Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wedding Cakes Chino Hills: Top Ten Traditional Cakes

If your style is classic and timeless, you may be looking for wedding cake pictures of traditional cakes. But which tradition? If you are pinning your favorite traditional cakes, find us Ontario Bakery, on Pinterest.
Here are our top ten traditional wedding cake decor inspirations:
1. The bridal gown cake. Eyelets, lace, pearls or embroidery. Classy!
2. The fresh flower cake. Natural beauty, personal touch.
3. The piped rose cake. Classic romance of the edible variety.
4. The swiss dot cake. Simple and stylish.
5. The monogram cake. Tradition, baked and frosted.
6. The fondant cake. Smooth, elegant, modern.
7. The ribbon-trimmed cake. Splashes of your wedding color.
8. The bride and groom topper cake. Vintage charm.
9. The china cake: Details from family china make a beautiful cake pattern.
10. The surprise chocolate cake. Snow white on the outside, dark and decadent on the inside.

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