Friday, May 10, 2013

The secret to coed baby showers

A baby shower for the expecting couple's a secret about many daddies-to-be: They are a little jealous that they are left out of all the parties celebrating the arrival of their baby.

Oh, sure few guys will fess up to wanting to attend a baby shower, particularly one that is festooned with pink decorations or other "girly" colors. None of them really want to attend that kind of baby shower. But what if the baby shower was instead a jungle theme party with no pink in sight? Maybe the daddy-to-be might have a change of heart about wanting to go.

The secret to planning a coed baby shower is to make sure the party makes both the mom- and dad-to-be feel welcome. You will want to steer away from traditional baby shower fare in everything from invitations to decor to party activities.

In general, a coed baby shower can be more like a traditional party to celebrate the arrival of the new baby. Think of it as having more freedom to go beyond baby shower traditions. You could make the party a picnic, a barbecue or a regular house party that includes family and friends of both genders.

Some ideas for making sure the expectant dad feels included:

  • Make sure you invite plenty of other men or couples
  • Opt for a gender-neutral theme or one that isn't overly feminine
  • Have the expectant dad register for gifts on the registry
  • Schedule the party at a time that doesn't conflict with a major sports event
  • Choose games that will be fun for both men and women
  • Have the expectant couple take turns opening gifts

Most expectant couples whose friends or family host a coed baby shower for them say the experience made them feel closer and more excited about the arrival of their baby. They also said they enjoyed sharing a special day with family.

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