Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother's Day is Almost Here. Think Pink.

Mother's day is a beautiful holiday but is also very emotional and painful time for those who have lost their mothers and cannot celebrate the way they would love to.  That is SO hard.  All around, people will be with their loved ones but you could be stopped in your tracks just fighting the sadness and frustration.

Ontario Bakery is a family run business, so we know the importance of family bond and celebration.  We want to support you during this holiday even when it's not as joyous as you'd like it to be. So here's what we'd like you to do.

this mother's day, remember not just your mom, but so many moms who have fought hard and lived well.Acknowledge the Pain.
Your pain is real.  You absolutely don't need to spend the day pretending that you are ok, or that everything is fine.  If you were very close to your mom, sister or aunt, you're going to wish they were here, wish you could spend the day with them.  After all, you loved her, right?  So you're human and sadness is a normal response in this case. Hold that space for your loved one. It's totally ok.

Celebrate the Life.
Once you've acknowledged your pain, it's time to celebrate the person you miss.  Think of their grand and beautiful qualities.  Recall memories of different stories that you and the rest of your family remember.  Share them.  Laugh and cry together.  Think of the fun they would have if they were with you now.  And even better, think of how proud they'd be if they knew you were joyfully celebrating their life?  Make it beautiful.

Stand For the Cause. 
Depending on why you lost the one you love, maybe reach out to people in similar situations. If it was illness or age, visit people in hospice care or who are in active treatment. Bring gifts to a hospital recovery ward. (with permission, of course) Write a card to your loved one's closest friends reminding them to celebrate her life today.  Using breast cancer as a perfect example, wear pink on Mother's Day.  Stand up and support the ones still fighting.  You will feel so good, to carry on their honor in this way.

this mother's day, remember not just your mom, but so many moms who have fought hard and lived well.
Live in Your Gratitude
This is a time to not only celebrate the ones you've lost but to live with gratitude for the one's you still have.  This is your chance to show love and honor to the people still around you. Life is asking that we make the best in every situation; that we live to our fullest and find beauty in every corner.  Stop, on Mother's Day, and say a prayer of thankfulness for those who've come and gone and for those that remain.

Blessings to your Mother's Day this year!  If we at Ontario Bakery, can help make this day any sweeter for you, just let us know!

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