Saturday, February 22, 2014

5 Ways to Celebrate Turning 10!

Turning 10. It comes with reason to celebrate.  There’s only one time in your life when you turn from single digits to double digits, so be sure to make that time fun for the lucky kids in your life!

Here are some ideas to make the most out of that special day - and year!!

1. Three parties. Not one. Not two. But three.  Really.  One with your family. One with their older 'more grown up' friends. One with their friends from the younger crowd. With 3 parties - be prepared for three cakes (lemon, chocolate, and another lemon) and five flavors of ice cream. For each party.  Why? Because this individual is feeling both old and young.  He/she needs to feel safe in that and able to be given balance for the confusion that can come with it.  

2. Either get them a pet or commit to caring for a neighbor's or family member's, if you can't do that.  10 year olds love knowing that they have something/one to nurture and with this idea also comes responsibility.  If you decide it's best to donate your time and love, encourage the child to feed, walk and play with the nearby animal on a scheduled basis!

3.  Give back to the environment. Ask your child how they would like to help take care of the earth.  Learn to recycle, clean up the park once a month, or gather a group to volunteer to clean up around the school.

4. Encourage their personal style.  Sure, they may not always get the colors and textures right, but giving them the freedom of self expression will increase their confidence and self esteem.

5.  Ten year olds get more frustrated and angrier when things don’t go right.  It's called asserting yourself and growing up.  Give them space to have their own opinion and voice.  It will prove it's return later on.  Be patient.

So as that day approaches, try not to fear it, rather embrace it for all it has to offer.  Plan and prepare for the parties.  Ask your child what *they* want and don't be surprised if it's filled with contradiction.  In fact, that's the best time to filter each request and place it into the most suitable party.  Expect high imaginative moments and extreme emotions as they subconsciously deal with this milestone. They won't fully understand what they are going through, so be supportive and be excited. Grab the baby photos and reminisce about their baby years.  Remember that first lost tooth.  Find time to be thankful for the current blessings and relationships.  Ask what their goals and aspirations for the future are.  Maybe even set a plan in motion now that activates their dreams and talents.  

Of course, we'd love to hear from you as you plan for that exciting time!  Stop by Ontario Bakery and let us know how we can make your celebration as memorable as possible.

Your child is entering another phase of self discovery and it won't occur overnight.  While it may be trying at times, remember the beauty and gift that it holds and create space for that. 

Celebrate growth.   It's a beautiful journey. 

by:  Navae Fiona

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