Monday, July 9, 2012

More wedding cake pictures!

Hey, what do you think of this cake? As you've been checking out wedding cake pictures, what are you drawn to? Do you like its cascade of white roses? The bold turquoise and black accents? The modern touch of the square tiers? Or the whimsical piped sweethearts with bouncing piped dots between them? 
This is just one example of a cake we made for a wedding incorporating a number of elements that reflected the bride's personal tastes and style. That's why we have a long list of amazing cake flavors, an even longer list of fillings, and the creative know-how to make cakes in most any style, shape or theme. 
Is this cake not your style? Check out what else we have to offer on our website or our Pinterest.
Our family-owned bakery is known throughout the Inland Empire for our high quality, personalized cakes at reasonable prices. 

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