Monday, June 10, 2013

Online Magazine Publishes First Wedding Issue

Each Issue of Rue Gets 10 million Hits

When you’re planning a wedding, it seems that you can never have enough magazines and blogs to inspire you.

Online interior design magazine Rue is banking on this. The online publication, which gets an estimated 10 million hits per issue, launched their first edition devoted mainly to weddings and entertaining just last week.

Why now?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that wedding season is upon us.

Or it could have to do with the upcoming nuptials of Rue founder/editor-in-chief Crystal Gentilello, who notes in her editor’s note that her wedding is less than two weeks away. She shares some tips she’s learned along the way in the form of a feature on her bridal shower and her suggestions for wedding day essentials.

Wedding Features

Other editors offer their picks for newlywed essentials, honeymoon essentials, and even relaxation requirements. The issue also features ideas and interviews with event stylists and other entertainment professionals, including event designer Preston Bailey and a stylist who works out of a mobile office she created in an Airstream trailer.

To be sure, the edition is well-timed since so many weddings usually take place in the spring months. Whether design fanatics are ready for Rue to expand in areas beyond interiors on a regular basis remains to be seen, but other successful online-only publications have found success catering to niche audiences with well-designed publications offering beautiful photography and quirky features with tons of personality.

Registry Suggestions

The wedding/entertainment issue of Rue does contain some of the usual interior design pages, including a few house tours. But there are plenty of wedding offerings in the issue, such as a 16-page spread on a tropical theme wedding and five different spreads of registry suggestions, for couples who identify as “European Sophisticate,” “Industrial Modern,” “Whimsical,” or “Preppy.”

Stumped as to what category you may be? Head on over for descriptions of each.

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