Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Secrets to Making a 10 Year Old Boy's Birthday a Blast

The Mind of a 4th Grader Is Wonderful to Behold

Who knew?  Wasn't it just yesterday that your son thought you knew everything, and that everything you said and did was perfect.  Then something happens, and "Poof," he now has a mind of his own.

You can either fight that biological fact or embrace it.  One way to embrace it is to involve him in choices, including the theme of his 10th birthday party.  He can easily surprise you with suggestions that you might feel are to young for him and somewhat childish, or go the other way with themes that are too mature.

Affirm his thinking and help him to shape his idea into something age-appropriate.  The guest list should also involve his input.  Will this be a big party that involves almost everyone in his class, or a smaller more intimate gathering of his closest 10 friends. 
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For most boys of this age, that will be the end of his involvement, as he won't care much about the decorating or the planning.  Those things take time away from his very busy schedule of sports, hanging out, or playing video games.

Depending on budget and the size of the invitation list, this age will be thrilled with bowling parties, go-carts racing, laser tag, and other destination parties.  On the other hand, an inexpensive party in the back yard or the park can be a huge hit with some planning.

A couple of sites you might like to visit for more ideas would be:

It goes without saying that a cake, cupcakes, or cake pops are a really big deal to a gaggle of 10 year old boys.  Ontario Bakery can help you carry your theme onto the cake in a creative and fun way.  You have probably already heard, if you live in the area, that we have an amazing selection of great tasting cakes of all types.

Help us and our readers out with more ideas for 10 year old boys in the comments. 

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