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9 Critical Tips for Your Two Year Old's Birthday Party

 Follow These Simple Steps for A Memorable 2nd Birthday - In the Right Way

Great Cake for two year old birthday
Two year olds are as varied in personality as any other group of humans, but a few characteristics you
are more likely observe include that your child (and her friends) will probably be clingy and dependent one minute but mobile and freedom-seeking the next. While some will happily play alongside other children, the kids at this age aren't actually thinking much about the other kids, except if they are playing with something that looks more intriguing that the item they are playing with.

Tip 1.  Some may may hit, bite, snatch toys and make other children cry without actually understanding why. This is normal two-year-old behavior, but the mom whose kid go hit might not think so.  . The key to keeping the peace at a two year old party is to have good adult supervision and not too many guests.

What time of day

Tip 2.  Most children of this age still take afternoon naps, and can be really crabby by 3:00 or so if they miss their nap.   Mornings or lunch time can be a good time for the party.  Keep the party short and sweet.  An hour or two is usually plenty.

What food to serve

Food will need to look colorful and inviting in small portions.  Food is bound to be spilled, so spill-proof cups and party food boxes are an excellent idea.

Tip 3.  For the cake, choose a bold, instantly recognizable theme, possibly of your child's favorite television character or shaped like a dinosaur, a truck, or a Disney Princess.  For more ideas on cakes try birthday cake picture gallery. The cake will likely follow the them of the rest of the event.

The party bags

By the age of two, guests will appreciate a little goody bag. Cheap plastic toys, such as replica animals, purses, glittery bangles, plastic sunglasses, whirly windmills and magic painting books are all along the right lines. At two, some of your child's guests may have started potty-training, so expect some accidents. Keep cloths and kitchen towel handy.

Here are all the tips:

  1.  Have good adult supervision and not too many guests
  2.  Morning or noon for one or two hours
  3.  Theme cake with favorite character or toy
  4.  Locked up the toys that can be damaged.  Have plenty of activities so less need for toys
  5. Insist that parents stay
  6. Games short and simple.  Old favorites still work
  7. Don't create a second party for parents
  8. Provide spill-proof cups
  9. Take lots of pictures
As to number 9, there is a chance this will be the first party your sweetie will actually remember.  Pictures of his friends at that age will help.  A video of the party might even tend to be his favorite video for years to come.  

This last tip is especially true for your second child.  We all know the old adage about fewer pictures of this child anyway, plus, second children are more peer relational and will appreciate the pictures of their friends in future years. 

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