Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Host A Baby Shower To Remember


Celebrate Love, Friendship And A New Life

Cake Created by Ontario Bakery
Hosting a baby shower is a way to show excitement for a new life as well as honor the mother to be. A shower gives the mother to be a chance to be in the spotlight.  We all know that once baby is born, mom with take a backseat to the new little bundle of joy.  Don't forget mother-to-be needs a special place to sit.   Decorate it with flowers, bows or balloons.

Cake Created by Ontario Bakery
Start with a beautiful cake as special as this event deserves.  Ontario Bakery of California can make a cake to fit your theme or shower style. With 10 cake flavors, four icing flavors and 32 filling flavors, you are sure to get the perfect combination to delight your taste buds. Add a few other sweet treats to your table, like cookies, cake pops and pastries from Ontario Bakery. You can reach Ontario Bakery of California at (909) 984-4919 or http://www.ontario-bakery.com/. 

Gifts for the baby are much needed and an important part of throwing a shower. Don't forget to include a few gifts that are just for mom, as she will need a few special treats for herself, after months of getting up two times a night to tend to baby.  A gift of a spa day, or a coupon for babysitting and a night out with daddy would be appreciated.

baby shower party favor
Photo Credit Cutest Baby Showers
Give small thank you gifts to the guests that they can really use. Like homemade sugar scrub with a personalized tag that says "From our shower to yours". Click here for more unique gift ideas. http://www.cutest-baby-shower-ideas.com/baby-shower-party-favor.html

Party games are a must! Floating Duckies Game ~ This is a fun baby shower game idea that people on the shy or reserved side tend to enjoy because it doesn't involve the guests having to do anything. Have a tub full of little rubber duckies floating in water (one per person attending the shower.) Number the bottom of each little ducky. When guests arrive have them draw from a bowl full of numbers that you have prepared. Throughout the shower (every 15-25 minutes or so) pull out a ducky and call out the number. The person with the matching number gets a prize. - See more at: http://www.cutest-baby-shower-ideas.com/baby-shower-game-ideas.html#sthash.cAceAfdL.dpuf

According to Wikipedia "There is no set rule for when or where showers are to be held. The number of guests and style of entertainment are determined by the host. Most hosts invite only women to baby showers, although there is no firm rule requiring this. If the shower is held after the baby's birth, then the baby is usually brought, too. Showers typically include food but not a full meal."

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