Monday, May 20, 2013

Terrific party-planning websites and apps

Tech tools to help you plan memorable parties 

Some people are naturally gifted at putting together flawlessly executed parties, complete with everything from awe-inspiring invitations to great music that makes guests want to stay for hours. The rest of us can get by with a little help from party-planning websites and apps that make it easier to throw parties guests will remember long afterward.

Here are five of our favorite best party-planning apps: is a comprehensive party planning website  that will help you with every aspect of party planning. Are you still wondering what to do for Memorial Day? With the help of this website, it’s definitely not too late to gather some friends and family for a memorable celebration. The website has a wide variety of articles and tools, including party games, cookout recipes, picnic menu, and even a patriotic playlist so you won’t have to be scratching your head the night before the party as you fiddle around with your iPod. Standard fare includes online invitations and party decor ideas. Endorsed by Real Simple, Family Fun and Parents magazines, it gets our vote as a terrific party planning site that will help you brainstorm ideas and execute them with ease.

iParty for iPhone and iPad users will help you stay organized when hosting all kinds of parties by keeping track of supplies, invitations, guest lists and food lists. It helps you keep track of your budget, can pull contacts from your iPhone or iPad list of contact, create food and drink list, and much more. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to plan for several parties so that you can input information as you come across it. Perhaps you see something in July that would be useful for your Christmas party. You can jot it down in this app.

Party Planner This party planner, available for Android users on Google play, comes with pre-populated lists to help you brainstorm all that you might need for a party. You can e-mail or share your list with a co-planner. This app makes it super easy to quickly create a customized list.

myParty This party planning website is integrated with Facebook and Twitter to make it easier for you to send out invites and keep track of RSVPs, especially useful if you are managing several parties. This app allows you to add a photo album with comments, add menus, keep track of to-do tasks, and other common party planning tasks. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPods.

Pro party planner This app for iPad and iPhone users makes it super easy to invite friends from Facebook to your event. This app mainly helps you with the logistics of planning a party, including creating customizable to-do and shopping lists, sending out invitations, and keeping track of RSVPs and thank-yous. The Party Planner app for Android users offers similar tools, except that it does not have an option to send out invites.

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