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100th Birthday Party Ideas - Birthday Cakes for 100th Birthday

Celebrating a 100th Birthday Is a Very Big Deal 

Ace Parker at 100 - 2nd Oldest MLB player and oldest NFL player
After much searching of the internet, I have been unable to find a statistic that shows how many folks will turn 100 in 2013.  However, from evaluating the statistics that were available, I can say without fear of contradiction that at least 6,000 US residents will become Centenarians in 2013.  Most of those will get a birthday letter from President Obama, and most of them will be surrounded by family and friends giving them a rousing celebration.

In honor of Ontario Bakery owner Chris Fabos, a rabid baseball player and fan, pictured here is the 2nd oldest Major League baseball player alive today.  Even more amazing, he is also the oldest NFL player with very successful careers in both leagues.

If you are in charge of helping to celebrate a 100th birthday party, we'd love to share a few ideas with you for making that day very, very special.

Start by considering the love language of the person being celebrated.  Are they more inclined to appreciating gifts, words of adoration, just your time, or do they thrive on physical touch.  Almost everyone is more likely to feel appreciated more through the gift of one of those as compared to the others.  If you aren't sure which applies, talk to other relatives or close friends and see if they know.  Don't hesitate to ask the birthday boy or girl.  By age 100, most folks have dropped their pretenses.
How can you weave the day around that love language?
  • Lots of things to unwrap for the one who loves gifts
  • Letters or videos of appreciation from loved ones for the one who  appreciates such
  • A party a day for a week with different groups attending each party for the one who wants time with friends and family
  • For the one whose love language is physical touch, spread the word ahead of the party, so folks will know to hold her hand, or sit in Poppy's lap.

Pull out the pictures.  Blow some up to hang around the room.  Create a 100th birthday scrapbook from others.  Or you might feel like putting together a slide show using old or new technologies.  Accumulate some of the best old videos or Super 8's.  

Call the media.  They will always show up for a 100th birthday party.  If you tell them well enough in advance and send a picture, they will commonly run a story in the print edition of the paper, and put it online, too.  The print version is a great addition to the scrapbook.

Don't assume the POTUS staff knows about this birthday.  Make the white house aware, so you will be sure to get the letter. 

Of course, as with so many occasions the cake will generally be a major centerpiece of the event.  Maybe this year you use three cakes to show the number 100.  Could the cake be shaped in some way to call attention to the crowning achievement of the persons life?  How about a picture cake showing all the living relatives?

Carefully consider the routine of your guest of honor.  Should the party be broken into two parts around a nap?  Is an hour already a long day for her?  Or can grandpa still love a party that goes well into the night?

Even with over 6000 such events per year, the celebration of a 100 year birthday is something you are likely to participate in once or twice in your lifetime.  Take the time to make it memorable for every involved.  

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