Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fresh Spring Wedding Ideas from Ontario Bakery

ontario bakery would love to help you have a wonderful spring wedding full of fresh scent, color and romance.  Kiss in lavender fields and say your vows in the new spring air!
Spring weddings are lovely to plan as there are so many beautiful fragrances and colors to make your day as beautiful as possible.  But which flowers to choose?  You already need to think about your dress, the photographer, location, cake and who (not) to invite!  

Flowers can sometimes can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  Not to mention that you want to be sure to integrate their colors and feel into your accent colors and cake.  

But what kind of wedding are you planning?  Hoping to have a traditional dark wedding with black, white and red?  You may naturally think of roses.  If you are thinking of white, charcoal and plumb, you may think of lilacs.   

What I'd like to do is share some fresh spring wedding ideas with you that will be sure to make your celebration one to enjoy and remember. 

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are quickly becoming a popular flower for wedding themes - not only because of their beauty in bridal bouquets, but because of their symbolism of innocence, spring and simplicity and the beautiful color schemes that can be created around the blooms. Since cherry blossoms are naturally delicate, I would suggest you keep your wedding details simple and fresh. For your guest table centerpieces, you can use tall white vases with only a couple of cherry blossom branches inside. 

Lavender Sprigs 

Lavender is both a romantic scent and color: that's what makes it the perfect starting point for a such a gently themed wedding. If you love the rich, intoxicating smell of this plant and its soft, sweet shade, infuse your wedding with lavender added to your bouquet, centerpieces and even line them along the ends of each aisle.  You, your guests and wedding party will feel relaxed and invigorated at both the sight and smell. 


It's clean line and elegant petal form makes a perfect addition to your castle party. Already a symbol of Spring and renewal, this white flower is a perfect picture of vows and commitment.  A complete lily bouquet can be a lovely bridal addition but may be better suited as a main centerpiece. At any rate, these flowers are a fabulous go to! 


Jasmine flowers have the power to lure you in from such a distance that it's difficult to notice any smell. They are a fresh scent that makes you feel light and ready to spring into romance; not to mention summer! The Jasmine is perfect for those cliff top and beach side weddings!  Place them into your hair, or as a boutonniere.   Any way is a good way for these little gems!


The gardenia is a classic smell belonging to tropical climates.  Beautiful and timeless, take advantage of these lovely white beauties by adding them to your accents or simply by placing them delicately tied with ribbon and placed along the tables for all to enjoy!  

Whatever flowers you choose,  they will surely  accent  the beauty of your loving celebration.  If we can be of any service to you by providing delectable delights, we take pride in our incredible wedding cakes!   

by:  Navae Fiona

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