Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Simple Fun Activities for a Five Year Old Birthday Party!

Have you noticed that five year olds, a more grown up version of their previous toddler state, enjoy free-play but also still expect (and love) a good party with structure! They actually want to join in on organized games and activities with their friends, and if left to their own devices, can quickly become restless. 

fun ideas activities and games for 5 year olds and kindergarten birthday parties that are exciting and stress free

Does that surprise you?  5's are eager for games and activities and we are here to give you some suggestions! 

With five-year-olds, your party will flow more smoothly if you have a small storehouse games prepared. That may sound daunting, but the children may run through them more quickly than you expect, loose attention, or just be uninterested, so it's good to have some backups.  

It will pay off to be organized because at this age, your children constantly looking to adults for instruction when they're in big groups. Groups are overwhelming to them and structure gives them peace of mind. 

It's never fun to have that lull between games and be faced with a bunch of screaming children asking, "What should we do?" or even worse, "This party is boring!"

Kids at this age can also be slow to warm up to a new situation. They may want to keep to themselves if they are feeling especially shy. So be patient and know that they will come around when they are ready.  Let them feel comfortable in their process. 

As guests begin to trickle in, you can get started with a few quiet and calm activities that keep everyone busy doing the same thing, but that won't require them to co-operate. Hands-on ideas, like making things with play dough might be a good choice. 

Once everyone has arrived, you could gather the children together for a beautiful birthday themed story. Afterwards, create an opportunity for interactive games that are non-competitive.  Kids, at this point, are not usually ready for competition. 

Traditional games always go down well, but feel free to give them your own twist. Rename them to meet your birthday theme. Pin the pony-tail on the princess, musical beach towels instead of musical chairs, and so on.

Try a younger version of spin the bottle. Spin an empty plastic bottle, and whoever it points to must do a simple trick or perform a talent. It could be standing on one leg for 10 seconds, hopping around the ring, or singing their favorite song!

Have small prizes available for everyone.  You don't have to be extravagant here - it can be a few chocolates bites here and there.   If you really want to keep costs down, award "Winner!" stickers.

Just keep it fun and low stress! Remember that when you gather kids this age together, it's a lot like kindergarten and should have a similar flow and comfort to it.

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