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The way to your mom’s heart? Baked goods!

What is your mom’s favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Perhaps she enjoys sleeping in, a scrumptious meal with loved ones prepared by someone else, or the day off from ALL mom chores. Maybe all three! Each mom is different, but we bet we know the secret ingredient to making most moms happy: plenty of pampering.

Making sure mom knows she is appreciated and loved is the goal, of course, but most moms look forward to the pampering that come with celebrating Mother’s Day. So many things fall into that category but we want to offer you some unique ways to incorporate baked goods into your celebration to make it complete. After all, most moms have a soft spot for sweet baked goods and probably wouldn’t mind indulging their sweet tooth on Mother’s Day, especially if it means she’s not the one with flour up to her elbows in the kitchen.

Breakfast in bed. OK, so this is one you’ve probably already heard but this option is especially appealing to new moms or moms with young kids. These moms are usually the least likely to be able to sleep in and usually have a gaggle of family members to attend to before even finishing (or starting!) their morning coffee. Breakfast in bed can simply be a tray or large plate artfully arranged with fresh fruit, a pastry and a drink of choice. For a festive and tender touch, go to your backyard and collect a few simple sprigs of greenery or fresh flowers to put in a small vase or glass.

Brunch. Perhaps your mom looks forward to an annual trek with family to her favorite breakfast spot, but unless you have a reservation or arrive early, the waiting line is likely to stretch out the door on Mother’s Day. If you’d like to avoid the long lines, you could think about preparing brunch at home. Even basic culinary skills can go a long way toward making this a special event for mom because mom will just be happy it is a meal that she doesn’t have to prepare herself. Eggs, potatoes, and fresh fruit are an easy way to keep the meal simple. The best way to elevate the meal beyond an ordinary breakfast is to have mom’s favorite bakery selection on hand. Don’t forget to top off the celebration with a complete clean-up of the kitchen.

Picnic. A picnic lunch consisting of sandwiches or fried chicken with macaroni salad might be just the ticket for a mom who loves the outdoors. Top off the meal with some special cupcakes that are easy to carry to the park.

Tea Party. This is definitely for those moms who love luxuriating over tea and small pastries. No, you won’t find too many men partaking in this kind of celebration but many women enjoy the ritual of tea as a way to slow down and enjoy spending time with friends and family. There are many teahouses or you can stage your own tea party at home for your mom.

Garden Reception. This idea is quite similar to the tea party but if your mom doesn’t care much for dainty cups and tiny sandwiches, you could easily plan a garden reception for her. Perhaps you’re wondering what a garden reception is all about. Think backyard BBQ but with a feminine touch. Just fire up the grill for some tasty eats but take some time to add some festive touches, like decorations and flowers. Don’t forget to get a cake!

Ladies’ Day Out. It is true. Sometimes Moms just need a day without the family to recharge the batteries. You could plan a special celebration for your mom and a few of her lady friends to enjoy a day of fun together. Kick off the day with mimosas and baked goods, then maybe follow that with an outing to a local spa for a massage or a mani-pedi. Following lunch, she and her friends may then be ready for a movie gathering back at home. You could have popcorn on hand and more baked goodies for the ladies to continue their celebration.

Planning a special Mother’s Day celebration that mom will enjoy and remember for months or years to come shouldn’t be stressful and doesn’t need to make a huge dent in your wallet. All it takes is a little imagination to organize an outing or day around your mom’s favorite Mother’s Day traditions.

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Remember, some planning early on will pay off handsomely come Mother’s Day. After all, it is the one day out the other 364 days of the year that your mom gets to be off-duty. A final word: In addition to baked goods, we think there is just one more essential ingredient to making Mother’s Day absolutely perfect for your mom. Lots of hugs and kisses from you.

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