Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Skip the Restaurant! Great Places to Celebrate Mother's Day in Southern California

Many people get frustrated around Mother's Day because they want to celebrate it but feel totally stumped not just about what to get for mom on Mother's Day, but also where to go! Should you do what's always been done?  You could go to a series of predictable restaurants, where she's surely been before and will likely encounter long waits due to the influx of other Mother's Day enthusiasts. But we would like to make some different, more creative suggestions for great places to celebrate Mother's Day for those in Southern California. 

Of course, we at Ontario Bakery, would love to be a part of your day in any way we can.  But since we likely cannot join you, take along some of our freshly baked treats in our stead.  It's the least we can do!

Paso Robles Wine Festival:  Okay this is for May 15-18, but totally worth the wait.  The festival kicks off May 15th with a wine maker's dinner, the 16th will feature the wine maker's library and treats to go along. The 17th will include an entire wine maker's seminar, followed by more than 60 wineries coming together in the Paso Robles Downtown City Park, to showcase their wines alongside culinary samplings, special tastings and seminars during grand tasting.  If mom is a wine drinker, this would be a great event to provide tickets for and either make it a romantic weekend or time with the girls! 

Big Bear Mountain Resorts: Just about 100 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, in the San Bernardino Mountains, you'll find the Big Bear Mountain Resorts, full of fresh mountain breezes, clear blue skies and a blend of both stillness and activities to relax and invigorate you! It's a great place to hike with mom and picnic at the top!  The area has an expansive network of different trails for all skill levels. One of the shortest routes down the mountain is a one-mile service road, offering breathtaking vistas and a family-friendly way to view firsthand the numerous assortments of wildflowers that bloom during the spring and early summer months.

Palm Springs:  Known for it's relaxing desert heat, it's the perfect place for the mom who wants to warm up and fully unwind.  Book a two night stay soon, for the whole family, as this is a place you'll want to park you'll want to take advantage of pool side! The clean dry air and sunshine, just 120 miles east of Los Angeles, have made Palm Springs irresistible to the California attraction. Travel time from Orange County is only 90 minutes.  Located in the heart of Palm Springs, you will find their adorable downtown strip hosting the weekly Villagefest.  Full of luxury and street dining, live entertainment, handcrafted goods, beautiful art and sidewalk cafes, this a hot spot mom's sure to enjoy!

To the Beach: Most people love a beach trip and assuming the weather is beautiful, the whole family is sure to have a great time.  For the scenery,  you may enjoy the beaches of Laguna and Newport in Orange County. If you're more northwest, you may prefer Pacific Palisades, just north of Santa Monica and south of Malibu.  The beach is a relaxing place to celebrate mom's hard work with a picnic and sweet treats. As always, the weather can be unpredictable, so bring a blanket, sun-brella and sunscreen! 

Hopefully, those ideas will get your wheels turning.  Mom has an unending list of reasons to be celebrated, so have fun with it!  Of course, reach out and let us know how we can add even more sweetness to your day with our cakes, cookies and treats!

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