Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun tools to help you design your wedding cake

Create a virtual cake online 

Gone are the days of relying solely on your favorite bakery to design a wedding cake for you. Now, you also have the option of designing your own cake if you prefer.

At Ontario Bakery, we’re happy and proud to show you photos of wedding cakes we have done in the past. These could either give you ideas for your own customized cake or we could replicate the same cake for your own wedding.

We also recognize that many bridal couples want their cake to be unique so we welcome any ideas you may have. Designing a wedding cake can be a fun collaborative process, using our own photos or any wedding magazine clippings you may have.  We’ve also discovered some fun sites that you can use as a starting point: designing your own virtual cake online.

Create an online cake

Create-a-Cake from Brides magazine is a fun tool allows you to create an online cake with several options for color, decoration, accent and topper. You can choose from 22 different colors to start with. Then, you can choose from six different decorative styles to cover all or parts of your cake. As an accent, you can choose from six different types, such as wildflowers, seashells, leaves and berries. And finally, you get to choose a topper from choices, such as a royal crown, a birdcage or three different types of monograms. The resulting style can be a classic cake with a touch of whimsy or simply an elegant cake. The variations are limited, but this may be a good starting point if you want to design your own cake.

If you think you might want to adorn your cake with flowers, Designed By the Bride has a tool with  gives you more flexibility in choosing where to place flowers. The site gives you more than 60 different flower options and the tool allows you to place them anywhere you want on the cake.

The Cake Maker tool on offers you the opportunity to create a whimsical cake, a more traditional cake, or even a groom’s cake. You get to choose from two different sizes and many other decorative options.

You can bring any of your favorite online creations to our bakery and we’ll be happy to discuss your wedding cake with you, including giving you a cost estimate. We can make recommendations as to what kind of cake design might better withstand the three or four hours that a cake is usually sitting out at a reception.

We look forward to working with you on creating the cake of your dreams.


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