Friday, April 5, 2013

20 Ways You Will Want To Celebrate Spring!

Ontario Bakery Gives Ideas for Celebrating Spring

Longer days, warmer afternoons, more blooms all around.  If you allow yourself to stop and take in all the beauty around you, there is a noticeable difference in the air.  The most amazing part of this natural, seasonal change, is the effect is has on us, on everyday people.  It invites us to do something! 

Spring Activities You’ll Love!

People celebrate spring in a number of different ways, and we want to share some of our favorites from this fabulous list by RealSimple, to challenge you to not only experience spring in fresh, new ways, but also to remember some ways you have enjoyed and experienced it in years past.
  1. Plant Something Green
  2. See the Cherry Blossoms
  3. Have a Picnic at the Park
  4. Jog Outside
  5. Take a Hike
  6. Ride a Bike
  7. Sit Outside at a Café
  8. Walk on a Deserted Beach
  9. Fly a Kite
  10. Get Dirt Under Your Fingernails
  11. Blow Bubbles
  12. Climb a Tree
  13. Draw Pictures on the Sidewalk with Chalk
  14. Pick Strawberries
  15. Listen to the Rain
  16. Watch Bumblebees at Work in a Garden
  17. Listen to the Birds Singing
  18. Leave Your Windows Open to Catch a Spring Breeze
  19. Decorate Your Home With Fresh Tulips and Daffodils
  20. Get Caught in a Spring Shower

The beauty of such a list is that you can invite the special people in your life to take part in some of these activities, or you can choose to enjoy some peaceful solitude.  If you have children or grandchildren, they will jump at the opportunity to be with you, whether it’s blowing bubbles, gardening, making sidewalk pictures with chalk.  The point is to allow yourself to just enjoy the moment.
And Just One More Spring Celebration Idea....
We invite you to visit Ontario Bakery and see what we created to welcome spring!  We have delicious pastries, cookies, danishes, coffee cakes, dessert cakes, cupcakes, pumpkin loafs, pound cakes, pies, and cakes for all of your special occasions, with amazing choices for cake flavors, icings, and fillings.  
Celebrate Spring with Ontario Bakery.  And yes, we do have delicious coffee for you to enjoy with our fabulous baked goods.

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