Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet Anniversary Ideas for Those Special Mile Markers!

I think it's safe to say that relationships are life's number one challenge.  It's not always easy to know when to sacrifice and when to put your foot down.  So, when a marriage reaches these honorable mile markers, it's time to celebrate the love that is so beautifully holding them together. I would like to share some sweet ideas that I believe will inspire you to find your love (or a relationship you honor and revere) and shower with them with thoughtful appreciation and blessing for years to come!

Here are some sweet anniversary ideas for those special mile markers! 

Congratulations!  You're likely still on cloud 9 and understandably so!  Be patient with yourself and your partner, as the bliss can continue if you both can be humble enough to bring it along for the ride!  Go back to the place where you first met and tell each other how it happened as if you were re-telling an old love story.  This is the beginning of many years so keep the story alive!  

You've made it through the hardest part - the beginning! You've learned each other's quirks and habits and chosen to see the good amidst them.  You've found time for each other and have learned to love more deeply.  This is like the fifth ring in a tree's growth.  So, how appropriate that wood is the symbol of the 5 year anniversary?  How about a memory chest?  Or a jewelry box?  What about taking one of those things and writing 5 goals down for the next 5 years and placing them in the box for your spouse to read and enjoy?  Lovely...  

Write your spouse a letter teaching her the “ Alphabet of your love”. For each letter of the alphabet, find a word which is associated with your relationship/marriage. For example, A for Acting Class – where we first met, B for Bamboo Sushi – our favorite restaurant, C for Casablanca – the first movie we saw together, etc.

To say you have been married for 20 years to the love of your life is almost rare these days and deserves to be celebrated in a major way.  Chinaware is usually the go-to for this mile marker, but if you'd like to make it more fun and spunk-it-up, put a spin on the traditional form, skip the china dinnerware and take your wife to the best restaurant in the nearest Chinatown!  That would make for a great night of celebration!

Ah, bella Italia! Relive those days spent in Venice, Tuscany or Capri when you cherished every divine moment on your honeymoon. Now they can be the inspiration in your this 30th anniversary celebration, everything from the food like prosciutto, antipasto and Prosecco! Enjoy the beauty of life set to the music of an old Italian cafe!  It will be amore indeed.

Still going strong!  For this one, I love to recommend a photo slide show! Organize them from then to now with a personalized play list of your favorite love songs!  You can invite family over to laugh and cry with you or simply treasure the time alone.  

This is a BIG one, so you'll want to make it memorable!  One thought is to plan a party and invite your fabulous family that will be anxious to celebrate your achievement as well! Try asking everyone to send or bring photos of themselves with the guests of honor and along with the pictures, have them write a lovely or amusing story about the couple and themselves. These could even be read by the family out loud as an honoring and even amusing time of togetherness.  

Marriage is a beautiful gift that many seem to have forgotten to be thankful for. If you have reached any of these mile markers, then I tip my hat to you.  You have lived with an inspiring love for each other and the world around you.   Thank you for bringing more love into this world.  If we at Ontario Bakery can help add some delicious flare to your celebration, let us know!  We'd love to hear from you! 


by:  Navae Fiona

You deserve far beyond any round of applause could give.  /

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