Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrating Everyday Milestones

Job Promotions, Athletic Achievements and Other Accomplishments

At Ontario Bakery, we are often asked to create cakes for weddings and birthdays. You know, the big celebrations.

Less requested are cakes for the less recognized milestones like new jobs, good grades, athletic achievement or other professional accomplishments. But we feel these everyday occasions are just as important and just as much of a reason to celebrate.

Celebrating the Smaller Milestones 

Here are some ways to mark these occasions:

Have a big party! We’re the cake people so, of course, this tops our list but what better way to honor someone’s achievement than by having a party with friends, family and others who helped the honoree. If you’re searching for cake ideas, you may want to look at graduation cakes for some fun suggestions.

Go out to a restaurant with close family and friends to celebrate. This is perhaps the simplest way to celebrate, with the hardest job being to notify people about the gathering. It might also be an opportunity for the honoree to show his gratitude to all those who helped him succeed by buying everyone a drink.

Indulge. By this, we mean that people celebrating an accomplishment should do something special to pamper themselves. Depending on their preferences, they could go to an amusement park, go on a mini-shopping spree, spend a day golfing, or maybe just get a massage.

Shout it out! Share your news with the world. In this day and age, sharing your good news is as easy as taking out your phone and posting your news for the world to hear via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Take advantage of whichever medium is best for the people with whom you want to share your news.

Write it down. You may want to memorialize your success in a journal, scrapbook
or album so you can always go back, whether it’s to re-live your moment of success or to motivate you at a time when you’re not feeling so confident about yourself.

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