Monday, April 29, 2013

Ontario Bakery Fondant Tutorial Video Goes Viral

How to Decorate a Cake Using Fondant Gets 215,000 Views and Counting

We all know that Ontario Bakery owner, Chris Fabos, is great at decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes and pretty much any other kind of cake, but now he has become cake design teacher to the entire world.  Several months ago we shot a video of Chris showing the basics of how to use fondant to make a great looking cake design.  We have a bunch of videos on the channel at    so we didn't pay a lot of attention to how the video was doing.

Then one day we were checking something else on the channel and were shocked to see that over 100,000 folks had watched that video.  Now we're over 215, 000 with 20,000 a month learning from the master.

A deeper look into the statistics, and apparently fondant is all the rage south of the border.  From there Chris's fame has spread all over the world.  YouTube only shows a short list of the top countries where he tutorial is being viewed, but check it out.  Ontario Bakery is now world renowned.  

Just in case you haven't seen the video yet, we've embedded it here on this post.  Do your friends a favor and like this video on Facebook and give us a G+ on Google.  Maybe Chris will get an invitation to the White House to do a cake for one of the girls.  '

He would probably be up for doing some Dodger Blue cakes if he home team gets back over 500.  In any case, enjoy the video.  Do try this at home.  But if you want a cake for any occasion, and it has to be spectacular, bring your design into Ontario Bakery, world renowned cake decorators. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

9 Critical Tips for Your Two Year Old's Birthday Party

 Follow These Simple Steps for A Memorable 2nd Birthday - In the Right Way

Great Cake for two year old birthday
Two year olds are as varied in personality as any other group of humans, but a few characteristics you
are more likely observe include that your child (and her friends) will probably be clingy and dependent one minute but mobile and freedom-seeking the next. While some will happily play alongside other children, the kids at this age aren't actually thinking much about the other kids, except if they are playing with something that looks more intriguing that the item they are playing with.

Tip 1.  Some may may hit, bite, snatch toys and make other children cry without actually understanding why. This is normal two-year-old behavior, but the mom whose kid go hit might not think so.  . The key to keeping the peace at a two year old party is to have good adult supervision and not too many guests.

What time of day

Tip 2.  Most children of this age still take afternoon naps, and can be really crabby by 3:00 or so if they miss their nap.   Mornings or lunch time can be a good time for the party.  Keep the party short and sweet.  An hour or two is usually plenty.

What food to serve

Food will need to look colorful and inviting in small portions.  Food is bound to be spilled, so spill-proof cups and party food boxes are an excellent idea.

Tip 3.  For the cake, choose a bold, instantly recognizable theme, possibly of your child's favorite television character or shaped like a dinosaur, a truck, or a Disney Princess.  For more ideas on cakes try birthday cake picture gallery. The cake will likely follow the them of the rest of the event.

The party bags

By the age of two, guests will appreciate a little goody bag. Cheap plastic toys, such as replica animals, purses, glittery bangles, plastic sunglasses, whirly windmills and magic painting books are all along the right lines. At two, some of your child's guests may have started potty-training, so expect some accidents. Keep cloths and kitchen towel handy.

Here are all the tips:

  1.  Have good adult supervision and not too many guests
  2.  Morning or noon for one or two hours
  3.  Theme cake with favorite character or toy
  4.  Locked up the toys that can be damaged.  Have plenty of activities so less need for toys
  5. Insist that parents stay
  6. Games short and simple.  Old favorites still work
  7. Don't create a second party for parents
  8. Provide spill-proof cups
  9. Take lots of pictures
As to number 9, there is a chance this will be the first party your sweetie will actually remember.  Pictures of his friends at that age will help.  A video of the party might even tend to be his favorite video for years to come.  

This last tip is especially true for your second child.  We all know the old adage about fewer pictures of this child anyway, plus, second children are more peer relational and will appreciate the pictures of their friends in future years. 

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Angels and Dodgers Offers Fans Special Transportation Services

Take the train for a stress-free game day

Go Angels! Go Dodgers!

Woo-hoo, it’s baseball season! That’s right, it’s time for some good old-fashioned fun at the baseball stadium. We can practically taste the hotdogs and smell the popcorn ...  and cupcakes. Don’t forget that we offer cakes and other goodies that can be specially made for Angels or Dodgers fans.

These would be perfect for a tailgating party or pre-game celebration on the Metrolink. Yup, we said Metrolink. As you may have heard, Metrolink is offering special services to Dodgers and Angels fans in outlying areas.

If you’ve never used Metrolink, you’re in for a treat. Riding the commuter train is simple, comfortable and fun when you ride with friends.

Dodger Stadium Express

The Dodger Stadium Express offers you the chance to leave your car (and driving stress) behind. Instead, you can take the Metrolink to Union Station, followed by shuttle service that takes you directly inside the Dodger Stadium behind Center Field. The shuttle is offered starting 90 minutes before game time, all the way through the third inning during all home games.

After the game, the shuttle runs until 45 minutes after the final out. The best part? Your Dodger ticket covers the fare. Get the details on the Dodger Stadium Express (and a printer-friendly game schedule) here and consult the times for local Metrolink service here. The Metrolink closest to our bakery is in Rancho Cucamonga.

Angels Express

The Angels Express special train service began just last week and continues all season for riders who live along Metrolink’s Inland Empire-Orange County line.  The train service offers rides to the all Angels weekday home games that start at 7:05 p.m. and for every Friday night game. That means you can avoid the dreaded commute on the 91 freeway and forget about paying for parking.

The train leaves you at the stadium parking lot. The fee is just $7 roundtrip and less if you’re a senior, disabled or youth between the ages of 6 to 18 (up to three kids ages five and under are free with one paying adult).  This season, Metrolink is waiting until 45 minutes after the Angels game ends on Friday nights to pick you up so that you can enjoy the post-grame fireworks.

Oh, we almost forgot one last thing. As a special thank you for using the Angels Express, the Angels are offering 50% off select Angels Baseball game tickets. Just go here for a code to get your discount.

Now, that’s something to toast with a cupcake!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The way to your mom’s heart? Baked goods!

What is your mom’s favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Perhaps she enjoys sleeping in, a scrumptious meal with loved ones prepared by someone else, or the day off from ALL mom chores. Maybe all three! Each mom is different, but we bet we know the secret ingredient to making most moms happy: plenty of pampering.

Making sure mom knows she is appreciated and loved is the goal, of course, but most moms look forward to the pampering that come with celebrating Mother’s Day. So many things fall into that category but we want to offer you some unique ways to incorporate baked goods into your celebration to make it complete. After all, most moms have a soft spot for sweet baked goods and probably wouldn’t mind indulging their sweet tooth on Mother’s Day, especially if it means she’s not the one with flour up to her elbows in the kitchen.

Breakfast in bed. OK, so this is one you’ve probably already heard but this option is especially appealing to new moms or moms with young kids. These moms are usually the least likely to be able to sleep in and usually have a gaggle of family members to attend to before even finishing (or starting!) their morning coffee. Breakfast in bed can simply be a tray or large plate artfully arranged with fresh fruit, a pastry and a drink of choice. For a festive and tender touch, go to your backyard and collect a few simple sprigs of greenery or fresh flowers to put in a small vase or glass.

Brunch. Perhaps your mom looks forward to an annual trek with family to her favorite breakfast spot, but unless you have a reservation or arrive early, the waiting line is likely to stretch out the door on Mother’s Day. If you’d like to avoid the long lines, you could think about preparing brunch at home. Even basic culinary skills can go a long way toward making this a special event for mom because mom will just be happy it is a meal that she doesn’t have to prepare herself. Eggs, potatoes, and fresh fruit are an easy way to keep the meal simple. The best way to elevate the meal beyond an ordinary breakfast is to have mom’s favorite bakery selection on hand. Don’t forget to top off the celebration with a complete clean-up of the kitchen.

Picnic. A picnic lunch consisting of sandwiches or fried chicken with macaroni salad might be just the ticket for a mom who loves the outdoors. Top off the meal with some special cupcakes that are easy to carry to the park.

Tea Party. This is definitely for those moms who love luxuriating over tea and small pastries. No, you won’t find too many men partaking in this kind of celebration but many women enjoy the ritual of tea as a way to slow down and enjoy spending time with friends and family. There are many teahouses or you can stage your own tea party at home for your mom.

Garden Reception. This idea is quite similar to the tea party but if your mom doesn’t care much for dainty cups and tiny sandwiches, you could easily plan a garden reception for her. Perhaps you’re wondering what a garden reception is all about. Think backyard BBQ but with a feminine touch. Just fire up the grill for some tasty eats but take some time to add some festive touches, like decorations and flowers. Don’t forget to get a cake!

Ladies’ Day Out. It is true. Sometimes Moms just need a day without the family to recharge the batteries. You could plan a special celebration for your mom and a few of her lady friends to enjoy a day of fun together. Kick off the day with mimosas and baked goods, then maybe follow that with an outing to a local spa for a massage or a mani-pedi. Following lunch, she and her friends may then be ready for a movie gathering back at home. You could have popcorn on hand and more baked goodies for the ladies to continue their celebration.

Planning a special Mother’s Day celebration that mom will enjoy and remember for months or years to come shouldn’t be stressful and doesn’t need to make a huge dent in your wallet. All it takes is a little imagination to organize an outing or day around your mom’s favorite Mother’s Day traditions.

A few Mother’s Day goodies for you on the Web:

For an interesting look at some interesting polls on how we celebrate Mother’s Day, including what moms really want for Mother’s Day, take a look at the infographics here.

Check out these free printables (everything from napkin rings to bottle wrappers to labels) that you can use to help you decorate for Mother’s Day celebrations.

In case you decide to go the cupcake route, you can find free printable cupcake toppers for Mother's Day here and here.

Remember, some planning early on will pay off handsomely come Mother’s Day. After all, it is the one day out the other 364 days of the year that your mom gets to be off-duty. A final word: In addition to baked goods, we think there is just one more essential ingredient to making Mother’s Day absolutely perfect for your mom. Lots of hugs and kisses from you.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Jalapeño Cheese Loaf, Delicious Alone or Paired With a Meal

Have you heard the latest? Our flavored breads appear to be a hit. One of our Facebook fans recently gushed over our breads, saying they were “great flavors and so fresh! The best I’ve ever had, and I have eaten my fair share of flavored breads.” A few days later, she returned with the news that our jalapeño cheese bread is “yum, yummy.” We’re so grateful to receive such great feedback, which inspired today’s post on jalapeño cheese bread.

We think our jalapeño cheese loaf is delicious alone, without any other food to detract from its great taste. Rich with flavor, it makes a terrific snack at any time of the day or night. But if you’re looking to make a meal out of it, the bread goes well with so many different dishes at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simple scrambled eggs for breakfast. Pair it with turkey for an upgrade over your typical turkey sandwich or just use it to accompany a basic green salad at lunch. Baked chicken at dinner. Be assured that the jalapeño cheese loaf will dress up any meal. We searched the Web for a few ideas and photos to inspire you:

Poached Egg  on a slice of jalapeño bread.

A decadent-looking “Killer Breakfast Sandwich

Jamie Oliver recommends pairing jalapeño bread with jerk chicken. See how to make his jerk chicken here.

Blogger Moozoo Cooks put forth as a contender for "the best sandwich in the world" her variation on the grilled cheese sandwich using sliced green apples and, of course,  jalapeño cheese bread.

We're not surprised that jalapeño cheese bread seems to inspire recipes with such lush titles. Just look at the picture of our jalapeño cheese loafs above and you can guess (if you haven't had a chance to try them yet) just how rich they taste.

As you can see, you can get as creative as you like when creating a meal out of them. Or, as we said before, just enjoy the bread as is. Remember, we also have other breads to choose from, including rosemary olive oil and garlic cheese. All for just $2.99 each, a bargain compared to what’s on most grocery store shelves these days, so you can’t lose. Let us know if you have any recommendations on how you like to eat any of our breads, alone or with a special meal. Just post a comment here on this post or on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Monday, April 8, 2013

100th Birthday Party Ideas - Birthday Cakes for 100th Birthday

Celebrating a 100th Birthday Is a Very Big Deal 

Ace Parker at 100 - 2nd Oldest MLB player and oldest NFL player
After much searching of the internet, I have been unable to find a statistic that shows how many folks will turn 100 in 2013.  However, from evaluating the statistics that were available, I can say without fear of contradiction that at least 6,000 US residents will become Centenarians in 2013.  Most of those will get a birthday letter from President Obama, and most of them will be surrounded by family and friends giving them a rousing celebration.

In honor of Ontario Bakery owner Chris Fabos, a rabid baseball player and fan, pictured here is the 2nd oldest Major League baseball player alive today.  Even more amazing, he is also the oldest NFL player with very successful careers in both leagues.

If you are in charge of helping to celebrate a 100th birthday party, we'd love to share a few ideas with you for making that day very, very special.

Start by considering the love language of the person being celebrated.  Are they more inclined to appreciating gifts, words of adoration, just your time, or do they thrive on physical touch.  Almost everyone is more likely to feel appreciated more through the gift of one of those as compared to the others.  If you aren't sure which applies, talk to other relatives or close friends and see if they know.  Don't hesitate to ask the birthday boy or girl.  By age 100, most folks have dropped their pretenses.
How can you weave the day around that love language?
  • Lots of things to unwrap for the one who loves gifts
  • Letters or videos of appreciation from loved ones for the one who  appreciates such
  • A party a day for a week with different groups attending each party for the one who wants time with friends and family
  • For the one whose love language is physical touch, spread the word ahead of the party, so folks will know to hold her hand, or sit in Poppy's lap.

Pull out the pictures.  Blow some up to hang around the room.  Create a 100th birthday scrapbook from others.  Or you might feel like putting together a slide show using old or new technologies.  Accumulate some of the best old videos or Super 8's.  

Call the media.  They will always show up for a 100th birthday party.  If you tell them well enough in advance and send a picture, they will commonly run a story in the print edition of the paper, and put it online, too.  The print version is a great addition to the scrapbook.

Don't assume the POTUS staff knows about this birthday.  Make the white house aware, so you will be sure to get the letter. 

Of course, as with so many occasions the cake will generally be a major centerpiece of the event.  Maybe this year you use three cakes to show the number 100.  Could the cake be shaped in some way to call attention to the crowning achievement of the persons life?  How about a picture cake showing all the living relatives?

Carefully consider the routine of your guest of honor.  Should the party be broken into two parts around a nap?  Is an hour already a long day for her?  Or can grandpa still love a party that goes well into the night?

Even with over 6000 such events per year, the celebration of a 100 year birthday is something you are likely to participate in once or twice in your lifetime.  Take the time to make it memorable for every involved.  

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Friday, April 5, 2013

20 Ways You Will Want To Celebrate Spring!

Ontario Bakery Gives Ideas for Celebrating Spring

Longer days, warmer afternoons, more blooms all around.  If you allow yourself to stop and take in all the beauty around you, there is a noticeable difference in the air.  The most amazing part of this natural, seasonal change, is the effect is has on us, on everyday people.  It invites us to do something! 

Spring Activities You’ll Love!

People celebrate spring in a number of different ways, and we want to share some of our favorites from this fabulous list by RealSimple, to challenge you to not only experience spring in fresh, new ways, but also to remember some ways you have enjoyed and experienced it in years past.
  1. Plant Something Green
  2. See the Cherry Blossoms
  3. Have a Picnic at the Park
  4. Jog Outside
  5. Take a Hike
  6. Ride a Bike
  7. Sit Outside at a Café
  8. Walk on a Deserted Beach
  9. Fly a Kite
  10. Get Dirt Under Your Fingernails
  11. Blow Bubbles
  12. Climb a Tree
  13. Draw Pictures on the Sidewalk with Chalk
  14. Pick Strawberries
  15. Listen to the Rain
  16. Watch Bumblebees at Work in a Garden
  17. Listen to the Birds Singing
  18. Leave Your Windows Open to Catch a Spring Breeze
  19. Decorate Your Home With Fresh Tulips and Daffodils
  20. Get Caught in a Spring Shower

The beauty of such a list is that you can invite the special people in your life to take part in some of these activities, or you can choose to enjoy some peaceful solitude.  If you have children or grandchildren, they will jump at the opportunity to be with you, whether it’s blowing bubbles, gardening, making sidewalk pictures with chalk.  The point is to allow yourself to just enjoy the moment.
And Just One More Spring Celebration Idea....
We invite you to visit Ontario Bakery and see what we created to welcome spring!  We have delicious pastries, cookies, danishes, coffee cakes, dessert cakes, cupcakes, pumpkin loafs, pound cakes, pies, and cakes for all of your special occasions, with amazing choices for cake flavors, icings, and fillings.  
Celebrate Spring with Ontario Bakery.  And yes, we do have delicious coffee for you to enjoy with our fabulous baked goods.

You will also want to read How To Use Fondant To Decorate Your Own Cake!