Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Planning a Party for Your Five-Year-Old

A Milestone Birthday Deserves a Special Party

Let’s face it. The fifth birthday party is the first milestone birthday party that your child is likely to remember.

He or she was too young to remember that long-ago first birthday party but is definitely old enough to want to do something special for the fifth birthday party. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to break the piggy bank hiring entertainers, elaborate decorations or fancy food.

Increase the "Wow" Factor

It simply means that you may want to increase the “wow” factor by a notch or so.

If you usually make your own birthday cake, then perhaps you could spring for a bakery cake. At Ontario Bakery, we have tons of ideas for fifth birthday party cakes that your little gal or guy is bound to remember for a long time.

A five-year-old is usually preparing for or is already in kindergarten so this could be the first birthday party where he or she could invite school friends to the party.

Choosing a Theme

As with other parties, it’s a good idea to have a theme that ties all the different elements - cake, decor, games, etc. - for a cohesive feel to your event. As with other young kids, your child may want to choose a favorite TV show character, movie, book or toy.

One caveat: This is the age that many kids begin drifting away from characters and shows they watched when they were younger, such as Thomas the Train, Caillou, Dora the Explorere, Sesame Street. They may still enjoying watching the occasional show but they’re no longer such fanatics about these shows as they interact more with other school kids.

Use Theme As Inspiration

You can use the theme as an inspiration point for games and activities to have at the party. Kids this age have mostly mastered fine motor skills like writing and they are beginning to learn to read so the games can require a little more skill.

Although five-year-old are usually able to eat on their own, it’s a good idea to keep food simple because kids this age get distracted easily. Small sandwiches and healthy finger food like apple slices are perfect for this age set.

Earlier we said you don’t have to spend on an entertainer, but this is the perfect year to splurge if you feel so inclined. Possible entertainers include actors who dress up as your child’s actor,  a face painter, magician, or reptile demonstrator. You can be as creative as you wish on this front for a memorable party.

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