Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ontario Bakery: California's Go-To Shop for Parties and Special Occasions!

At Ontario Bakery we love what we do.  We love knowing that our cakes and treats will be a highlight of your celebration! Sitting here, smiling about how lucky we are to do this for you, caused me to ponder an interesting bit of history.   

I'm sure you've heard of the "Baker's Dozen".   But do you know where the story

I have to admit, there are a few theories. But one basic theory is the most consistent. Several hundred years ago, local bakers had to comply with very strict laws because it was so easy for them to cheat their buyers by shorting them on bread. These laws even extend back to ancient Egypt where someone could even have their ear cut off and nailed to the door if they were caught cheating. Bread was especially important because it was often the only thing affordable and available food for the poor to eat, and in times of famine, bakers were likely to cheat.
So to avoid the harsh punishment of being caught or even accused of being a cheat, bakers began to add an extra piece of bread, which ensured that what was included was above and beyond what was purchased and they were being more than honest. So when people came in and asked for a dozen loaves, they would just include 13, which eventually came to be known as a baker’s dozen!
It reminded me of how we do business.  Now, while it's true that we needn't be concerned about harsh accusations,  we are still committed to going above and beyond. Our cake and butter cream recipes are the original scratch recipes that we've used since the beginning. The cakes we make, say it all: quality, uniqueness and a true desire for a good tasting cake to serve your guests. 
Here's just a 'taste' of what we love to do for you: 


Coffee Cakes
Dessert Cakes
Pumpkin Loafs
Pound Cakes

Our cakes are made to order with the options of various icings and even a long list of fillings that are sure to make you come back for more!   

Ontario Bakery has been family owned and operated by Chris and Kathy Fabos since 1981. Whether birthday, wedding, shower, graduation....  You name it!  We are honored to be your top choice in celebration sweets! Allow us to personalize it with the perfect topper, floral arrangement and even action figure!  This is your day and we just want to treat you right! 

Please!  Don't hesitate!  Now is the time to celebrate!!  

Pick up the phone and call 909-984-4919 or visit us at www.ontario-bakery.com to see how we can make your party the hit of the season!   

We can't wait to hear from you!

by:  Navae Fiona

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