Wednesday, June 5, 2013

10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special on Father's Day

Let Ontario Bakery Create a Cake for Dad

If you are still debating whether a tie or a mug will fit the bill this Father’s Day, think about it no more. Unless the dad in your life has specifically asked for a tie or a mug, he would probably prefer something else.

Perhaps tickets to Indy 500. A round of golf at a luxurious golf club. Or tickets to an Angels baseball game.

Whatever you choose, make sure you choose something that shows your dad how much you care about him. You probably already know it doesn’t matter how much you spend on him, but your thoughtfulness will go a long way towards making dad feel special on Father’s Day.

Here are 10 ideas for celebrating Father’s Day, many of them free or low-cost:

  1. Whip up a breakfast with all the works. What better way to make dad feel special than by making him a three-course (or five-course!) breakfast. Most people tend to eat this meal on the run most workdays so a Father’s Day breakfast with all of dad’s favorite breakfast foods is sure to make an impression.
  2. Take him out to the ballgame. Why not turn the tables around and take him out. Watching a baseball game together is a great way to spend an afternoon.
  3. Go fishing with dad. A leisurely Sunday afternoon hanging out with dad at the local lake, river or beach may be just what your dad needs.
  4. Gift cards are still a popular gift option but you can personalize your gift by making something for your dad. It could be something as simple as framing a favorite picture of the two of you (or dad with all the kids), or something more involved if you are the crafty type. A good place to go for ideas is Pinterest, which can lead you to DIY instructions.
  5. Take dad out for dinner at his favorite restaurant. This still ranks as an all-time favorite, perhaps because it’s an easy option and many dads look forward to this tradition.
  6. Host a BBQ party for dad. Unless dad enjoys being the grill master, you could take on grilling duties for a BBQ that he can really enjoy. Make sure you order a cake from Ontario Bakery to add the perfect touch. Whether it’s a family celebration or a bigger party with friends and others, Ontario Bakery can create a cake customized especially for your dad. 
  7. Take dad to concert of his favorite band or singer. 
  8. Offer to take on one of his most dreaded “dad” chores for a day, such as weeding or cleaning out the garage. He just may love your offer to lighten the load.  
  9. Treat dad to a day of culture. If your dad is the artsy type, you could take your dad out for a day of museum-hopping or to a cultural event. Check the listings in your local or regional paper for event listings.
  10. Give dad the day off. Many dads prefer to spend Father’s Day with their kids and family but some dads (especially newer dads) may enjoy taking a breather to recharge the batteries.

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