Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unique Spring Ideas for Your Birthday Party and Baby Showers!

Springtime is the time when new growth is everywhere. With flowers blooming, lush grass and trees in vibrant greens inspire your desire to celebrate!! Whether you're preparing for Easter, throwing a baby shower or a festive birthday gathering, please allow us to make a few suggestions to make it the best spring party you've ever been to; or thrown for that matter!  

spring is in the air and it's time for your kids birthday party and baby shower celebration filled with unique decorations and delicious treats from ontario bakery

First of all, here are a few accents and items that deserve some special attention if you have the means to purchase or borrow them!

  • Bubble machine:  How fun!!  Kids love chasing and popping their magical entertainment!
  • Barbecue:  Usually associated with summer, but spring announces the coming of summer, right?  
  • Baby Animals:  Know anyone who's pet just had babies?  Spring is a time for renewal and a great time to welcome new life!
  • Fresh flowers:  Get the most fragrant ones you can!  Your guests will swoon!
  • Picnic baskets:  Pack them like treasure chests and have prizes for games inside them!
  • Wildflower, Herb and vegetable seeds: Sow and reap!  Have fresh veggies and herbs to smell and much with their seeds available in bowls or little envelopes as a reminder to guests of all ages to be thankful for life and it's cycles! (great 'party favor') 

Have you sent out invitations?  

  • On a natural piece of paper, spritz some lavender on to the paper and envelope or even some gardenia and get their senses awakened to the arrival of the season
  • Fold a piece of green card stock in half and decorate the front as an outdoor scene. Cut a strip of blue construction paper to glue to the top of the card for the sky, and then add butterflies, birds, flowers, trees, grass, and other things representative of spring to the scene. Write your party details inside.

Now it's time to set the mood. 
  • Hang streamers, ribbons or even strips of fabric from tree branches in the yard. They will float in the breeze and add to the party ambiance.
  • Fill small pots with green pebbles, rocks or candies and place a round lollipop or cake pop in the center of each pot to resemble a flower.
  • String huge tissue paper flowers and tie them in a chain along the tables or even tie some finished flowers to the backs of chairs.
  • Use watering cans to hold arrangements of fresh or paper flowers.
  • Balloons are always a must! Group helium balloons together and anchor them securely  to chairs or weighted watering cans
  • Lastly - use vibrant or pastel colors that bring out the floral feel and smell of the air whether it with ribbon, streamers, flower pots, paper flowers, icing, sweets and balloons!

Obviously, what would a good spring party be without cake, cake pops, cookies and your other favorite treats?  At Ontario Bakery in California, we love making your party the most delicious event of the year!  Call us or stop by and tell us how we can serve you!

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