Monday, March 31, 2014

Throw a Fabulous Kid's Party Without Breaking the Bank!

kids can sit happily in the sunshine of the park for a birthday party full of home made and low cost goods to celebrate their day!
Make your kid's party a smashing success without smashing your savings!  If you're anything like most families, your jaw probably drops when you see the effort and expenses involved when 'the Jones'" throw a birthday party.  But if you're looking for a few ways to simplify - then look no further.  The tips I want to share with you will help you plan a more meaningful, super fun and enjoyable birthday party for your child without breaking the bank. 

I also want you to know that if you are frustrated with the expectations being placed on parents to throw an unbeatable 'pin-possible' day for your child, you're not alone. 

SO.  In light of the dip in economy and the increased awareness of our need to take better care of the world we live in, you'll find yourself one of many who are irritated with all the wasted energy and funds we pour into wasted products and needless investments. Let's not forget, that deep need to out-do ourselves each year.  (After all, if you hire a princess and limousines for your 4 year old, how on earth will you top yourself when she turns 9? ) Instead of making yourselves crazy getting the perfect decor and out-baking your neighbor, maybe the kids would rather everyone just slow down and spend more quality time with them as their birthdays approach.

  • First of all, cut your guest list. Some families follow this rule: a child can invite one friend for however many years old the birthday kid is turning (five guests for a fifth birthday, for example). Less fighting, less mess, less money. 
  • Bake your own cake or order a simple one from us at  Ontario Bakery.  We love to help!
  • Party at the park.  Parks come complete with their own trash containers and entertainment features. What's not to love?
  • Make it a potluck.  This way, each family can cater to their own picky eaters and food sensitivities and you won't have to over buy for wasted food.
  • Give party favors but choose ones that are gong to last longer than the cheap trinkets from the dollar store, such as seeds to plant in the garden or a cookie cutter that's related to the party theme
  • Let your children make the party decorations instead of crafting them yourself or spending a lot on decorations they won't even notice.  When they make them themselves, they not only notice them but take pride in their creation that will leave a more lasting memory.

We hope that you're party will be one to remember - and not because you spent your savings creating it.  If we can be of service to you, come in to Ontario Bakery and let us top off your celebration with our sweetest delights!

by:  navae fiona

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fresh Spring Wedding Ideas from Ontario Bakery

ontario bakery would love to help you have a wonderful spring wedding full of fresh scent, color and romance.  Kiss in lavender fields and say your vows in the new spring air!
Spring weddings are lovely to plan as there are so many beautiful fragrances and colors to make your day as beautiful as possible.  But which flowers to choose?  You already need to think about your dress, the photographer, location, cake and who (not) to invite!  

Flowers can sometimes can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  Not to mention that you want to be sure to integrate their colors and feel into your accent colors and cake.  

But what kind of wedding are you planning?  Hoping to have a traditional dark wedding with black, white and red?  You may naturally think of roses.  If you are thinking of white, charcoal and plumb, you may think of lilacs.   

What I'd like to do is share some fresh spring wedding ideas with you that will be sure to make your celebration one to enjoy and remember. 

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are quickly becoming a popular flower for wedding themes - not only because of their beauty in bridal bouquets, but because of their symbolism of innocence, spring and simplicity and the beautiful color schemes that can be created around the blooms. Since cherry blossoms are naturally delicate, I would suggest you keep your wedding details simple and fresh. For your guest table centerpieces, you can use tall white vases with only a couple of cherry blossom branches inside. 

Lavender Sprigs 

Lavender is both a romantic scent and color: that's what makes it the perfect starting point for a such a gently themed wedding. If you love the rich, intoxicating smell of this plant and its soft, sweet shade, infuse your wedding with lavender added to your bouquet, centerpieces and even line them along the ends of each aisle.  You, your guests and wedding party will feel relaxed and invigorated at both the sight and smell. 


It's clean line and elegant petal form makes a perfect addition to your castle party. Already a symbol of Spring and renewal, this white flower is a perfect picture of vows and commitment.  A complete lily bouquet can be a lovely bridal addition but may be better suited as a main centerpiece. At any rate, these flowers are a fabulous go to! 


Jasmine flowers have the power to lure you in from such a distance that it's difficult to notice any smell. They are a fresh scent that makes you feel light and ready to spring into romance; not to mention summer! The Jasmine is perfect for those cliff top and beach side weddings!  Place them into your hair, or as a boutonniere.   Any way is a good way for these little gems!


The gardenia is a classic smell belonging to tropical climates.  Beautiful and timeless, take advantage of these lovely white beauties by adding them to your accents or simply by placing them delicately tied with ribbon and placed along the tables for all to enjoy!  

Whatever flowers you choose,  they will surely  accent  the beauty of your loving celebration.  If we can be of any service to you by providing delectable delights, we take pride in our incredible wedding cakes!   

by:  Navae Fiona

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ontario Bakery: California's Go-To Shop for Parties and Special Occasions!

At Ontario Bakery we love what we do.  We love knowing that our cakes and treats will be a highlight of your celebration! Sitting here, smiling about how lucky we are to do this for you, caused me to ponder an interesting bit of history.   

I'm sure you've heard of the "Baker's Dozen".   But do you know where the story

I have to admit, there are a few theories. But one basic theory is the most consistent. Several hundred years ago, local bakers had to comply with very strict laws because it was so easy for them to cheat their buyers by shorting them on bread. These laws even extend back to ancient Egypt where someone could even have their ear cut off and nailed to the door if they were caught cheating. Bread was especially important because it was often the only thing affordable and available food for the poor to eat, and in times of famine, bakers were likely to cheat.
So to avoid the harsh punishment of being caught or even accused of being a cheat, bakers began to add an extra piece of bread, which ensured that what was included was above and beyond what was purchased and they were being more than honest. So when people came in and asked for a dozen loaves, they would just include 13, which eventually came to be known as a baker’s dozen!
It reminded me of how we do business.  Now, while it's true that we needn't be concerned about harsh accusations,  we are still committed to going above and beyond. Our cake and butter cream recipes are the original scratch recipes that we've used since the beginning. The cakes we make, say it all: quality, uniqueness and a true desire for a good tasting cake to serve your guests. 
Here's just a 'taste' of what we love to do for you: 


Coffee Cakes
Dessert Cakes
Pumpkin Loafs
Pound Cakes

Our cakes are made to order with the options of various icings and even a long list of fillings that are sure to make you come back for more!   

Ontario Bakery has been family owned and operated by Chris and Kathy Fabos since 1981. Whether birthday, wedding, shower, graduation....  You name it!  We are honored to be your top choice in celebration sweets! Allow us to personalize it with the perfect topper, floral arrangement and even action figure!  This is your day and we just want to treat you right! 

Please!  Don't hesitate!  Now is the time to celebrate!!  

Pick up the phone and call 909-984-4919 or visit us at to see how we can make your party the hit of the season!   

We can't wait to hear from you!

by:  Navae Fiona

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fun Family Friendly Ideas for St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is almost here and many people are looking for some fun family friendly ideas to enjoy the holiday and I would love to share some of my ideas with you! 

Just in case you wanted a little history, St. Patrick's Day has been a long celebrated day in Ireland (and in other parts of the world) in honor of St. Patrick, a man who spent his adult years as a priest, using the three leafed clover to teach of the trinity to his poly-theistic community.  In the U.S., the special day is observed as a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture. From prominent displays of the color green, eating and drinking, religious observances, and numerous parades, people have always found a way to enjoy the day. 

So.. are you ready to party?

Taste the Rainbow!  
Gather up some rainbow colored treats or candies and create a rainbow colored scavenger hunter hunt!  Grab some treasure or chocolate gold coins and put them in a large bowl or pot.  At end of the hunt, your seekers will find a pot of gold!  

Eat the Green!
Green food doesn't always have to be made with artificial colors!  Make St. Patrick's day healthy eating a fun activity by visiting your local farmer's market  and trying all the green foods! Make a list and write what you most liked, what you enjoyed raw and what you think would taste better cooked!  Then buy your favorites and enjoy them at a picnic in the park! 

For the Sweeter Side!
Stop on by or give us a call!  At Ontario Bakery, we pride ourselves in making the most delicious treats for your special day.  Whether cake pops or cookies, we want to make the most of your celebration!  

Luck o' the Irish
Get out the scissors and construction paper! It's time to decorate your windows (or their bedrooms!) Draw out stencils of shamrocks and horseshoes.  Have them paint or color rainbows!  Then get them a pair of scissors to cut these glorious shapes out and let them decorate. After all, the luck of the Irish should be shared!

I Hope that left you with a few fun ideas to do as a family.  Of course, check your local happenings out and see if there are any festivals or parades you can enjoy if you're wanting to do something on a grander level! 

We, at Ontario Bakery just want you to let us know how we can make it a fun and memorable (even delicious) experience for you!  


by: Navae Fiona

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet Anniversary Ideas for Those Special Mile Markers!

I think it's safe to say that relationships are life's number one challenge.  It's not always easy to know when to sacrifice and when to put your foot down.  So, when a marriage reaches these honorable mile markers, it's time to celebrate the love that is so beautifully holding them together. I would like to share some sweet ideas that I believe will inspire you to find your love (or a relationship you honor and revere) and shower with them with thoughtful appreciation and blessing for years to come!

Here are some sweet anniversary ideas for those special mile markers! 

Congratulations!  You're likely still on cloud 9 and understandably so!  Be patient with yourself and your partner, as the bliss can continue if you both can be humble enough to bring it along for the ride!  Go back to the place where you first met and tell each other how it happened as if you were re-telling an old love story.  This is the beginning of many years so keep the story alive!  

You've made it through the hardest part - the beginning! You've learned each other's quirks and habits and chosen to see the good amidst them.  You've found time for each other and have learned to love more deeply.  This is like the fifth ring in a tree's growth.  So, how appropriate that wood is the symbol of the 5 year anniversary?  How about a memory chest?  Or a jewelry box?  What about taking one of those things and writing 5 goals down for the next 5 years and placing them in the box for your spouse to read and enjoy?  Lovely...  

Write your spouse a letter teaching her the “ Alphabet of your love”. For each letter of the alphabet, find a word which is associated with your relationship/marriage. For example, A for Acting Class – where we first met, B for Bamboo Sushi – our favorite restaurant, C for Casablanca – the first movie we saw together, etc.

To say you have been married for 20 years to the love of your life is almost rare these days and deserves to be celebrated in a major way.  Chinaware is usually the go-to for this mile marker, but if you'd like to make it more fun and spunk-it-up, put a spin on the traditional form, skip the china dinnerware and take your wife to the best restaurant in the nearest Chinatown!  That would make for a great night of celebration!

Ah, bella Italia! Relive those days spent in Venice, Tuscany or Capri when you cherished every divine moment on your honeymoon. Now they can be the inspiration in your this 30th anniversary celebration, everything from the food like prosciutto, antipasto and Prosecco! Enjoy the beauty of life set to the music of an old Italian cafe!  It will be amore indeed.

Still going strong!  For this one, I love to recommend a photo slide show! Organize them from then to now with a personalized play list of your favorite love songs!  You can invite family over to laugh and cry with you or simply treasure the time alone.  

This is a BIG one, so you'll want to make it memorable!  One thought is to plan a party and invite your fabulous family that will be anxious to celebrate your achievement as well! Try asking everyone to send or bring photos of themselves with the guests of honor and along with the pictures, have them write a lovely or amusing story about the couple and themselves. These could even be read by the family out loud as an honoring and even amusing time of togetherness.  

Marriage is a beautiful gift that many seem to have forgotten to be thankful for. If you have reached any of these mile markers, then I tip my hat to you.  You have lived with an inspiring love for each other and the world around you.   Thank you for bringing more love into this world.  If we at Ontario Bakery can help add some delicious flare to your celebration, let us know!  We'd love to hear from you! 


by:  Navae Fiona

You deserve far beyond any round of applause could give.  /

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some Creative and Fun Ideas for Spring and Easter Break!

Have you been thinking about what creative way to spend the  Spring Break or Easter Holiday?  
As school comes to a close and the children are released to frolic in the spring sun, parents often find themselves at a loss of what to do with this easily bored generation.  

Well, fret no more.  I am going to leave you with some fun and Easter friendly ideas to help keep imaginations and sanity intact! 

Easter Egg Dying!

There’s something about springtime that inspires one to create fun and colorful creations out of spring crafts ideas. Regardless of what you celebrate, the feeling of renewal and rebirth going on around us is a contagious reality that stokes the creative soul. Start with the egg dying! Grade-schoolers can really get creative coming up with designs and using their imaginations to create fun and beautiful Easter eggs.   I have the fondest memories of doing this is a child and remember how magical my creations were to me.  It's a tried and true.

Plant a Garden!

Another great idea you can do with your kids is to plant a garden. Grade-schoolers love getting their hands in dirt and the sense of accomplishment and pride that can come from creating something all on their own. So find some growing space in your back yard or window planter and give your kid a spade or little shovel. Gardening is a great opportunity for you and your child to spend some time together. Your child will take pride in his green thumb as he watches his garden grow. When it’s harvest time, you can make a salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and other veggies grown in your own garden!

Get Out and Play!

Spring break is the perfect time for outdoor fun and lots of fun games can be played outside in fresh air and sunshine. With summer on its way, the days are longer and the temperature is finally beginning to warm up! So classic outdoor games like 'red light, green light', 'four square' and 'red rover' are the perfect go-to games for kids to play during their break from school. The best part? They get some good exercise while having fun!

Plan a Picnic!

What else could be better then spending a warm sunny day outside with a fun family picnic? Just pack up a basket with some healthy snacks and picnic foods and bring some fun games and toys as well. You're sure to have a terrific, relaxing and joyful time together. What's also cool is that your kids will be so exhausted at the end of their fun day that they’ll likely go to bed happily tuckered out!

Throw a Party!

What could be more fun than welcoming the longer days with a brightly colored party??  If you're not the Easter egg type, you could hide chocolates around the party.  Think of the growth that Spring invites and get a chocolate cake topped with gummy worms and lady bug icing for all your little sprouts!  

As usual, we love to be the one to make your days a little brighter!  If there's anything we bake for your taking, please come see us at Ontario Bakery in Irvine, California! 

We are excited for you to enjoy the return of the sun!  


by:  Navae Fiona

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Favorite Spring Baby Shower Ideas!

Springtime baby showers can be so fun to plan – and attend! The arrival of the baby is exciting enough, but oh, the ideas for decorations and excitement! Usually you will find an array of flowers, sweets and adorably detailed decor. 
Now don't get intimidated!  You don't have to have a pinterest-perfect event.  But we have gathered some of our favorite spring baby showers ideas from our friends and hope to provide some inspiration for a baby bash that the mama-to-be is sure to smile about long after the baby's arrival.

Secret Garden
Paper flowers are incredibly easy to make and can be a fun shower activity as well!  They can be hung on a string to create the perfect backdrop for a dessert table in bloom! Mix in a few polka dots and lady bugs and you’ll have yourself one sweet baby shower theme.  This is an especially sweet idea if your lovely mama-to-be has a green thumb!  She grows babies too! 

Birds and the Bees
Though the birds and the bees may have been the cause of this current celebration, we have a little different meaning in mind!  Fill the room with sweet treats and floral delicacies.  Come to us for some custom cupcake toppers and cute bumble bee cake pops for just a few ways to enhance your party day!

 Showers of Blessings
It only seems appropriate to have a shower-themed baby shower in this party roundup! Simply cut out and string little gray raindrops and hang them from above the gift table! Custom cloud cupcake toppers and Umbrella cake pops would be a great added bonus your guests will be sure to love.

Take it Outside!
Make it a more sophisticated gathering with some outdoor details to celebrate the mama-to-be! A bright or antique lace tablecloth can set the tone for a modern, upscale event that everyone in attendance will enjoy. Leave lavender sprigs can be tastefully placed around the desert and gift table that will leave a relaxing scent for all to enjoy as the spring winds carry their fragrance around the party!  

Down the Rabbit Hole
Let's take a twist on spring and combine it with Alice in Wonderland!  Bunnies are an old symbol of fertility which is definitely helpful to remind us of a little arrival on a 'very important date!' Another little idea to go with this them is to get little bottles at a crafting store and have your guests write messages of blessings on little pieces of paper that can then be slipped into the bottles for mom to read at a later time!

You have plenty of reasons to celebrate and we want to do what we can to make it as magical as possible.  Please contact us at Ontario Bakery and let us know how we can add that special ingredient to your special day! 

by:  Navae Fiona