hurting for ideas, suggest a flag, fireworks, US monuments etc... Everyone will have so much fun with this.  Just get creative and let the teamwork and imagination flow!

Water Play
For the older kids, water balloons bring so much fun and relief from the summer heat. Make a game out of it - Keep it like the egg relay race and divide the big kids into teams, passing the balloons to the next player, being careful not to let the balloon drop to the ground!  To make it an extra challenge, poke a small hole in the balloon and have a race against the clock to not run out of water in the balloon by the end.

The Classics
Other classics summer games like ring toss, horse shoes, potato sack race and three legged race. 

Odds and Ends
Provide the kids materials to create rockets such as cardboard tubes, foil, glue, paper, markers, ribbon and scissors. (child friendly scissors for the younger hands!)

Remember to include the food! Colored candy corn, watermelon and red, white and blue m&m's make for festive snacks! And if you're really wanting get into the spirit, be sure to add some sweeter, custom baked treats from us at Ontario Bakery and we'll get the best deserts to you for your day! 

Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cool Birthday Party Ideas to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Cool Birthday Party Ideas to Help You Beat the Summer HeatFor kids with summer parties, you need party ideas that aren't just fun but help you beat the heat! Skip on the mini golf this year, these ideas are meant to cool you down while you celebrate the coolest kids in town! 

If you must have the party outside, find a shady park, and then bring out the water. For a fun game, instead of hot potato,  you can pass the ice cube and see how far it will go before it melts!  Stock pile your party with supplies for fun activities like, water balloon toss, slip and slide and even water guns if your kids are old enough to enjoy them respectfully. Be sure to bring the sunscreen though! 

Kids everywhere love a good collection of air filled bounce houses and slides. A bounce party is an excellent way for your child and his friends to stay active while celebrating. As with the laser tag facilities, check in to their private party room and food options.  With this one, encourage a couple parents to stick around and have a few ice packs around to soothe possible bumps from all fun! 

WATER PARKWhether an indoor or outdoor water park, or even a simple pool, this is an excellent way to beat the heat while keeping with the summer theme. A pool party is always a good choice in the summer. Fun indoors and out. If you have a wave pool in your area, consider giving it a try. Wave pools add a whole new dynamic to the pool party experience. Make sure your children and their guests know how to swim well before scheduling a birthday party for him at the pool. Be sure that parents of non-swimmers plan to stay and supervise their own!

Laser tag is a favorite activity of kids everywhere. Go online and look for a laser tag location near you and give them a call. You'll want to talk to management about arranging a birthday party and getting your space reserved. Usually they will a private space available for parties and may even have food and drink options available.  Be sure to get permission if you are wanting to provide your own food.  Although, with the rise in food sensitivities, this should be a problem! 
It's a rare thing, to find a child that doesn't like to spend a day at the arcade! Doing a quick search online may show you that you have a nickle arcade nearby, which will provide longer more affordable fun for your crew. Encourage the kids to play multi-player games to make sure they experience the party together. See if they have a party room so you have a place of refuge to have your snacks and gift time! 

It's easy to for kids to have fun without the sun. You just have to get creative and take advantage of your options. Make sure you plan ahead so you get to have your first pic on the day you are wanting!!

Cool Birthday Party Ideas to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

Stock up on cold food! Keep fresh fruit around, cold cut sandwiches and maybe even have a custom made ice cream cake, from us!

As usual, we want to be a part of your celebration! Call us and let us know how we can provide the best custom cupcakes, birthday cake and even cookies for your party!  Ontario Bakery is family owned and run and loves to support the families of Southern California in every celebration!

Monday, June 1, 2015

8 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day that Every Dad Will Love

8 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day that Every Dad Will LoveShopping for dad is not an easy task. People all over, every year, find themselves deciding between more aftershave and a tie. Ontario Bakery has celebrated so many Father's Days with different families over the years and we've learned a few things that might take some of the pressure off the decision making. 

Take it easy and create a day he won't forget. Here are 8 ways to celebrate Father's Day that Every Dad will love! 

Take dad out for dinner 
You know that favorite restaurant he always talks about? Take him! It's a no brainer. This still ranks as an all-time favorite, perhaps because it’s an easy option and many dads look forward to this tradition. (make sure to include desert!

Summer BBQ
Dad loves a good BBQ. So this year, unless dad must be in charge of the grill, you could offer to take on the grilling duties for a BBQ that he can really sit back and enjoy. (Of course, you may want to order a cake from Ontario Bakery to add the perfect finishing touch!) 

Live Music. 
Most men (dad's) love music of some sort. Take him to see one of his favorite bands or singers. Or even better, look for a concert in the park. Many areas are offering them already and it's a great place to relax and enjoy the day together.  

Give dad the day off. 
Many dads prefer to spend Father’s Day with their kids and family but some dads (especially newer dads) may enjoy taking a breather to recharge the batteries.

Custom breakfast in bed!
Make dad feel special and making him a three-course (or five-course!) breakfast. Most people tend to eat this meal on the run most workdays so a Father’s Day breakfast with all of dad’s favorite breakfast foods is sure to make an impression.

Take him out to a sports game!
Why not turn the tables around and take him out. Watching a baseball game together is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Go fishing. 
An old dependable past time like this is almost always a winner. (Unless they're a vegetarian, then you may want to consider going to a u-pick fruit farm!) A leisurely Sunday afternoon hanging out with dad at the local lake, river or beach may be just what your dad needs.

Keep it open ended!
Gift cards are still a popular gift option but you can personalize your gift by making something for your dad. It could be something as simple as framing a favorite picture of the two of you (or dad with all the kids), or something more involved if you are the crafty type. 

This year, give dad the gift that speaks to his heart! And if you're looking for custom baked cakes, personalized treats or even some freshly made cookies, Ontario Bakery is your one stop shop! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Graduating? How To Know What To Do With Your Life:

Graduating? How To Know What To Do With Your Life:You never really leave the classroom. There’s always a new lesson life has to teach you, if you’re willing to listen. So don’t spend so much time worrying about what to do. Instead, be concerned with who you are becoming and how you can become better at the things you really love. In reality, you're an apprentice at life. Your options are endless. 

Here's some inspirational graduation insight from us at Ontario Bakery to you:

Regardless of whether or not you’re continuing your education, you never truly stop learning. Since you're going to keep learning, why not travel to new places and become a student of the world? You'll meet so many new and interesting people. While you're at it, bring books outside of your comfort zone and read as many of them as you possibly can.   

Once you've spent some time 'apprenticing at life', take the lessons you've learned to the growth of your purpose. Notice I said purpose rather than job. One of the great illusions in our world today is the idea that there’s some perfect job out there, waiting for you. The truth is, there isn't a perfect job for you to find. Any job you find, is a series of tasks meant to fulfill someone else's dream. 

The work world is changing rapidly. Companies are getting smaller, not larger. Entrepreneurial endeavors are becoming the norm.  If you are able to embrace this reality, you won’t have to settle for a position that doesn’t fulfill your potential. You can create position and the perfect job for yourself based on your skills, talents and passion.

So to recap:  

  • Don’t worry so much about doing... Be more concerned about who you are becoming. Continue growing and learning.  Trust that what you’re meant to do will become clearer over time.
  • Get practice by helping build someone else's dream: This will save you years of pain and accelerate your growth in ways you can’t imagine. And it will humble you.
  • You can create the perfect job. The best way to do what you love is to build the perfect job for yourself. Start a small business, if even as a hobby, so you’re never completely on someone else to earn a living.
Spend a good amount of time learning more about who you are and what you want to do with your life will become more clear over time. Continue to be patient and reflect on who you are and the person you are becoming. These practices will offer your soul the quiet time it needs to gain clarity in a world where distraction is normal an personal reflection is rare.

Your graduation is a time to be excited and prepare for what's next. But remember that what's next is simply another step on an unpredictable journey. You have so much to be proud of and so much more to look forward to and we want to celebrate with you! 

Ontario Bakery specializes in the custom cakes and other goods that put the sweet finishing touch on your party! Call us today and place your order!