Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts the past few weeks. The holidays were a busy time for us! Thousands of cookies, countless number of rolls and breads not to mention all of our Gingerbread events. This month of January we will be getting everything ready for the new year. Within this year a lot of things are changing, by the end of next week we plan to have all new decorations on our in-store display cakes. Also at some point were planning on a slight change of the inside decorations of our Ontario location.  But this month of january we will be having a FREE cup cake give away day so make sure u stop by and pick up a free cup cake. I will be posting more about it when we have finalized the day.

With all this said everyone at Ontario Bakery would like to wish all of our loyal customers a Happy and Safe New Year...