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Five Top Wedding Planning Apps that Will Make Your Wedding Planning Made Easier

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Best FREE Wedding Planning Apps

We know that as a bride, you have a million and one things on your list that must be done before the big day arrives.  And not only that, your goal is to make sure every last detail is exquisite, a flawless reflection of your love story.  While we specialize in the most charming (and absolutely scrumptious) wedding cakes around, we know that this is only one of many aspects in your wedding planning adventure.  Our goal is to provide you with resources to help take some of the pressure off so that you can relax a bit and enjoy the process.   

Time is your most valuable tool, and so what better way to stay organized than to keep track of all your appointments and to-do lists than with the perfect phone app?  We did our homework and found a few that not only help keep you on task with the most important elements of your planning, but the best part is that they are all within your budget:  ABSOLUTELY FREE!  

Take a few minutes to check out these apps and let us know what you think! Or maybe you have a favorite that isn’t on this list - we’d love to know!

Wedding Party App
A creative way to collect photos from your wedding, but from your guests’ point of view!  The site also gives a creative way to let your guests know, at the wedding, how they can join in on the fun.  And then voila - you have an array of candid photos which your guests will LOVE taking that day!

Tie The Knot 

A website that you can personalize for your own pleasure, in addition to an app has three great feature tabs:  Planning, Invite, and Share.  Under the planning tab, you can pick a theme, choose wedding colors and decide on more wedding details.  The Invite tab allows you keep your bridal party, close friends, and family involved in upcoming events, such as your engagement party or a special family brunch after your wedding day celebration.  

Perfect Wedding Guide

A practical app that helps you create your own wedding events, organize your guest list and manage RSVP’s, find local deals by typing in your zip code for all your wedding needs, along with a personalized to-do list to keep you on schedule, and so much more.  A great way to keep you on track - and it’s FREE!

Our Wedding Usher - Who is going to help all of your out of town guests once they arrive in town?  This app provides a unique way to personally guide your out-of-town family and friends through all the wedding events they will be attending, in addition to giving them directions for how to navigate their way to and from each event.  This is a great resource for helping your guests feel more at ease, so they can relax and enjoy your special day!  

This well-known bridal planning website is full of thousands of ideas, pictures and DIY projects to make your wedding day personal and beautiful.  This handy app is a great way to have for wedding planning on-the-go, with options for picking wedding colors, managing your budget and spending, keeping track of all your favorite ideas, and the best part of all:  a countdown-to-the-big-day feature!  Don’t miss out on this great, on-the-go resource!

What has been your favorite online bridal planning resource?  We'd love to hear what has and hasn't worked for you in this very fun (and very busy!) time in your life.

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