Monday, May 13, 2013

An Easy Plan For Pool Parties

Pool Parties Are the Perfect Way to Cool Off

The soaring temperatures over the weekend have us thinking it’s not too early to start planning the first pool party of the season.

Forget that it’s not officially summer yet. Try telling that to the temperature gods, who bestowed us with triple-digit coziness this past weekend. We couldn’t help but fantasize about having an outdoor pool party with all the fixings (yes, we mean cake!).

A pool party is a great way to cool off while you lavish your family and friends with fabulous outdoor party food and other goodies.

Here are some ideas for fun theme parties to have by the pool:

Hawaiian Luau. There is something about wearing a lei that instantly makes one want to relax. Make sure you give one to each guest upon arrival, along with a mai tai. The leis can be found at party supply or dollar stores. You could have Hawaiian theme movies such as Elvis Presley’s “Blue Hawaii,” playing on an outdoor screen. Or you could just play Hawaiian music on a boombox for a more low key event.

End-of-School-Year Party. With the end of the school year approaching, most parents and kids are ready to relax. A pool party on the last day of school, typically an early release day, would be the perfect start to summer. The best part is that people don’t typically need much from this kind of party so just blow up some inflatable balls for the kids to play with, then head over to the inflatable lounge for some much-needed rest.

Balloon Party. We are thinking this one would be an easy one to decorate. Just blow up a ton of balloons and place them all around the pool party. Of course, you should take the opportunity for a good balloon fight. It’s fun to pelt others with water balloons and it’s fun to get hit with them. Another likely hit would be the pool version of balloon volleyball.

The main thing to remember about pool parties is that you don't usually need much to throw one.

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