Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have You Ever Seen A Cake Like THIS? Shockingly COOL Cakes!

There are some cakes out there that we've all seen dozens of times.  But the world is full of unique people, celebrating in unique ways.  So shouldn't our cakes be allowed to have their individuality too?  Nothing against the norm at all - a simple white cake has it's place!  But today, we'd like to look at some alternatives.

kids birthday cake, kids birthday party, movie theme, disney, alladin, california bakery, california party cakesWhen someone says, CAKE, we typically think of round, square, floral, messages and sprinkles. But what else is possible with your cake?

What's not to love about images, plants and even limbs, not just added to the cake but an edible part of it?  No longer bound by the need to plastic eyes to be attached.  We are excited to give you more cake for the tasting and more art for the enjoying!  From petals and leaves to faces and fixtures - 3-D options are only limited by your imagination.

Bright Colors!
Not JUST bright colors...  but add texture, layers and sheen!  Have a cake that LOOKS like a pillow, blanket or even an edible ring topper!  Our vibrant icing and decorative colors make for elegant and show stopping colors that entice the eye and tantalize the taste buds!

What's Your Fancy?
Can't think of something special?  That's ok.  It's time to brainstorm and think of what makes you YOU.  Are you an artist?  A singer or avid book reader?  What's your favorite novel or series? Take a topic or symbol from your art, music or favorite story and run with it!  What would the character like to have?  Who is your favorite painter or sculptor? There are many possibilities here, see what's best for you!

Fillings and Spillings...
As seen in the zombie cake, things like strawberry fillings aren't limited to just between the layers!  Create rivers, dew drops, waterfalls, (blood), wine and so much more.  You can really play here with the colors and flavors, so let it be good!

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Movie Themes. 
Aside from the semi obvious, like movie star faces and film reels, you can do a lot to emulate your favorite film or era.  What about a walk of fame star?  You could have 'the ring of power' hiding on the cake somewhere with a sneaky Gollum ready to pounce!  Go more refined with an Audrey Hepburn classiness and choose Tiffany blue! Kids aren't the only ones who should get to feel like a star at their parties!  Whether it's Gatsby, Madmen or Twilight... jump in!  You'll have so much fun!

At Ontario Bakery we love personalizing your celebrations and parties!  Whether birthday, wedding, graduation or shower, we are here to make your day a little sweeter! Call us today and order your one of a kind delight!

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