Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Weeks Special at Ontario Bakery: Extreme Green Brownie @ $.75/each!

Lucky Birthday Confections Await! 
We were fortunate to have our birthday fall on the luckiest month of the year!  But we won't be greedy with our treasure!  What goes better with green, than chocolatey  goodness that won't cost a pot of gold?
From March 12 - March 18, follow the rainbow to it's magical end, and you'll taste the gooey goodness of our
Extreme Green Brownie!   
normally priced at $1.79  
they're your lucky charms, at $.75 each!  

 We are happy to have many specials during the month of March with a special weekend for celebrating you, our customers who have made this possible. Without all of you there would be no cause for celebrating.  

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