Friday, July 13, 2012

Grooms cake pictures. Visit Ontario Bakery near Rancho Cucamonga at 4th and Mountain

As you've been looking at wedding cake pictures, have you remembered to look for groom's cakes as well?
The old tradition dictates that the groom's cake is a smaller cake, usually a dark cake such as a chocolate cake, or spirit-soaked cake, with a more masculine cake design. 
Today the groom's cake is making  a huge comeback. These days it is most often showing up as a surprise gift from the bride to her groom, and the new interpretation tends to be a uniquely styled cake that plays off one of the groom's interests or hobbies. 
How about this bottle of Patron cake? Check out our website or our Pinterest for more great groom's cake ideas. We love making hobby cakes, and you'll see a number of examples: guitar cake, a director's clapboard cake, a camera are only limited by your imagination with this very personal tradition.
Order your groom's surprise cake from our family-owned bakery today!

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