Monday, April 29, 2013

Ontario Bakery Fondant Tutorial Video Goes Viral

How to Decorate a Cake Using Fondant Gets 215,000 Views and Counting

We all know that Ontario Bakery owner, Chris Fabos, is great at decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes and pretty much any other kind of cake, but now he has become cake design teacher to the entire world.  Several months ago we shot a video of Chris showing the basics of how to use fondant to make a great looking cake design.  We have a bunch of videos on the channel at    so we didn't pay a lot of attention to how the video was doing.

Then one day we were checking something else on the channel and were shocked to see that over 100,000 folks had watched that video.  Now we're over 215, 000 with 20,000 a month learning from the master.

A deeper look into the statistics, and apparently fondant is all the rage south of the border.  From there Chris's fame has spread all over the world.  YouTube only shows a short list of the top countries where he tutorial is being viewed, but check it out.  Ontario Bakery is now world renowned.  

Just in case you haven't seen the video yet, we've embedded it here on this post.  Do your friends a favor and like this video on Facebook and give us a G+ on Google.  Maybe Chris will get an invitation to the White House to do a cake for one of the girls.  '

He would probably be up for doing some Dodger Blue cakes if he home team gets back over 500.  In any case, enjoy the video.  Do try this at home.  But if you want a cake for any occasion, and it has to be spectacular, bring your design into Ontario Bakery, world renowned cake decorators. 

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