Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Blast Into Ontario Bakery's Past!

When we bought the bakery Kathy was 21 and Chris was 23 years old. People either told us we were too young or just crazy to make such a purchase. Kathy had just graduated and had her first job with a steady paycheck. We had always lived off a small amount of money so we felt there was no risk involved.

The day we took over the store we had three employees and orders waiting to be filled for pick up. During those first years we were just happy to have money in the register at the end of each day. Today, we have a staff of sixteen.

Linda, who is one of our cake icing staff, was there with us on that first morning working as a sales girl. She has had some time off over the years but, we love having her a part of our staff.

Henry, our baker, has been with us for over 15 years. Tammy, one of our decorators has been with us for 20 of those years and Oscar our head decorator for 15 years.

When we first started there were thirteen bakeries in the area. One by one the competition of less expensive products in grocery or club stores caused many of the other bakeries to close their doors.  As we look back, we realize we survived those changes and a couple of major recessions.  We believe the secret to our success is offering tasty and beautiful cakes at an affordable price.
Our latest challenge has been the perception left by the cake decoration shows on television.  These shows have raised customers desires for elaborate decorations but have misled the public to believe that these fancy cakes fit their budget.  As with any product requiring custom art, the more time it takes to produce, the more expensive it gets.

Over the last 30 years we  estimate that we have made 700,000 birthday, anniversary, holiday, and every other kind of cake.  Add to that another 39,000 tiered cakes for weddings and other occasions.

All three of our children were born and raised during the past 30 years and all three have worked for us during this time. Our oldest son, Matt continues to work as our fondant decorator and pastry chef. Our youngest son, Johnny, works as one of our delivery personnel. Our daughter Heather was married just last fall and is now working for the
Hilton.  Some of you remember Heather as one of our sales representatives helping brides and others over the past several years.

We would like to thank all of our customers who have made this 30 year anniversary possible.  And special thanks go to all of the employees both past and present who have worked to make Ontario Bakery what it is today.

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