Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Pure and Simple Bachelorette Party Ideas!

It's your party. We just make it sweeter for you. 
I understand that wedding season is still a little bit away but as it will suddenly appear when we are least expecting it, I thought it would be a suitable thing to discuss my personal favorite alternatives to the traditional booze and scandal ridden bachelorette party. Now, you are welcome to choose the booze and scandal, but I'd like to offer a few pure and simple bachelorette party ideas for the more reserved folk.

Grab a latte and morning muffin and peruse the following elegant suggestions:

  • Get Centered.   Ever thought of taking your lady crew out for a personalized yoga class?  I promise, the fees involved there are much more valuable and memorable than the alternative possibility of an acquired bar tab. Yikes!  Release the stress of wedding planning with yogic relaxation.   The benefits are numerous and proven to be a dependable way to calm your nerves before the wedding.  Don't worry if your group is at different levels.  It's not about getting your work out, it's about taking the time to ground and breathe before the chaos begins. 

  • Pamper Me Silly.  No, seriously.  If you opt for this option, let me know - I'm absolutely ready for a night out at the foot spa.  This could be your one stop hub or the appropriate 'after yoga' indulgence hour. I have yet to come across a woman (or man) who doesn't like a little mani-pedi.  Skip the polish if that's not your thing, but by all means, grab that rub down! While you're at it, why not bring a bottle of champagne and toast the lovely bride? 

  • Main Course Please.   All that relaxation has probably worked up quite an appetite for you fabulous ladies.   Why not get all dolled up, like Audrey Hepburn when she graces the Parisian cafe in Sabrina?  Dress up in your best haute sophisticate and head to a luxury wine and dine.  Order the best, as you are the best in show and enjoy your rare evening of uninterrupted womanly banter.   

  • Ladies in the Kitchen.  No, not in the chauvinistic way!  Here's the thing.  You can do the above and fully embrace the moment.  OR you can be more frugal with your spending and have just as much fun in one of your own homes.  Think of a few dishes ahead of time and then enjoy preparing them together.  I love cooking with my close friends and love when people incorporate this into their celebrations!

  • Sleepover! Have a sleepover!  Clutter up on the living room floor with blankets, mattresses, extra pillows and cheesy rom-coms that play into the night.  Recall those conversation of when the bride met her match and all the heart throbbing and infatuation filling the months that followed.  Share your own embarrassing love stories or that moment when you knew that he was 'the one'.  Share love advice, croon about romance and dream of what is to come. Then top it off in the morning with a DIY smoothie bar to feel refreshed and ready for the festivities to come.  
Set up candles and dim the lighting.  Let the lady of the house feel like a queen before her big day. Cook together.  Laugh together.  Enjoy your night of sisterhood. 

Remember, this is mean to be a special day and time.  Again, how you party is up to you, but if you are looking for a way to connect with your closest girl friends, consider the above quality alternatives. 

We at Ontario Bakery , would love to make this time even more special with our personalized cakes and treats.  Please, call us now and tell us how we can best serve you.

Happy Celebrating!

By: Navae Fiona

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