Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We'll bake your dream cake (nightmare cakes on request)...bakery Rancho Cucamonga

Whatever the occasion, our bakery in either Rancho Cucamonga or Ontario can bake the specialty cake to complement it, sweet or spooky! We specialize in beautiful custom designs, from sophisticated white wedding cakes, to wild and crazy birthday cakes, to uniquely themed special occasion cakes.
We offer our cakes in a huge variety of delicious flavors and fillings. Check out our website to see a complete listing, or give us a call to arrange a tasting date.
We have been a family-run business serving the Inland Empire community for nearly 50 years! Many of our customers come to us from neighboring cities because of our local reputation for delicious baked goods, individualized service, and reasonable pricing.
Check out our website's cake gallery, or pin us on Pinterest!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cake pops! Bakery Rancho Cucamonga

Mmm...cake pops...
Do you love cake pops as much as we do? At Ontario Bakery near Rancho Cucamonga, we think they are just under-appreciated. While adorable for a baby shower or kid's party, cake pops make a fun favor at other parties as well. Consider them for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, garden party, anniversary party, or theme party. They are great for kids, but adults enjoy them too. If you are planning a party on the beach and you don't want to fuss with paper plates blowing around and messy cake getting sand in it, bring an arrangement of some cake pops for no-fuss cake enjoyment for all ages. 

Check out our huge list of cake flavors and our gallery of artistic cakes for more party ideas.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bachelorette cakes at our bakery near Rancho Cucamonga

We make bachelorette cakes at our bakery in Rancho Cucamonga! If you need something a little bit sassy and a little bit sweet to celebrate your girlfriend's last night as a single girl, check out our designs on our website or our Pinterest. Our cakes are all custom-designed and come in an array of fabulous flavors and fillings. We have fun flavors perfect for your party cake such as pink champagne or Italian rum. We specialize in unique cakes so if you want something special, let us know, and we'll do our best to make it for you. Girls night out is not complete, in our opinion, without a wild and scrumptious tasting cake.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wedding cake pictures: Roses and Calla Lilly Cake

Are you shopping around for wedding cakes in the Chino Hills area? We hope you will come check out our family-owned bakery, where we will give you the personalized attention you deserve. 
Please browse our website and Pinterest for wedding cake ideas. We are happy to accommodate your wishes. 
The cake you see here is covered in piped scrollwork and hand-sculpted roses and calla lilies. We made it in a tiered square design, which lends a modern sophistication. Instead of tiering the cakes square, however, we off-set them, which gives the cake a different, slightly more playful  feel than lining up the angles. If you wanted an even more whimsical feel, you might go with a topsy-turvy cake design. But this cake blends some traditional wedding cake elements with a touch of personal style that has both a fresh and timeless appeal.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Grooms cake pictures. Visit Ontario Bakery near Rancho Cucamonga at 4th and Mountain

As you've been looking at wedding cake pictures, have you remembered to look for groom's cakes as well?
The old tradition dictates that the groom's cake is a smaller cake, usually a dark cake such as a chocolate cake, or spirit-soaked cake, with a more masculine cake design. 
Today the groom's cake is making  a huge comeback. These days it is most often showing up as a surprise gift from the bride to her groom, and the new interpretation tends to be a uniquely styled cake that plays off one of the groom's interests or hobbies. 
How about this bottle of Patron cake? Check out our website or our Pinterest for more great groom's cake ideas. We love making hobby cakes, and you'll see a number of examples: guitar cake, a director's clapboard cake, a camera are only limited by your imagination with this very personal tradition.
Order your groom's surprise cake from our family-owned bakery today!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Groom's cakes:tradition made fresh

As you've been browsing wedding cake pictures, have you remembered to look at groom's cakes?Tradition has it that the groom's cake is a smaller cake, usually a dark cake such as a chocolate cake, or spirit-soaked cake, with a more masculine design. The tradition of the groom's cake is making  a huge comeback. Nowadays it is most often appearing as a surprise gift from the bride to groom, and the new interpretation tends to be a unique cake that reflects one of the groom's interests or hobbies. We also have cakes in an array of flavors and fillings. For your groom's cake, how about an Italian Rum cake with a pineapple rum filling? Or a dark chocolate cake mocha custard filling? Come in and sample some of our delicious flavors.
Don't forget to order a  groom's cake when you order from our Ontario bakery, close to Chino Hills! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

More wedding cake pictures!

Hey, what do you think of this cake? As you've been checking out wedding cake pictures, what are you drawn to? Do you like its cascade of white roses? The bold turquoise and black accents? The modern touch of the square tiers? Or the whimsical piped sweethearts with bouncing piped dots between them? 
This is just one example of a cake we made for a wedding incorporating a number of elements that reflected the bride's personal tastes and style. That's why we have a long list of amazing cake flavors, an even longer list of fillings, and the creative know-how to make cakes in most any style, shape or theme. 
Is this cake not your style? Check out what else we have to offer on our website or our Pinterest.
Our family-owned bakery is known throughout the Inland Empire for our high quality, personalized cakes at reasonable prices. 

Custom Birthday Cakes Made Just For You at Ontario Bakery

July is a busy month for Birthdays so don't wait get those cake orders in. Don't have a theme for your party? Let us help you design the perfect cake.

Celebrate Summer with Ontario Bakery

Summer is Here!
We hope that you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration with your family and friends. Both stores took advantage of the holiday and closed our doors for the day.  Were back now and can't wait to serve all your baking needs.  The summer heat is starting to kick in now and we would like you to give your oven the summer off.  Let us do the baking for you!
We have a large selection of delicious treats for any celebration.  Just because you are headed out on vacation doesn't mean you need to do without your favorite pastries, many of our pastries travel well to your favorite vacation destination!