Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick! Here Are 5 Spring Wedding Cake Ideas for the Procrastinating Wedding Planners!

Did you wait til the very last minute?? Quick! Here are 5 Spring Wedding Cake Ideas for the Procrastinating Wedding Planners!Your wedding is an exciting time in your life and you are busy planning away!!  Don't you hate it when you realized you waited a little too long to plan for your cake?  Well, if your wedding is set for anytime in June, these spring cake ideas are filled with great last minute ideas for all of you lovely, procrastinating wedding planners out there!  

From accents to flavors, we have got your covered.  So, if you still haven't ordered your spring wedding cake, here are our favorite spring cake ideas!  

The Taste of Spring 
What's more suitable than choosing to go with a wedding cake that summons a taste of spring with in-season berries and fruits? No longer bound to the traditional butter cream filling you are now free to entertain the horizons of a fresh strawberry puree filling or even a lemon cake with blackberry filling. If you love chocolate cake but still want a taste that reflects the season, try a chocolate cake filled with chocolate cherry ganache! Fruit fillings will always get your taste buds excited about the sunshine! 

The Color of Spring
Color makes a huge impression when designing a spring wedding cake, (or any season of cake for that matter) and you just can't go wrong with a gentle palette of fresh white, pink, and lime green or a bold and bright mix of orange and yellow. For the more conservative with color, show your hint of spring with subtle white dots added to a chocolate ganache-covered cake,  or a smooth butter cream cake trimmed in light pink. These colors promote both calm, vibrant and magical feelings and are the perfect accents for your spring wedding! (And, they are simple and can be made for your last minute order!) 

The Flowers of Spring
Did you wait til the very last minute?? Quick! Here are 5 Spring Wedding Cake Ideas for the Procrastinating Wedding Planners!Your options are many with the flowers of spring, as they can go a long way in defining the theme for your wedding cake. Feel free to match your cake to your bouquet by asking your baker to create sugar versions of your wedding day flowers. Or, add some more flowers to the mix by simply choosing a different floral look on the cake that will only add to the garden of blossoms that define this beautiful season.  Adding sugar versions of cherry blossoms, hibiscus, jasmine, daffodils and dogwood are all beautiful climbing up a vanilla ganache cake! 

The Accents of Spring
Going a little further with the above point, when it comes to a spring cake, flowers, butterflies, and other elements made out of chocolate, sugar, or gum paste are obvious options for cake accents and toppers. Just be sure not to go overboard with these add-ons to get a springtime look. Going overboard will make it look cluttered and steal it's desired feeling of elegance. Keep it simple. Added bonus?  It will photograph *much* better. 

A Side of Spring
Maybe you've already got your heart set on a cake design or you've decided to take your cake in a not-so-seasonal direction but still want the season's influence.  You may want to consider offering a spring-inspired side with your cake. Serve your cake with gourmet lavender-infused ice cream; add a handful of chocolate-covered cherries to each plate; or have each  table and seat provided with a petite bowl of spring berries to add to the cake or ice cream! 

There are many options, but your days are running out!  We want your wedding to be the best and most beautifully memorable day possible!  Please let us, at Ontario Bakery, know just what we can do to make your special celebration an even sweeter one! 

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