Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baker's Choice? Valentine's Day History

Every year, February 14th seems to bring either excitement or dread to hearts around the world. If you are in love, you will likely devour the sweetness of the day like the truffles you are given, but if you are single, you may be inspired to mutter a stream of bitter comments about the mass display of public affection. But what’s behind the candy, flowers and gifts exchanged? 

The name behind the ritual belongs to St. Valentine.  The story itself is still quite a mystery. How did a man of the Roman Catholic faith inspire an entire month of romance? Well, To be honest, there were a few different St. Valentines – even a Valentinus.  

One Story in history suggest that during the crusade against the Christian’s, St. Valentine was one who rescued the hunted people and hid them to spare their lives.  The legend goes on to suggest that while in prison, Valentine fell in love with his jailer's daughter and began to communicate with her through secret notes signed, “from your Valentine”.

I have to say, that it’s this next speculation that grabs my attention the most.  In third century Rome, Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than the married men.  He then made a decree forbidding young men to marry.  Outraged at this ridiculous new rule, Valentine is said to have welcomed and secretly performed marriages for young lovers, desiring that all live a life of love. However, once discovered, Valentine was sentenced to death for his direct violation of the decree. 

The history, regardless of which story is true, is interesting in entirety.

The moral is simply this: Love is worth celebrating.  Whether you are fighting for a cause, fantasizing about your marriage or remembering your first kiss… those flirtatious attempts are a beautiful way to share our excitement for the other person. 

In a world with plenty of broken hearts, I believe love should be all the more spoken of and lived.  Whatever your stance of the holiday may be, I ask that you take the opportunity to show someone love.  Be it friend, family, enemy or lover, there isn’t a person in the world that’s couldn’t use a little extra. 

For you romantic types and the affectionate over confections, we have a delicious variety of baked goodness, including our top seller, chocolate dipped strawberries, to warm the heart of your loved one at Ontario Bakery.

So give a few more hugs.  Make a precious phone call.  Write a letter.  Smile.

Let each day count. Enjoy the love in your life and celebrate with cake.

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