Monday, June 24, 2013

Planning the Fourth Birthday Party

Involve Your Child in Planning Fourth Birthday Celebrations

By the time most kids celebrate their fourth birthday, they usually know just what they like. Kids this age tend to have a well-developed sense of self that translates into very specific likes and dislikes.

This means that planning a birthday celebration for your soon-to-be four-year-old should involve your little gal or guy. We’re not suggesting you let him or her direct the show, but you should ask your child what he or she would like on the big day.

You could ask about everything from who they think you should invite to what kind of cake they would like. Of course, you should still be the one making any final decisions, but having your child’s input will help guide you during the planning process.

A fourth birthday party isn’t much different from a party for a three-year-old, but there are some minor differences. Here are some ideas for the main components of your party.

Theme: A good party usually has a theme unifying all the different elements of the party. For a theme, your child may want to choose a favorite TV show character, movie, book or toy. This can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the party but don’t let it stress you out. Use Pinterest to gather ideas and gain inspiration.

Games and activities: Kids this age are well on their way toward mastering fine motor skills like writing and they are beginning to learn to read so the games can require a little more skill. Kids this age usually enjoy crafting so you can include a simple activity where they produce something that they can take home as a memento

Food: Kids this age are very physically active so you need to keep the food as easy and manageable as possible. Small sandwiches and healthy finger food like grapes or apple slices are great options for little kids on the go.

Entertainment: Many parents feel compelled to hire an entertainer but kids this age have just as much fun at their party with or without an entertainer. Frankly, this age set is more preoccupied with their friends, birthday cake and presents than anything else.

We at Ontario Bakery are happy to make suggestions for a birthday cake or to look at any photo clippings of cakes to help you choose something. You could consider having your child help you choose a cake because it can be a great way to build momentum for their Big Day.

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