Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Five Really Important 1st Birthday Party Planning Tips from Ontario Bakery

A First Birthday Is So Special - These Tips Will Make Sure the Day Is Also Delightful

Congratulations!  Your sweet little baby has grown up so much in such a short amount of time and is now embarking upon a major milestone:  the very first birthday celebration.  You spent months (maybe even years!) anticipating the arrival of this sweet little blessing, but you never could have anticipated the pure thrill of holding that precious baby in your arms for the very first time.

You had no idea how in love you would become each time he smiled at you, how her giggle would warm your heart, how proud you would feel the day he said his first word, or when she took that first step all by herself.

It's hard to imagine that all of these wonderful moments took place in one year.  This little person is now shifting from baby to toddler, and your heart's desire is to make this a celebration to be remembered in the years to come.  You want your child to look back at the pictures and know just how much they have been loved.

Where do you start in planning for this extra special occasion?  We've come up with a list of simple suggestions to help make your birthday party planning a little easier.

Keep It Simple What kind of day would make your child most happy?  After all, this is a celebration of her first year of life.  With good intentions of making the day extra special, overzealous parents sometimes forget that simple is best especially at the tender age of 1.  What can also put a damper on the day is that little ones can often be overwhelmed by situations and people that are not familiar to them, which can cause them to be more withdrawn or easily upset because they can’t understand all the hoopla going on around them! 
Create A Budget Please don’t cry!! We are only suggesting a budget so that you can determine which purchases will be most beneficial to your little one’s party.  Do you need a bounce house or will sharing his toys with the other children be sufficient?  Can you ask your cousin to help with the photographs or should you put more money into a professional photographer? Does your little guy really need the margarita machine at his party or should that be for a different kind of party?  Creating a budget helps you to focus on sticking to a particular theme, without going over the top.
Be Creative: Save Time, Money You are probably familiar with Pinterest and just how creative you can get with just about anything you can think of.  Start by pondering your child’s personality - what kind of party would best represent her?  Is there a particular theme or favorite story she likes to read? But maybe you are the kind of person who loves the creative side of parties, but you just don’t have the time to spend on all the DIY details.  Go online and do a little research on places in your area that can provide all the supplies you need in a one-stop-shop.  If you spend a certain amount, they will often give you free or discounted shipping and you can have it all delivered to your door.  
Check It Off  Write out to-do lists for all you need to accomplish, and keep it with you at all times.  Being disorganized costs you more time and money in the long run.  We’ve all been in this kind of scenario.  An hour before the party guests are expected to arrive at our house, we realize that we don’t have all the ingredients for the appetizers, and we forgot the party favors for the kids.  So what do we do?  We panic, of course!  We either start barking orders or frantically begging our closest relatives and friends to help us out, or even worse, we end up arriving late to our own party because we had to clean up the mess ourselves.  Lists are lifesavers - use them well!

Enjoy Every Moment  
Your little one lights up at the mere sight of you, because you are the center of his universe.  He doesn’t care if the food isn’t ready on time, or if Aunt Mary complains about your drink choices, or if you’re running late that day because something unexpected came up.  He has no idea that you’re even celebrating his life.  He is just happy to be in your arms, to have everyone smiling at him, singing to him, and watching him enjoy his first birthday cake chomp!  So relax - don’t take it so seriously that you miss out on the wonderment of this sweet little miracle.

At Ontario Bakery, we not only offer a variety of cakes and cupcakes that your sweet one-year-old will drool over, but we also invite you to take part in the creativity of the perfect dessert.  

Is there a particular book or television character your child loves? 

Is there a heartwarming story connected with his or her favorite stuffed animal?  

We want to create a delicious cake or cupcake that represents the uniqueness of your child’s life story in the first year.  We have many creative designs for you to choose from or you are welcome to tell us what you have in mind.  We know just how special this first birthday is, and how much planning is involved.  We invite you to contact us today so that you have one less detail to plan, and you can focus your attention on other important details.

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