Monday, June 30, 2014

Are Your Kids "Bored" This Summer? Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Get Your Kids Outside!

Are Your Kids "Bored" This Summer?  Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Get Your Kids Outside!It's generally agreed up that most parents want the best for their children.  This can be a  challenge, as our world is changing and technology is advancing more quickly than ever before.  The truth is, we can easily be swept into new, less quality lifestyles before we realize it. Who would have imagined 30 years ago that parents would need to be encouraged and reminded to send their children outside to play? But, unfortunately, children are spending between 40 and 60 hours per week attached to electronic stimuli.  When you combine that with school, sports and other extracurricular activities, experts are beginning to see a dramatic negative effect on the children from reduced cognitive development and lowered problem solving skills to decreased creativity and an increase in childhood obesity.  

We can all agree that this is not a sustainable pattern and that little changes can make a big difference!

We hope that your family will take a step back from the hurried lifestyle to which we have become accustomed, and recognize the need for all of us, but especially our children, to have free time for play! Here are a few ideas to get your kids started. Once they get outside, we are pretty sure that they'll have plenty of their own ideas!

  • If you live in a house, make sure your backyard is child friendly.
  • Give children a basket, shelf or corner on the porch, deck or in the bedroom where they can display nature treasures that they find and want to keep.  Encourage them to tell you all about it and be excited!
  • Make sure they have simple tools to aid discovery, like a bug box, a small shovel, or a magnifying glass.
  • When you take children to parks and other natural areas, really let them to explore. It's easy for adults to fall into forcing their children to act like adults.  But this is the time to really let them explore!
  • Opt to walk to get smaller errands done instead of driving.
  • Notice what your kids notice.  If they're curious about a landmark or plant, find out more about it!
  • See what natural resources available in your area. Take children canoeing, kayaking, fishing or on a good hike.
  • When you children are busy, gather a few leaves from different trees. Then, give them the leaves and have them find which trees they came from.
  • If you have an appropriate area, let older children build a campfire in the backyard. Set safety rules, then stay away while they and their friends discuss hot topics. Check for safety by looking out the window or wandering out to ask if they need more snacks.
  • Make up challenges for children to do outside, similar to the "Survivor" television show. This is a guaranteed kid pleaser, especially if there is a reward (a gift of time with Mom or Dad, or perhaps a night off from helping with the dishes).
Just be sure to encourage the fresh air activities and be adventurous to get out there yourselves!!  If you want to top off the day with a sumptuous sweet, give us a call at Ontario Bakery and we'll bake you up the perfect treat! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Celebrate Independence Day With Our Favorite Fourth of July Treats!

Celebrate Independence Day With Our Favorite Fourth of July Treats!This Fourth of July, it's time for you to show your people your patriotic food skills! All the ideas posted below are simple and easy to make and are sure to please your crowd.  Choose from fruit based treats or sugary sweet delights.   

Grab a pen and paper! It's time to celebrate independence day with our favorite fourth of July treats!

Fruit Slice Pizza

This is a great alternative to traditional sugar highs and sheet cakes! It's a quite simple recipe! Simply lay out a thin layer of cookie dough on a cookie sheet and bake.  When done and still warm, place assorted sliced fruits (maybe strawberries, blueberries and bananas) on the cookie as it cools and sets.  Top with a thin layer of vanilla yogurt, whipped cream or ice cream for a finishing sweet touch!
Kettle Corn
This one is an easy July 4 themed spin on kettle corn. All you need to do is make your popcorn like you normally would but add food coloring! For a healthier version, make beet juice and toss the kernels in the juice before you pop! Add salt and enjoy!

Cake Pops

At Ontario Bakery, we LOVE our cake pops. So why not get some custom cake pops made just for your celebration? If you are in the mood to do it yourself, mix red, white and blue icing with various patriotic sprinkles and decorations. Pop them on a stick or display as an American flag. If that feels like too much, just give us a call and we'll take care of it for you, so you can relax!

Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers are a fabulous healthy option and they're simple too! These snacks are a great alternative to all the heavy potato salad, burgers, and potato chips that are normally found at barbecues. Present the fruit skewers as your table’s centerpiece, dip the fruit in chocolate to make a sweet treat, and let your kids get in on the action by creating an assembly station.

Explosive Cake

While we don't recommend your cake really explode, it's a great idea to run with!  We would be happy to do create this custom cake for you or you can do it yourself! A full recipe can be found on the blog Cooking With Sugar- where she gives all the details on how she went about making this festive cake. Everyone will be thrilled to see your skill or at least choice in dessert! 

Flag Fruit Platter

If you show up to a Fourth of July party with this plate in hand, we guarantee that people will be impressed! This patriotic platter is amazing because it's SO easy to do! All thats needed are the right sliced up colors organized into a flag on a plate or platter.  Feel free to use cheese, bananas or even pineapple for the white space! 
We are excited for you to enjoy this holiday in the best way way possible and we at Ontario Bakery are ready to bake up what you dream up this independence day! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrate the 4th of July by Keeping it Safe, Fun and Delicious for Kids!

Fourth of July means celebrating American independence with friends, family, BBQ and fireworks. We know you won't be letting your little one crawl around with a lit sparkler, but small children are curious creatures, so let's talk about a few ways to make this years celebration safe, fun and delicious!  

Celebrate the 4th of July by Keeping it Safe, Fun and Delicious for Kids!

Rock your red, white & blue

No matter what you do or where you go, you can celebrate easily by sporting your red, white and blue. Dress the kids up in their favorite accent colors and let them have fun with it!  Get temporary hair color and die the ends of pony tails red or blue! Your kids are going to look adorable so be sure to have your best colors on too!  Photo ops will be abundant and you want to be caught looking good! 

Backyard BBQ 

Keep your BBQ stocked up with palate pleasers!  You can have watermelon for kids of all ages, but especially the babies! (you may want to dress your toddler in red, to hide the juicy mess) Corn on the cob is also good for the younger ones.. and adults! Also keep in mind that, although well-meaning, relatives are likely to want to hand out candies and ice cream to cute little ones.  This being said, they could end up with 20 pieces of candy in an hour if no one catches on! So, solution is to provide plenty of fruits and healthy snacks and have one big cake that everyone can dive into later!


There are definitely some states out there that have outlawed the use of personal fireworks, but others haven’t. So either keep your little ones inside if there are people running around with lit sparklers. Keep in mind that fireworks don't always behave the way they are intended to. Bottle rockets can go the wrong direction, sparks or strings may whiz and go hay wire, a string of firecrackers may be accidentally flung your way and those sparklers can cause burns if someone doesn’t notice your little one in your lap and runs by. Also, the loud noise can be hard on little ears, if not downright dangerous. If you do want them to enjoy the fun, consider making a marked safety perimeter for people to stay behind.

Fire Work Displays

If your city has a fire works display or performance, by all means, go! Just check out ahead of time about the place you can watch from a respectable distance, in case it ends up being too frightening for the smaller kids. Be sure to bring ear protection to lessen the shock, or to allow younger babies to sleep while the rest enjoy the festivities. 

Safety and fun can definitely go hand-in-hand during this year's 4th of July celebration. With the right colors, foods and entertainment, it's sure to be a memorable one. Definitely take plenty of photos and have fun!!  

For custom 4th of July cakes and favors, visit Ontario Bakery.  From us to you, Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Fruit Season! Here Are Some Great Ways to Enjoy Cherries this Summer!

    Yesterday, we drew you in with the many ways to enjoy strawberries, and today, it's time to get you thinking about cherries!
    Cherries are great because they are known for having quite a few health benefits. They have been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, reduce inflammation, arthritis, and pain, and help stop weight gain. If you eat about 10 cherries each day, the week before menstruation women have said you will experience an easier cycle and reduced cramps. Some reports have even said that eating 20 cherries a day can ward off inflammation altogether. They also contain a high amount of antioxidants which are vital for preserving cells and protecting them against damage from free radicals or cancer.
    Red cherries have melatonin in them, which helps fight disease-causing agents and supports better sleep. A good source of Vitamin C and fiber, cherries are a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-sodium food, making them a great healthy snack and dieter’s friend. Just remember that the darker the cherry, the more nutrients and health benefits it has—and sour cherries have more health benefits than sweet ones.
    Now that you're really craving them, here are some great ways to enjoy cherries this summer. 
    It's Fruit Season!  Here Are Some Great Ways to Enjoy Cherries this Summer!
    Make them chocolate-dipped. Just like strawberries, cherries LOVE chocolate.  Go all out with this one and treat your backyard party to some cherries in fondue!  Be sure to have a bowl for the pits.  This one will give your gifts a little classy with a little messy!
    Cherry Coke. Grab a traditional coke or one of the great natural brands of cola, pit and slice some cherries and drop them in the glass!  Let it sit for a few minutes and then enjoy your own real cherry coke!
    Cherry Morning. Many breakfast bars and cereals contain cherries, as do some flavors of yogurt. Why not make your own? Add sliced cherries to oatmeal or yogurt and know that the cherries are fresh with nothing artificial added to them. If nothing else, blend the cherries in with your morning protein shake! or yogurt.
    It's Fruit Season!  Here Are Some Great Ways to Enjoy Cherries this Summer!Cherry Candy. Pit and freeze cherries and grab them instead of candy. They’ll be sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding too many calories, and with the added benefit of nutrients and antioxidants. Added bonus?  Roll them in natural chocolate syrup and *then* freeze them.  YUM.
    Cherries and Cream.  Who doesn't like cherries in their ice cream? 

    Cherry Iced Tea.  Freeze cherries and then drop them in your cup of iced tea for a cute and yummy way to add flavor and flare to your drink!  This is a great party idea!
    Make sure you try different varieties. If you don’t like the tart varieties (Morello and Montmorency cherries), try something sweet, like Bing, Royal Ann, Rainier, or Lambert cherries! Remember... darker ones are higher in antioxidants! 
    It's Fruit Season!  Here Are Some Great Ways to Enjoy Cherries this Summer!Ontario Bakery loves cherries too!  Order up a cherry chocolate cake for your next special event!  Or what about some cherry chocolate chip cookies?  Whatever the order, we are here to make your day that much more sweet! Call us today!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ready For A New Treat? 5 New Delicious Ways To Enjoy Strawberries in the Summer!

Ready For A New Treat? 5 New Delicious Ways To Enjoy Strawberries in the Summer!Strawberries are in the peak of their season and that's cause for celebration!  At this point, what we need are some exciting and delicious new ways to enjoy them so we don't get bored of this seasonal favorite!  

So let's think outside shortcake and get our taste buds activated.  It's time to to sink our teeth into some fresh treats this year!  Here are 5 new delicious ways for you to enjoy strawberries in the summer. 

Get out those delicious berries and dip them in some slightly softened chocolate ice cream!  If you'd like to avoid the mess, just scoop some into a bowl, add the strawberries and some chopped nuts to the mix.  That's an easy pleaser!

Slice those red beauties along with thin slices of cucumbers, drizzled with honey and garnished with chopped mint.  Place in the freezer for a gentle freeze and take out after about 30 min. You'll have a wonderfully refreshing desert that's healthy too!

Keep it simple.  Spread nutella on the strawberries and pop them into your mouth. Or, go a little further and place both the berries and nutella on a slice of toast!  Great mid-day pick me up!

Ready For A New Treat? 5 New Delicious Ways To Enjoy Strawberries in the Summer!WHIP IT
This is one of my favorites and a spin off of strawberry shortcake. Place some bananas in the freezer for about 20 minutes; just enough to chill them.  Chop some strawberry chunks and add to the bananas- wither whole or sliced.  Last, add whipped cream and indulge!!  SO delicious!
with bananas and whipped cream

Why not start your day with strawberries too? Just make some quick oats, rice farina or whatever grain based porridge you prefer.  Chop cashews, hazelnuts and strawberries, drizzle some maple syrup and stir.  Enjoy a tasty start to your day! 

Ontario Bakery is the place to find exciting treats and delicious cakes for all occasions. We love to celebrate with you and look forward to making your special day even sweeter.

Enjoy your strawberries!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet Tooth Calling? Here Are Five Healthy Summer Treats To Sink Your Teeth Into!

Summer is here and it's time to indulge in the healthier side of things!  As the temperature gets warmer, our sweet tooth remains and it's nice to have some healthier options to direct our children and families toward.  

These can be hard ideas to come up with, so we've taken up that responsibility for you!! 

Get out your recipe pad and pen...  it's time to get inspired! 


Sweet Tooth Calling?  Here Are Five Healthy Summer Treats To Sink Your Teeth Into!This is a great one! Have the delicious perk of apple pie without the guilt or heaviness. Here's what you want to do.  Cut your apple into very thin slices and lay them down side by side, slightly overlapping.  Finely chop cashews and toss with cinnamon, sea salt, pure maple syrup (to taste) and rolled oats if you like. Once the crumble is to your liking, spread evenly across the apple slices and serve!  Easy as.... pie!


Grab your favorite tropical fruits.  Banana, mango, papaya, pineapple ....  Cube each into bite size pieces and slide onto wooden skewers. Stick the skewers in the freezer and take out in a couple hours to enjoy. Kids love these, because they aren't overwhelmed with choices and they get the joy of a Popsicle without the extra sugar!


This one is a true favorite! Grab your favorite frozen fruit and send them through a juicer with a double masticator!  The result is incredible.  You will have a purely fruit sorbet that everyone will love. 


This delicious creation calls for a base of 1 semi frozen banana OR 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream.  You ready for this?  Warm some fresh blueberries on the stove top.  Spoon berries on to banana or ice cream.  Drizzle with chocolate sauce.  Open wide and enjoy! (Have seconds nearby; they'll be wanted) 


For an added bonus, take the family or a few friends out to a u-pick strawberry field. Nothing tastes quite as good as the strawberries you pick yourself!  Slice strawberries and set aside in a bowl.  Finely chop fresh mint leaves and set aside.  Next, pop open a lemon or vanilla flavored yogurt and add to bowl of strawberries.  Sprinkle the top with your mint garnish and devour.  Your taste buds will thank you....  you're welcome! 

There are many ways to cool off and satisfy that needy sweet tooth of yours, in the summer time.  For more ideas or a warmer delicacy, please call us at Ontario Bakery and we'll be sure to create you the sweetest treat for your every celebration need! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

8 Reasons Kids Need Their Dads: Perfect Reminder To Celebrate Dad for Father's Day

Fathers play a critical role in the development of their children.  Though we don't need proof, research shows that fathers who are actively involved in raising their children can make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. 

And in the spirit of Father's Day, we'd like to point out all the great reasons kids need their dads!

It's True! Here Are 8 Reasons Kids Need Their Dads: A Perfect Reminder To Celebrate Dad for Father's Day!
Listed below, are 20 reasons why your child needs you to be an active father. 

1. Let their kids know that they are loved. Love involves more than saying the words, “I love you.” Fathers who love their children demonstrate their love by spending quality and quantity time together.  Children who feel loved are more likely to develop a strong emotional bond with their father and a healthy self-esteem. 
2. Provide their children with a positive male role model. Children, regardless of gender, need positive male and female role models. Children tend to model behavior (positive and negative) that they learn from on a consistent basis. Active fathers can promote positive behaviors by setting a proper example of integrity and kindness for their children. 
3. Provide children with emotional support. In addition to financial support, children also need
emotional support from their parents. Active fathers listen with their whole hearts and support their children when they experience joy, sadness, anger, fear, and frustration. Fathers who support their children emotionally tend to raise children who are more in-tune with the needs of others. 
It's True! Here Are 8 Reasons Kids Need Their Dads: A Perfect Reminder To Celebrate Dad for Father's Day!4. Enhance their children's self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to how a person feels about himself. Children with high self-esteem tend to be happier and more confident than children with low self-esteem.  Active fathers promote their children’s self-esteem by being fully involved in their lives and letting them know that they are highly valued and have something special to offer the world. 
5. Enhances your child’s intellectual development. Children who are raised with actively involved
fathers tend to score higher on measures of verbal and mathematical ability, and also demonstrate
greater problem-solving and social skills. 
6. Provides your child with guidance and discipline. From infancy, children need proper guidance and discipline. Active fathers play an important role in teaching their children proper behavior by setting and enforcing healthy limits. 
7. Gives your child someone to play crazy with! One of the primary ways that fathers bond with their children is through play. According to researchers, there are qualitative differences in the ways fathers and mothers play with their children. Fathers tend to use a more physical style of play (e.g., wrestling) that offers a number of benefits to children, including enhanced cognitive ability and confidence in their strength. 
8. Provides your child with someone to talk to when she has questions. Young children are full of questions. This natural curiosity helps them learn about their environment. Active fathers can be such a valuable source of information for children and safety who are seeking answers to life’s important questions.

Father's Day is upon us.  Children need fathers in their life regardless of the family dynamic, just as much as they need mothers.  We want to not only honor fathers this year, but encourage them in their journey as the role they have is such an important one. 

From all of us at Ontario Bakery, we want to wish you a wonderful Father's Day and would love to make a cake or other sweet treat to add some more greatness to this beautiful holiday for you!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

12 Reasons Dads are Awesome and Should Be Appreciated this Father's Day!

It's time to party!! Here are 12 Reasons Dads are Awesome and Should Be Appreciated this Father's Day!Regardless of when they come into your life, Fathers should be appreciated for the love, care, time and devotion they have poured into us.  Some fathers start at the beginning, with giving you life.  Some step in later to fill an empty void that needs their patient presence an then there are times when there are multiple homes and the kids just get that lucky gift of having 2 dads.  
It's safe to say that we all have an incredible dad in our life. Whether our own, one we've claimed later in life, an uncle, a grandfather or even the sons or son-in-laws that we are thankful for; for stepping up and leading the next generation. 
Whoever the father, here are 12 (sometimes humorous) reasons that dads are awesome and should be celebrated this Father's Day. 

1. They gave you life....  Regardless of the journey, they are 50% of the reason you exist today. Be thankful.
2. Dads help out... Often doing the most unpopular tasks, Dad steps up to mow the lawn, take out the recycle, walk the dog or unload the dishwasher.  Some are great handymen and don’t forget Dad’s job as the official spider-killer.
3. They secretly love tea-parties...  Even if their etiquette needs improvement.
4. They tell Dad jokes...  So a guy walks into a bar ... Ouch, those iron bars can really hurt. C'mon...  we've all been there!
5. Dad's like to experiment in the kitchen and cook without recipes....  usually those recipes end in needing ketchup, syrup or hot sauce. 
6. They rarely chastise their kids for playing with their food...  In fact, they seem to encourage it.
7. Dads LOVE to wash the car...  Even if they're not so great at cleaning the bathroom.
8. Dad's love dressing their kids up in the same stuff they wear...  Or is that the other way around?
9. Dads are super calm during emergencies...  Even if it means keeping the family calm during an earthquake in their underwear 
10. Dads are there to encourage you...  Nobody thinks you’re smarter, more clever, or more accomplished than your dad. Well, maybe Mom, but it’s a pretty close tie.

11. Dads love to inspire... Your Dad believes in you. He gives you the confidence to be your own person, to be persistent and to follow your dreams.

12. Dads are adventurous... They are up for a good time. While Mom might hesitate, Dad will join you on the scariest roller coaster, in the creepiest haunted house, or down the steepest slope- and love every minute of it. (You may be done, but they'll likely bug you to do it again...)

How will you celebrate dad this year? How will you tell your husband, brother, son, son-in-law how proud you are of them for stepping in to such an honorable role?
At Ontario Bakery, we would love to be part of your celebration.  We are family run and owned and love supporting family with cakes, sweets and delights, whenever we can. Let us know how we can make your Father's Day the sweetest one yet!