Monday, May 6, 2013

Popular Graduation Party Themes

Let the Spirit of Fun Guide You for the Graduation Day Party

Graduation often follows a period of intense studying and preparing for a new phase in life. It seems only fitting that a party to let loose should be in order.

The celebration can be a simple get-together with friends amid light refreshments and cake (of course!), or a more elaborate celebration that follows a certain theme. With so many party idea resources available to us these days, many are having fun choosing a theme and incorporating it throughout the decor, food, games and other entertainment.

Some ideas

We thought we'd get you started with a few ideas:

Spirit: This one is bound to immediately get everyone into a festive mood by celebrating the school colors and mascot. A party centered on school colors is one of the easiest to throw because all you have to do is incorporate the colors throughout your party decor and use fun variations of the school mascot in the decor, treats and food. This kind of party is well suited for an open house type party, where guests can come and go at a time that's suitable for them. Cupcakes would go well at this kind of party. Remember that, at Ontario Bakery, we can personalize cupcakes to match your school colors or party theme.

Subject/Major: This is one where you can let your creativity take charge. Or cheat a little and take a peek at Pinterest or party planning blogs, where you'll find tons of ideas. For a high school graduate, you could choose their best subjects in school or their expected major in college. For the college graduate, you may want to focus on their new career. We found a terrific Medical School party theme here that has many fun ideas for incorporating the theme throughout the party, including take treats masked as "germ juice" and

Personal. You can choose to make this the most personal kind of party by celebrating the new graduate's life. The decor could include photos of the graduate throughout the years, a photo cake, and a photo frame that guests could sign with their well wishes. A photo booth with various picture props for people to choose from would be a great addition.

Sports or Hobby. Perhaps the graduate was a budding violinist or football player. Whatever their hobby, use it as a focus for your party. A football player's could include footballs and pom poms as a decorating feature and the school colors could be incorporated as well.

Location.  Let others take some of the stress of preparing for a party and hold the party at a fun venue like a bowling alley or rock climbing center. Choose one of the graduate's favorite activities and you can't go wrong with this one.

Order your cake at Ontario Bakery early so that we can take care of one of the most important aspects of your party. A well-planned party can help ensure that those tears of joy you shed during the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” turn into peals of joy once everyone goes to the graduation party.

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