Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Make Your Luau An Event To Remember

A Luau Party is Perfect for Summer

Looking for an easy summer party to throw?

Yes, you say, but you want it to be memorable. You want your guests to anticipate your summer party with excitement.

Try a luau.

When it’s summer, easy entertaining is the name of the game, but that’s no reason why every summer gathering has to be a hum-drum, spur-of-the-moment barbecue. Those are always welcome, of course, but a luau can elevate your BBQ into a party that your guests will remember long after the warm season turns chilly.

First, the Menu

With a few easy decorations, a simple menu (yes, it can be done!) and a great plan, you can throw one of your best summer parties ever with the luau as your theme.

First, we recommend you decide on a menu to guide you as you shop for partyware. You may know that the centerpiece at a traditional luau is a roasted pig, but you obviously don’t need to go to such extremes for your party.

We suggest you take an easier route and opt for a luau-style buffet, perhaps with roasted pork or other ham-based dish. A super-easy side dish to prepare is skewers with cubes of ham and fruit glazed with marmalade. Or slices of fresh pineapple also infuses your celebration with Hawaiian style flavor. Consider offering a dish incorporating macadamia nuts, even if it’s macadamia nut cookies. And don't forget your vegetarian friends when planning the menu.

Colorful Decor

As for drinks, you can have fun with the many different choices for Hawaiian-style luau drinks. You can do a search on the Internet for something that appeals to you. For a dose of fun, you could dress up each drink with tiny paper parasols.

Think about how you may want to dress up your buffet. Remember that a luau is usually a colorful affair.

Easy Shopping

The same goes for other decorations. You may find that a stop at one or two of your local dollar stores is likely to produce a bounty of decorating options, especially if you are shopping in the summertime when many stores feature luau party supplies. Simple is best when it comes to decorations so no need to load up on too many items. A few choice items, such as leis for every guest, will go a long way toward infusing your party with a festive touch.

You could also go the DIY route and make a couple of things, such as hibiscus tissue flowers to continue your theme.

Whatever choices you make for your luau, remember that the best part about an authentic Hawaiian luau is experiencing the warm hospitality and easygoing attitude of the people who live there. Just make sure you infuse these qualities into your party and your guests will be sure to enjoy themselves just as if they were at a real luau.

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