Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sweet 16... Not For the Faint of Heart!

Whether she's daddy's little girl or not, I think the anxiety that comes with your little girl turning 16 is enough to make your heart drop in to your stomach.  

While society places expectations on parents to go all out and invest in limos and stilettos, I'm thinking that deep in our hearts, most of us parents would like to do something a little more... say, 'innocent'?  

But then, are we the boring parents?  Would we have then earned the long dreaded title of 'lame parents'?  Or are we just looking to celebrate the life of our budding daughters without drowning them in an unnecessary need to be sexualized with mini dresses while warding off rubber necking college boys the whole time?  I believe it's safe to say that most of us prefer the later.  So here are a few ideas I wanted to share for that fun and exciting time. 

What about taking a group out to a black tie dinner?  You could still get dressed up.  Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Your little lady will look stunning in a sleek black cocktail dress and pearls.  She will feel she is becoming a woman, all the while, learning the value of a luxury dinner with friends and the conversation it allows. I'm not assuming she's ready for discuss philosophy but it's good to teach our teens how to spend their time investing in quality relationships and activities; a lesson they can definitely use in their twenties. 
Another idea is to gather a few of her closest friends and go up to a cabin for the weekend.  This can be done in the summer and winter alike and will leave great memories to hold. 
In the end, it's vital to remember all that your daughter is going through. Her body and hormones have been changing constantly for a few years now.  She has the pressures of school on her shoulders, possibly athletics and the distraction of her heart's interests on top of that.  (Being 16 and having a crush can turn your world upside down!)  
That's why I'm suggesting keeping the celebration beautiful without adding to the already mounting peer pressure to be older and sexier.  She is allowed to enjoy this special day and so are you! 
Of course, we would love to provide your celebration with our delicious cakes because celebration is what we know best!  
Kudos to you for doing your best to raise a daughter with values, education, love for herself and love for others.  These lessons will pay off and her life should be celebrated.  

Please, leave your comments below and let us know what your favorite Sweet 16 traditions are; we love hearing from you! 

From us at Ontario Bakery to you....   Live Well & Enjoy Life.

by:  Navae Fiona

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