Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Getting Hot! Here Are Some Cool Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Those Summer Birthday Kids!

It's Getting Hot! Here Are Some Cool Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Those Summer Birthday Kids! Summer birthday party ideas for kids that want to have fun and stay cool!  Sometimes,

the only way to do that is to spend some time indoors!   Especially in mid-summer, when the sun is at it's most intense, you may need more than sun block to protect those little ones from the summer rays! 

And that's ok!  Kids are in it to have fun.  Make it fun and they will come!  Keep in mind that many families will be vacationing at this time, so get a roster of who'll be in town and who won't be, so that you can set your date and make your invite list in the best way possible.  

As well, with the ideas that'll I'm going to share with you below, remember that summer is the time that MANY people will want to jump in on these cooling activities.  Call in and reserve your spot as soon as possible!! 

Laser tag is a favorite activity of kids everywhere. Go online and look for a laser tag location near you and give them a call. You'll want to talk to management about arranging a birthday party and getting your space reserved. Usually they will a private space available for parties and may even have food and drink options available.  Be sure to get permission if you are wanting to provide your own food.  Although, with the rise in food sensitivities, this should be a problem! 

It's Getting Hot! Here Are Some Cool Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Those Summer Birthday Kids! Kids everywhere love a good collection of air filled bounce houses and slides. A bounce party is an excellent way for your child and his friends to stay active while celebrating. As with the laser tag facilities, check in to their private party room and food options.  With this one, encourage a couple parents to stick around and have a few ice packs around to soothe possible bumps from all fun! 

Whether an indoor water park or a simple pool, this is an excellent way to beat the heat while keeping with the summer theme. No matter what time of year it is, a trip to an indoor pool makes it feel like the middle of summer. If you have a wave pool in your area, consider giving it a try. Wave pools add a whole new dynamic to the indoor pool experience. Make sure your children and their guests know how to swim well before scheduling a birthday party for him at the pool. Be sure that parents of non-swimmers plan to stay and supervise their own!

It's a rare thing, to find a child that doesn't like to spend a day at the arcade! Doing a quick search online may show you that you have a nickle arcade nearby, which will provide longer more affordable fun for your crew. Encourage the kids to play multi-player games to make sure they experience the party together. See if they have a party room so you have a place of refuge to have your snacks and gift time! 

It's easy to for kids to have fun without the sun. You just have to get creative and take advantage of your options. Make sure you plan ahead so you get to have your first pic on the day you are wanting!!

As usual, we want to be a part of your celebration! Call us and let us know how we can provide the best custom cupcakes, birthday cake and even cookies for your party!  Ontario Bakery is family owned and run and loves to support the families of Southern California in every celebration!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planning a Summer Wedding? Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!

Planning a summer wedding is a hot trend, not just now, but has been for a long time.  What's not to love?  You're surrounded by flowers, the warm breeze and the white of your strapless, a line cut wedding dress looks fabulous against your golden sun kissed skin. 
Planning a Summer Wedding?  Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!

Hold on, let's remember that with the sun, comes sweat.  Sweat isn't pretty in your wedding album.  So, by all means, plan a summer wedding.  But do so with the heat in mind, to make sure that you feel great at the coolest wedding of the year! 
Here are some simple summer wedding 'do's and don'ts' to both stay cool and look hot! 

Your guests are going to be hot too.  Make them happy they came.  No matter how much you and everyone else love the sun, everyone will need a place of respite from those penetrating rays. Whether staying local in a backyard garden, or at an outdoor venue, there needs to be some shade, coverings or even portable air conditioning provided. This is simple and will make a HUGE difference. Another option is to provide accessible water stations at different areas of the location.  Just be sure your ushers are refilling the pitchers with both water and ice.  Add a slice of lemon for even more refreshment. Instead of your friends and family combining your wedding with a day at the sauna, they will be able to actually be fully present and joyfully supportive.
Don't forget to reserve early!!  Summer is the main season everywhere for people to get away, vacation and most important to you?  Book their lodging so they can attend your special day. SO.  If you haven't already, send out those announcements now, so people can plan efficiently!
Planning a Summer Wedding?  Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!Whether catering a grand meal or providing light snacks, be sure your fare is refreshing and easy to digest. Rich, heavy food and scorching heat don't mix. You won't go wrong with grilled entrees and fresh, local produce. Add mint as a garnish to both food and beverages. Consider a fruit based cake with the option of serving a lemon or berry sorbet on the side. Frozen cocktails of lemon, mint, cucumber and watermelon are a refreshing and even balancing drink option for those looking to unwind with out the added dehydration. Lastly, provide sorbet in little bowls, topped with seasonal berries for your younger guests!

It may feel logical, but don't start your festivities at midday.  That's the hottest time of the day and both you and your guests will wish they were poolside. The best idea is to aim for a late afternoon, early evening start time.  This way, you can schedule dinner around sunset (also a great time for wedding party photos) and allow the real celebrating to take place when people are cool and relaxed and ready to begin the evening. 
Planning a Summer Wedding?  Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!Consider yours and your wedding party's comfort. A bride that's melting and sticky will not feel confident or comfortable for that matter.  Choose light fabrics that breathe for the dresses, like silk or cotton, if you're happy to be more casual.  Go strapless, sheer or even shorter in length to allow a breeze to cool you down. If you must have that aforementioned a line princess dress, then wear it for the ceremony and photos, but have a cooler, more breathable dress for the reception. A groom can look splendid in a crisp linen suit and leather sandals, or for the ultimate in beach-casual, white pants and a button-down are perfect.
Don't forget to protect yourselves!  This is the high time for sunburns and bug bites. Remind your guests to wear block and protection. Keep in mind that many bug repellents have an awful smell.  Be sure to look for ones with a lavender or other floral fragrance. 
People are going to be sweating, undoubtedly. No matter how much deodorant is being used, the odor will still manage to migrate. So, instead, line the aisles with lavender, jasmine and gardenia. You could tie little sprigs of them to the ends of each chair, have them in antique vases here and there and as little accents on tables at the reception area. Just add flowers. 

We are excited to walk you down the aisle of your wedding planning and even more delighted to be able to offer a custom cake, made to your liking.  Ontario Bakery is family run and owned - and is proud to stand with you on your day. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick! Here Are 5 Spring Wedding Cake Ideas for the Procrastinating Wedding Planners!

Did you wait til the very last minute?? Quick! Here are 5 Spring Wedding Cake Ideas for the Procrastinating Wedding Planners!Your wedding is an exciting time in your life and you are busy planning away!!  Don't you hate it when you realized you waited a little too long to plan for your cake?  Well, if your wedding is set for anytime in June, these spring cake ideas are filled with great last minute ideas for all of you lovely, procrastinating wedding planners out there!  

From accents to flavors, we have got your covered.  So, if you still haven't ordered your spring wedding cake, here are our favorite spring cake ideas!  

The Taste of Spring 
What's more suitable than choosing to go with a wedding cake that summons a taste of spring with in-season berries and fruits? No longer bound to the traditional butter cream filling you are now free to entertain the horizons of a fresh strawberry puree filling or even a lemon cake with blackberry filling. If you love chocolate cake but still want a taste that reflects the season, try a chocolate cake filled with chocolate cherry ganache! Fruit fillings will always get your taste buds excited about the sunshine! 

The Color of Spring
Color makes a huge impression when designing a spring wedding cake, (or any season of cake for that matter) and you just can't go wrong with a gentle palette of fresh white, pink, and lime green or a bold and bright mix of orange and yellow. For the more conservative with color, show your hint of spring with subtle white dots added to a chocolate ganache-covered cake,  or a smooth butter cream cake trimmed in light pink. These colors promote both calm, vibrant and magical feelings and are the perfect accents for your spring wedding! (And, they are simple and can be made for your last minute order!) 

The Flowers of Spring
Did you wait til the very last minute?? Quick! Here are 5 Spring Wedding Cake Ideas for the Procrastinating Wedding Planners!Your options are many with the flowers of spring, as they can go a long way in defining the theme for your wedding cake. Feel free to match your cake to your bouquet by asking your baker to create sugar versions of your wedding day flowers. Or, add some more flowers to the mix by simply choosing a different floral look on the cake that will only add to the garden of blossoms that define this beautiful season.  Adding sugar versions of cherry blossoms, hibiscus, jasmine, daffodils and dogwood are all beautiful climbing up a vanilla ganache cake! 

The Accents of Spring
Going a little further with the above point, when it comes to a spring cake, flowers, butterflies, and other elements made out of chocolate, sugar, or gum paste are obvious options for cake accents and toppers. Just be sure not to go overboard with these add-ons to get a springtime look. Going overboard will make it look cluttered and steal it's desired feeling of elegance. Keep it simple. Added bonus?  It will photograph *much* better. 

A Side of Spring
Maybe you've already got your heart set on a cake design or you've decided to take your cake in a not-so-seasonal direction but still want the season's influence.  You may want to consider offering a spring-inspired side with your cake. Serve your cake with gourmet lavender-infused ice cream; add a handful of chocolate-covered cherries to each plate; or have each  table and seat provided with a petite bowl of spring berries to add to the cake or ice cream! 

There are many options, but your days are running out!  We want your wedding to be the best and most beautifully memorable day possible!  Please let us, at Ontario Bakery, know just what we can do to make your special celebration an even sweeter one! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Skip the "Tie-Giving" This Year. Here Are 7 Special Ways to Honor Dad on Father's Day!

He's been there for you through different ages and stages.  Show your love and skip the "Tie-Giving" this year. Here are 7 special ways to honor dad on Father's Day!Father's Day is quickly approaching. Do you already have a plan for how to celebrate this incredible person in your life? He has guided you and loved you through ups and downs.  He has nurtured and held your precious children with gentle strength.   He has fought wars, built homes and business, grown up, has been there as a shoulder to cry on and has become a hero in his children's eyes. 

 Why not skip the 'tie giving' this year and celebrate him in a way that touches his heart? 

Here are some creative things to do with your favorite dad on his very own special day!
1. Together, watch a family video of your father playing with you when you were an infant or a child and enjoy the laughs!
He's been there for you through different ages and stages.  Show your love and skip the "Tie-Giving" this year. Here are 7 special ways to honor dad on Father's Day!2. Gather your siblings together and make your own tribute video about your dad and his role in your life.
3. Similar to the above, make an audio recording mix of past conversations you've had with your dad.  Include jokes you told when you were a child, alternating with messages of thankfulness that you record now.  Feel free to include your siblings or keep it as your own!
He's been there for you through different ages and stages.  Show your love and skip the "Tie-Giving" this year. Here are 7 special ways to honor dad on Father's Day!4.  Write a short essay or poem about a beautiful memory you have of your father.  Perhaps even ask your dad to right one as well, maybe about a mile marker in your childhood. Read each aloud to each other and let the moment flow into the beautiful conversation that will follow. 
5. Make a list of a few of the major lessons or skills your father has taught you and frame it.  Wrap up and present in front of the family, or personally!
6. You can't go wrong with a game night!  Maybe it's traditional, but add pizza (or dad's favorite food) and you may just have the perfect celebration.  It can be hard for us to slow our schedules long enough to indulge in some play time, but it can create a beautiful moment that will bring you closer together. 
6. Get creative and fantasize together about how life would be different if you did something beautiful together for a charitable organization, or if you each had your own dream house, or what the perfect career or dream vacation would look like. Take notes.  This is will not only let you each into each other's ideals and aspirations, but you can even create a short story from the list, as though 'once upon a time' your hero made his dream happen!
7. Spread pictures of the family all over the dining table or living room rug  and simply go back in time, recalling the beauty, sadness and adventure you have experienced together! 
Of course, you can always still go out to lunch or dinner or even have a party.  Those are just some creative suggestions for a more meaningful Father's Day.  As usual, you can depend on Ontario Bakery to make your celebration even sweeter with our wide selection of cakes and other delectable delights!  Call us now, and let us know how we can best honor your dad this Father's Day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 Simple Ideas for Making a Great Graduation Party!

Throw a 'top of the class' graduation party for the successful student in your life!  After all, they've worked hard the past few years, hitting the books! It's time to let it all loose and celebrate their accomplishments with a custom cake party designed just for them! 

Don't be afraid.  You don't need a massive budget to throw a stellar celebration! You just need some creativity and know-how to gather the right people at the right place with the right things, to leave a lasting and enjoyable memory!

Here are some simple ideas for a making great graduation party even better!

1. Eat By Numbers
Get large cookie cutters and place them on the table with a table cloth or platter underneath.  then fill in each cookie cutter with different treats from seasoned almonds, to candies and baby carrots! Your guests will be happy to pass by and grab their favorite snack, all at your ease!  

2. Watermelon Cubes on a Stick
Take the smaller cookie cutters and cut out numbers or other shapes out of sliced watermelon! Place a wooden skewer through the shapes and freeze! Then, take them out later for eating or even better, add to freshly poured lemonade!  Delicious, creative and refreshing!

3. Make a Photo Booth
Using an smart phone or camera on a tripod, your guests can easily enjoy the fun of an in-home photo booth of the widely loved 'selfie' to remember the special day.  Make a back drop with curtains, a poster or even a sign that congratulates your graduate. It will create so much fun!!

4. Color it Up!
Make either the colors of the last school or the next one be the color theme of the whole party! You can do this with balloons, plates, cups and even the icing on the cake! Your guest of honor will be so proud to walk in to a room filled with the colors of his accomplishment.

5. Let Them Eat Cake 
Cakes have been used for hundreds of years to celebrate major events in people's lives. From love and commitment to celebrating accomplishment, a cake is a way for people to know that they are loved and valued.  Everyone gets to come together and, literally, take in the sweetness of the day and mood in the air. Whether cupcakes, cake pops or a traditional cake, you can decorate each with the school colors, the graduate's favorite colors or even just keep it simple and fun! 

What ever you choose to do, Ontario Bakery is here to be of service on your special day! We are honored to make the cake that best honors your celebration in the sweetest way possible!! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Planning Your Child's First Holy Communion? Don't Make These TWO BIG Mistakes!!

your child's first holy communion should be a beautiful celebration and Ontario Bakery is excited to have the honor to create and bake a custom cake just for you!
The first Holy Communion, is a notable landmark for a child in the Catholic church. It's like a rite of passage into the body of the Catholic church, and also a time of great celebration for Catholic families around the world. While the first communion is a sacred ceremony in the church, it's often celebrated by a large party for family and friends. But throwing a party for a first communion takes some thought out planning, and as the season for the festive rites is usually short lived it is essential to begin early. There are two big mistakes you don't want to make when planning the party for your child's first holy communion. 
Set a Party Date in Advance

Usually, Catholic churches only hold the first communion rites once or twice a year. Family’s choosing to plan or host a party need to begin planning early, so to best coordinate the date of the religious service with the date of their celebration. There will be a lot of children receiving their first Communion at the same time, and there may be a great deal of competition for suitable banquet halls and event spaces in which to hold your celebration. So make sure to give yourself plenty of time to make arrangements, and book your location as early as possible to make sure its available the day you need it.
Choose a Location Early

Where you choose to celebrate will largely depend on the size of your party. Some families choose to keep it simple and have their celebrations at home after the service. This is fine for small groups, of just immediate family and few close friends. But quite often first communion celebrations are large affairs, with family and friends coming in from out of town for the occasion. It will like be necessary to book an event space to host your party. Choosing a professional venue offers a variety of benefits like being able to accommodate a greater number of guests. Additionally, a hired venue will usually offer on site catering, and experienced staff to help ensure that your party goes off without hindering issues. Here are some things to consider:
  • Is it a central location and easy to get to and from?
  • Is it close to hotels for your guests?
  • Does it provide enough parking, restrooms and handicap access?
  • Does it include on-site catering service? If not, you'll need to look into that as well. 
These are the most major walls people run into when planning their celebrations and you don't want to have that problem raining on your day!

In addition to catering, you'll want to celebrate the sweet event with some delicious treats!  That's where Ontario Bakery is happy to be of service.  We would be honored to celebrate this rite of passage with you and your family.  We would love to bake you a custom cake just for your day.  But, like the venues, we get booked too, so let us know today, how we can help you, and help you have a wonderful celebration! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time Flies & Your Baby's Finally Graduating. Are You Ready?

Custom Graduation Cake from Ontario Bakery

Time flies and your little baby is now all grown and ready to graduate from one life chapter and is heading into the next phase of maturation, understanding and experience.  WOW.  That's a lot to take in and it's not a big surprise if you find yourself overwhelmed and experience a variety of mixed emotions.  You are a the parent of a child who's bellies you've fed, owies healed broken hearts nurtured.  And now, they are headed out into the great big world.

You have a lot to be proud of!  Regardless of what journeys you've gone through in the past and lessons learned, your child is finally becoming an adult and ready for more life.  You've cried, laughed and loved them through this.  GOOD JOB, mom and dad!

keep calm, it's just graduation and ontario bakery is here to help you celebrate the sweetness of it. You are now ready for the next great adventure!!  It can be a lot to take in, for your child as well, as they are about to jump into the untouched frontier of their personal adulthood. So, now that we've got YOU realized how much of an exciting honor it is, remember that in your excitement, your new adult may have mixed emotions about the whole thing and will likely need some extra support.  Whether just through being there or through empowering conversation, they need to know that you believe in them.  It means the world.

Once they're on board, it's time to celebrate.  Now, another thing to keep in mind is that they aren't kids anymore.  I know I've made that point already, but it's important that you remember when it comes to party planning.  Parties are sensitive subjects at this age, no different than all the other major life change celebrations!  Some teens will want a fuss and others will want a relaxed time with family and friends.  Talk to yours and see what feels right.  It's their party, after all... let it be to their liking!

Once you decide your theme, location and who to invite, make some things clear to those invited. Teens moving in to adulthood don't like to be showered with over emotion on how fast they've grown over the years or with tips on how to survive the scary world.  Encourage family and friends to simply be encouraging on their path and to show your son/daughter that they are believed in.  After all, they came this far and can do anything they put their minds to.

Remember to celebrate.  This is a joyous, emotional, scary, exciting and liberating time for the whole family.  Celebrate the changes in life just like the seasons.  Know that each time has a purpose and prepares us for the one to come. Ontario Bakery supports your family through their joys and thrills in life and we can't wait to be a part of more to come.  Let us know how we can best serve you as graduation season draws near!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day is Almost Here. Think Pink.

Mother's day is a beautiful holiday but is also very emotional and painful time for those who have lost their mothers and cannot celebrate the way they would love to.  That is SO hard.  All around, people will be with their loved ones but you could be stopped in your tracks just fighting the sadness and frustration.

Ontario Bakery is a family run business, so we know the importance of family bond and celebration.  We want to support you during this holiday even when it's not as joyous as you'd like it to be. So here's what we'd like you to do.

this mother's day, remember not just your mom, but so many moms who have fought hard and lived well.Acknowledge the Pain.
Your pain is real.  You absolutely don't need to spend the day pretending that you are ok, or that everything is fine.  If you were very close to your mom, sister or aunt, you're going to wish they were here, wish you could spend the day with them.  After all, you loved her, right?  So you're human and sadness is a normal response in this case. Hold that space for your loved one. It's totally ok.

Celebrate the Life.
Once you've acknowledged your pain, it's time to celebrate the person you miss.  Think of their grand and beautiful qualities.  Recall memories of different stories that you and the rest of your family remember.  Share them.  Laugh and cry together.  Think of the fun they would have if they were with you now.  And even better, think of how proud they'd be if they knew you were joyfully celebrating their life?  Make it beautiful.

Stand For the Cause. 
Depending on why you lost the one you love, maybe reach out to people in similar situations. If it was illness or age, visit people in hospice care or who are in active treatment. Bring gifts to a hospital recovery ward. (with permission, of course) Write a card to your loved one's closest friends reminding them to celebrate her life today.  Using breast cancer as a perfect example, wear pink on Mother's Day.  Stand up and support the ones still fighting.  You will feel so good, to carry on their honor in this way.

this mother's day, remember not just your mom, but so many moms who have fought hard and lived well.
Live in Your Gratitude
This is a time to not only celebrate the ones you've lost but to live with gratitude for the one's you still have.  This is your chance to show love and honor to the people still around you. Life is asking that we make the best in every situation; that we live to our fullest and find beauty in every corner.  Stop, on Mother's Day, and say a prayer of thankfulness for those who've come and gone and for those that remain.

Blessings to your Mother's Day this year!  If we at Ontario Bakery, can help make this day any sweeter for you, just let us know!