Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planning a Summer Wedding? Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!

Planning a summer wedding is a hot trend, not just now, but has been for a long time.  What's not to love?  You're surrounded by flowers, the warm breeze and the white of your strapless, a line cut wedding dress looks fabulous against your golden sun kissed skin. 
Planning a Summer Wedding?  Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!

Hold on, let's remember that with the sun, comes sweat.  Sweat isn't pretty in your wedding album.  So, by all means, plan a summer wedding.  But do so with the heat in mind, to make sure that you feel great at the coolest wedding of the year! 
Here are some simple summer wedding 'do's and don'ts' to both stay cool and look hot! 

Your guests are going to be hot too.  Make them happy they came.  No matter how much you and everyone else love the sun, everyone will need a place of respite from those penetrating rays. Whether staying local in a backyard garden, or at an outdoor venue, there needs to be some shade, coverings or even portable air conditioning provided. This is simple and will make a HUGE difference. Another option is to provide accessible water stations at different areas of the location.  Just be sure your ushers are refilling the pitchers with both water and ice.  Add a slice of lemon for even more refreshment. Instead of your friends and family combining your wedding with a day at the sauna, they will be able to actually be fully present and joyfully supportive.
Don't forget to reserve early!!  Summer is the main season everywhere for people to get away, vacation and most important to you?  Book their lodging so they can attend your special day. SO.  If you haven't already, send out those announcements now, so people can plan efficiently!
Planning a Summer Wedding?  Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!Whether catering a grand meal or providing light snacks, be sure your fare is refreshing and easy to digest. Rich, heavy food and scorching heat don't mix. You won't go wrong with grilled entrees and fresh, local produce. Add mint as a garnish to both food and beverages. Consider a fruit based cake with the option of serving a lemon or berry sorbet on the side. Frozen cocktails of lemon, mint, cucumber and watermelon are a refreshing and even balancing drink option for those looking to unwind with out the added dehydration. Lastly, provide sorbet in little bowls, topped with seasonal berries for your younger guests!

It may feel logical, but don't start your festivities at midday.  That's the hottest time of the day and both you and your guests will wish they were poolside. The best idea is to aim for a late afternoon, early evening start time.  This way, you can schedule dinner around sunset (also a great time for wedding party photos) and allow the real celebrating to take place when people are cool and relaxed and ready to begin the evening. 
Planning a Summer Wedding?  Here Are Some Do's and Don'ts to Have the Coolest Wedding of the Year!Consider yours and your wedding party's comfort. A bride that's melting and sticky will not feel confident or comfortable for that matter.  Choose light fabrics that breathe for the dresses, like silk or cotton, if you're happy to be more casual.  Go strapless, sheer or even shorter in length to allow a breeze to cool you down. If you must have that aforementioned a line princess dress, then wear it for the ceremony and photos, but have a cooler, more breathable dress for the reception. A groom can look splendid in a crisp linen suit and leather sandals, or for the ultimate in beach-casual, white pants and a button-down are perfect.
Don't forget to protect yourselves!  This is the high time for sunburns and bug bites. Remind your guests to wear block and protection. Keep in mind that many bug repellents have an awful smell.  Be sure to look for ones with a lavender or other floral fragrance. 
People are going to be sweating, undoubtedly. No matter how much deodorant is being used, the odor will still manage to migrate. So, instead, line the aisles with lavender, jasmine and gardenia. You could tie little sprigs of them to the ends of each chair, have them in antique vases here and there and as little accents on tables at the reception area. Just add flowers. 

We are excited to walk you down the aisle of your wedding planning and even more delighted to be able to offer a custom cake, made to your liking.  Ontario Bakery is family run and owned - and is proud to stand with you on your day. 

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