Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5 Simple Ideas for Making a Great Graduation Party!

Throw a 'top of the class' graduation party for the successful student in your life!  After all, they've worked hard the past few years, hitting the books! It's time to let it all loose and celebrate their accomplishments with a custom cake party designed just for them! 

Don't be afraid.  You don't need a massive budget to throw a stellar celebration! You just need some creativity and know-how to gather the right people at the right place with the right things, to leave a lasting and enjoyable memory!

Here are some simple ideas for a making great graduation party even better!

1. Eat By Numbers
Get large cookie cutters and place them on the table with a table cloth or platter underneath.  then fill in each cookie cutter with different treats from seasoned almonds, to candies and baby carrots! Your guests will be happy to pass by and grab their favorite snack, all at your ease!  

2. Watermelon Cubes on a Stick
Take the smaller cookie cutters and cut out numbers or other shapes out of sliced watermelon! Place a wooden skewer through the shapes and freeze! Then, take them out later for eating or even better, add to freshly poured lemonade!  Delicious, creative and refreshing!

3. Make a Photo Booth
Using an smart phone or camera on a tripod, your guests can easily enjoy the fun of an in-home photo booth of the widely loved 'selfie' to remember the special day.  Make a back drop with curtains, a poster or even a sign that congratulates your graduate. It will create so much fun!!

4. Color it Up!
Make either the colors of the last school or the next one be the color theme of the whole party! You can do this with balloons, plates, cups and even the icing on the cake! Your guest of honor will be so proud to walk in to a room filled with the colors of his accomplishment.

5. Let Them Eat Cake 
Cakes have been used for hundreds of years to celebrate major events in people's lives. From love and commitment to celebrating accomplishment, a cake is a way for people to know that they are loved and valued.  Everyone gets to come together and, literally, take in the sweetness of the day and mood in the air. Whether cupcakes, cake pops or a traditional cake, you can decorate each with the school colors, the graduate's favorite colors or even just keep it simple and fun! 

What ever you choose to do, Ontario Bakery is here to be of service on your special day! We are honored to make the cake that best honors your celebration in the sweetest way possible!! 

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