Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Groom's cakes:tradition made fresh

As you've been browsing wedding cake pictures, have you remembered to look at groom's cakes?Tradition has it that the groom's cake is a smaller cake, usually a dark cake such as a chocolate cake, or spirit-soaked cake, with a more masculine design. The tradition of the groom's cake is making  a huge comeback. Nowadays it is most often appearing as a surprise gift from the bride to groom, and the new interpretation tends to be a unique cake that reflects one of the groom's interests or hobbies. We also have cakes in an array of flavors and fillings. For your groom's cake, how about an Italian Rum cake with a pineapple rum filling? Or a dark chocolate cake mocha custard filling? Come in and sample some of our delicious flavors.
Don't forget to order a  groom's cake when you order from our Ontario bakery, close to Chino Hills! 

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