Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

Let The Kids Get a Little Dirty

Gooey, messy fun is the best kind of fun to have with kids in the summer. One of our latest masterpieces to come out of Ontario Bakery has inspired us to come up with a list of great outdoor activities for kids this summer.

Go pick blueberries at a blueberry farm in Temecula or at a strawberry farm in Irvine. You and your kids will gain newfound appreciation for the produce section. Imagine how much fun you can have baking with the fruits of your own labor or simply eating them after a good washing.

Buy some water balloons and load up on water squirters, then invite a few small friends over for an impromptu water balloon fight. Yes, it will take longer to fill up all those tiny balloons with water than it will to throw them around but you can always prolong the fun by playing a few versions of “pass the hot potato” before you lob your first balloon at someone else.

For the younger set (approximately ages 3-6), gather up a few small plastic cups or bowls for outdoor mud “baking.” This age is perfect for pretend play and kiddos this age will enjoy concocting mud creations, with twigs, small flowers and leaves as decorations. Then, you can go back inside and enjoy a cupcake from Ontario Bakery.

Finger painting is never as much fun as when it’s done outdoors. With fears of kids getting paint on the sofa non-existent, you and your kids will feel free to create Picasso-like art to your heart’s content. You can just give kids several sheets of white paper and let them create whatever they feel like. Or you can tape large pieces of butcher block paper on the fence and then let kids splatter paint on it a la Jackson Pollock style. Who knows? Maybe one of the kids will discover their inner Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Join an outdoor summer camp for kids to explore nature. You can ask at your local parks and rec, or check out the offerings at the Mary Vagle Museum and Nature Center.

Host a backyard movie night for just your family or your kids’ friends. You can use a white sheet as a screen or find an old-fashioned stand-up screen in the classifieds or at a thrift store. Make sure to pop some popcorn and have kids bring their sleeping bags for a comfy place to sit.

Organize a nature scavenger hunt at your local park or head to a beach. You could do a color-coded nature search by having kids search for items that are certain colors.

One of the best parts of summer undoubtedly is being able to spend so much time outdoors. With these ideas, your summer is bound to be fun and memorable.

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