Saturday, December 1, 2012

7 Don'ts- Pictures of Wedding Cakes Gone Wrong...
The website has countless examples of wedding cake pictures showing what can go wrong when planning your wedding cake-the tasteless themes, amateur executions, and hysterical misspellings are endless...

Here are a few tips from Ontario Bakery on how to avoid a mess of a cake:

1. Don't choose too many elements, or an overly complicated design. Your baker can advise you on what creative ideas will work well as a cake design, and what might end up looking too chaotic, messy, or silly.

2. Don't forget to share color swatches with your baker. If all you give them to go on is "red", the results may clash with your other elements. 

3. Don't have an amateur bake your cake. Wedding cakes are difficult structurally, difficult to transport, etc. Even if your friend bakes a great birthday cake you probably don't want to trust them with your unforgettable 4-tier masterpiece. Choose a bakery experienced with wedding cakes.

4. Don't forget when and where you will be getting married. Hot weather, humidity levels, outdoor locations, and similar considerations should be part of your design process.

5. Don't assume your baker can read your mind. Use specific, descriptive language, and pictures to illustrate what you like and don't like in wedding cakes.

6. Don't miss out on tasting your cake ahead of time! A good bakery will arrange a no-obligation tasting for you so that you can try out flavors and see what you like best.

7. Don't be limited by familial pressures or social convention! All kinds of wedding cakes can be beautiful. It is ok to choose a custom wedding cake that expresses your unique personality and style. Just choose an experienced baker who will do it tastefully.

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